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Dated: January 12th, 1996

Issued by:
Office of the President
May, 1990
April 1992, August 2011


Free speech and peaceful assembly are rights of citizens and are fundamental to the University as a center for open inquiry in the search for knowledge and insight. The University is strongly committed to the protection of these rights for all members of the campus community. However, these rights bring with them a concurrent obligation to maintain a campus atmosphere conducive to scholarly pursuits and respect for the rights of all individuals. Individuals engaged in assemblies, demonstrations, and similar expressions of First Amendment rights (herein referred to generically as "assemblies") may not infringe on the rights of others or disrupt essential operations of the University.

Conducting Orderly Assemblies:

  1. The University will not interfere with orderly assemblies in public areas of grounds and buildings unless participants:

    1. Prevent the orderly conduct of a University function or activity, such as lectures, meetings, interviews, ceremonies, and other public events.
    2. Obstruct the free movement of vehicles or of persons, including, but not limited to in any building or facility, inclusive of blocking hallways and doors.
    3. Willfully cause injury or damage to persons or property.
    4. Willfully operate audio amplification equipment in a manner that conflicts with normal University operations or that is deemed injurious to health and safety.
    5. Jeopardize the safety and security of others.
    6. Without authorization from the University Police, occupy a building after it is normally closed.
    7. Without authorization from the Office of Campus Operations and Maintenance, construct structures, inclusive of objects requiring penetration in concrete or grass, or camp on University grounds.
    8. Violate the provisions of the SUNY Policy 3653, titled Rules for Maintenance of Public Order.

  2. Sponsors/organizers must restore the site to its original condition. If such restoration is not completed to the satisfaction of the University, the sponsor/organizer shall be held responsible for and liable to the University for payment of any and all costs incurred by the University to restore the site to its original condition.



    To ensure the safety of participants and the protection of the rights of all members of the campus community, the University can provide services such as location, safety, crowd control, sound equipment, site preparation/cleanup, and/or other such facilities or services it deems necessary ("Services").

    1. Request for Services. Assemblies for which sponsors anticipate that Services may be necessary, should, within a reasonable length of time prior to the planned event, submit a Request for Services, as follows:

      • Recognized Student Groups to the Office of Student Activities, located in the Student Activities Center, Room 218,
        Phone: (631) 632-9392
      • Labor/Union Groups to the Office of Labor Relations, Administration Bldg., Room 291A,
        Phone: (631) 632-6140
      • All other Groups or Individuals to the Office of Conferences and Special Events,
        Phone: (631) 632-6320

      A response to the request for Services and an estimate of established fees or charges will be communicated to the sponsor/organizer within a reasonable amount of time after receipt of the written request and prior to the date of the assembly.

    2. No Services Requested. Assemblies requiring no Services may take place without any prior notification by the sponsors and/or organizers. However, conformity with specific campus regulations noted above, is required. If you are unsure of whether your assembly requires Services, you may contact the appropriate office designated in sub-paragraph (a), above for guidance.


    In addition to the foregoing, use of campus facilities (space) by outside sponsored groups requires a Revocable Permit and must be coordinated through the Procurement Office, in the Research and Support Services Building located at Research & Development Park.
    Phone: (631) 632-6010


Office of Student Activities
(631) 632-9392

Office of Labor Relations
(631) 632-6140

Office of Conferences and Special Events
(631) 632-6320

Office of the University Police Department
(631) 632-6350

Office of Campus Maintenance and Operations
(631) 632-4640

Procurement Office
(631) 632-6010

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