Sarah Jourdain

(Ph.D. Indiana University, 1996)
Director, Foreign Language Teacher Education
and Assistant Professor, Department of European Languages,Literatures and Cultures

Assistant Professor of French and Pedagogy, Sarah Jourdain serves as Director of the Foreign Language Teacher Preparation Program at Stony Brook University. She teaches courses ranging from Introductory to Advanced-level French as well as Foreign Language Pedagogy and Methodology courses and a course on Foreign Language Acquisition Research.

She is an author of a first-year college-level French text book: Chez Nous: Branché sur le monde Francophone, 2nd ed. By A. Valdman, C. Pons, M. Scullen & S. Jourdain. Prentice Hall, 2002.

She has also published several articles, including:

Jourdain, S. & Scullen, M.E. 2002. A Pedagogical Norm for Circumlocution in French. In S. Gass, K. Bardovi-Harlig, S. Magnan & J. Walz (Eds.), Pedagogical Norms for Second and Foreign Language Learning and Teaching (pp. 221-39). Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
Jourdain, S. 2000. A Native-Like Ability to Circumlocute. The Modern Language Journal, 84(ii): 185-195.
Scullen, M.E. & Jourdain, S. 2000. The Effect of Explicit Training on Successful Circumlocution: A Classroom Study. In James Lee and Albert Valdman (Eds.), Form and Meaning: Multiple Perspectives (pp. 231-53). Boston, MA: Heinle & Heinle.
Jourdain, S. 1998. Building Connections to Culture: A Student-Centered Approach. Foreign Language Annals, 31(3): 439-450.
Jourdain, S. & Schuler, M. 1998. Morte la bête noire: Two techniques for teaching the French /R/. The French Review, 72(2): 216-228.

She received Illinois State Certification for teaching (French & German, grades 6-12) in 1988 and since has taught college-level French and high school English in France.