Letter from the Director

Dear Teacher Candidates, Cooperating Teachers, and University Faculty:

We welcome you to the Professional Education Program (PEP) and to the teacher education programs at Stony Brook University. This Guide to Teacher Education is designed for teacher candidates, cooperating teachers, and university supervisors.

As teacher candidates, you will select one or more of our teacher education programs and pursue a professional journey of academic rigor in the discipline, pedagogical theory, and reflective practice in your chosen field. You will develop your research skills and immerse yourself in field experiences and clinical practice opportunities in linguistically and culturally diverse schools and communities to deepen your understanding of teaching and learning processes. You will progress on the path of professional excellence and growth and prepare yourself to assume leadership positions in your discipline.

As cooperating teachers, you have joined us in preparing effective and highly qualified teachers whose knowledge, skills and dispositions, creativity, and commitment will inspire all students in elementary and secondary schools to achieve excellence and higher standards. We value your continuing contribution to the development of our programs and look forward to continuing our partnership with you as we engage in research-based investigations, standards-driven curriculum development, assessment, and reflective practice in pursuit of a shared vision and diverse professional endeavors.

As a nationally accredited institution by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), we continue to affirm our commitment to diversity and excellence. You are an integral part of this process and your participation is critical as we continue to implement our vision, mission, and goals. These are articulated in our conceptual framework - a document that is grounded in research in the disciplines and in pedagogy and is aligned with state, national, and professional standards. The conceptual framework was crafted in collaboration with our partners in P-12 schools, alumni, teacher candidates, and colleagues. We appreciate the immeasurable contribution of our partners in the preparation of our candidates for teaching and leadership positions in an increasingly diverse community of learners.

As always, we welcome your input. Please visit our website and contact us with your questions, input, and concerns. We look forward to continuing to work with you and wish you the very best in your current and future endeavors.

We look forward to working with you and wish you the very best in your current and future endeavors.

Dorit H. Kaufman, Ph.D.
Professor of Linguistics
Director, Professional Education Program