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Dated: January 19th, 1996

Issued by:
Office of Administration
January 1975, October 1988, January 1996, May 2012

The facilities and programs of the University are intended primarily for the use of students, faculty, and staff. However, there are numerous occasions when individuals and groups are invited to the campus as guests. When the campus is open to the public, a wide range of campus resources and activities are available to guests and visitors.

The University expects all guests and visitors to comply with campus policies, regulations and standards of behavior. Those standards include, but are not limited to, the Rules of Public Order; the University Student Conduct Code, campus alcohol and drug policies, building / facility guest policies, and motor vehicle/parking regulations.

Individuals, programs, departments and campus organizations are accountable for the behavior of their guests and visitors.

When in the interest of campus security, access to specific areas of the campus is regulated, these restrictions will be communicated via print publication, signage, the University web site, and/or by posting hours and restrictions, as appropriate.

The University Police Department and other University officials may ask individuals to state their reason for being on the campus. They may also request appropriate identification as a condition of entry to or continued presence at specific facilities, activities or functions.

Visitors or guests entering the west campus after 11:00 p.m. must do so through the main entrance, and will be expected to produce identification.


Stony Brook University Police Department
175 Duchess Hall
(631) 632-6350

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