Community Relations Team

The members of the University Police are committed to community policing and are actively involved in campus activities. The goal of the Community Relations Team, recipient of the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA) Award, is to educate the campus community on such topics as personal safety, risk awareness, crime prevention (including date and acquaintance rape prevention), drug and alcohol risk awareness, and many other community safety issues. The unit's members accomplish their mission through formal and informal talks, new student orientation programs, and the creation and distribution of pamphlets and posters across the campus. The unit engraves state and personal property (including bicycles) as part of the Operation ID program.

Side Notes

If you are planning an event, we would like to assist you so that your guest(s) can attend without any parking problems. To expedite the process, please fill out our event planner form.

We want your input on the service that the Department provides. If you have had contact with a member of the Department, please fill out our on line service feedback form to help us evaluate our performance.

Stony Brook is offering training in the Community/Team policing concept. We provide outreach training on all above community awareness/crime prevention programs.

Please contact (631) 632-6350 or e-mail for additional information about the programs run by this unit.

If you would like to set up an appointment for our Finger Printing Service or arrange to have item engraved through our Operation ID Program, please contact us at (631) 632-3056.

Pamphlets prepared by the University Police:

  • Personal Safety
  • Sexual Assault Protocol and Prevention
  • Bias Crimes

These pamphlets are available at the University Police Headquarters, the Student Activities Center Substation, or the Administration building. You can also request a copy through the Community Relations Team Office of the University Police Department.