Advanced Graduate Certificate Program in Educational Leadership

Program Overview:

The Advanced Graduate Certificate Program in Educational Leadership has three program tracks, Educational Leadership (EDL) Traditional, Educational Leadership (EDL) On-line and School District Business Leadership (SDBL).

The EDL advanced graduate certificate program is offered both in a traditional (face-to-face) classroom setting or on-line. Completion of this program leads to dual certification on the building and district levels.

The SDBL advanced graduate certificate program is designed for students who have an MBA or other advanced management degree, but no educational experience or teaching license.

All programs require graduate level courses and a mentored experiential internship that meets the mandated requirements for certification.

Please download a copy of the Educational Leadership Program's Conceptual Framework for additional information about our vision and mission,and our Brochure that provides further program offering and contact information.

Admissions requirements, application and other required forms, and detailed instructions are available on the School of Professional Development's Website at:

NYSTCE for Educational Leaders
The SDL and SDBL exams are a graduation requirement for all students completing these programs of study. It is highly recommended that all students delay taking the New York State Educational Leader Certification Examinations until they are fully engaged in the internship experience. The Internship and accompanying Seminar will provide both practical experience and in-depth test preparation. This experience and preparation is invaluable for the successful completion of the Certification Examinations with resultant institutional recommendation for license. Spring/ Summer interns should plan on registering for the June test and those interns in the Summer/ Fall internship should register for the October test. While the SBL examination is not a graduation requirement, students seeking the SBL certification should plan on taking this test during the same administration periods mentioned above.

Please click on the following links for access to our Guides and Materials Booklets for the Educational Leadership (EDL) and School District Business Leadership (SDBL) Field Internship Experiences.

For further information, please contact:

Robert Moraghan, Ed.D.
Director, Educational Leadership Programs
205 Harriman Hall, Stony Brook, NY 11794-3760
Phone: 631-632-7702