Director's Message

Dorit H. Kaufman

 The vision teachers and educational leaders forge for their students and schools emanate from their own educational experiences. When education programs engage candidates in research-based interdisciplinary inquiry, clinically rich and collaborative data-driven practice in diverse settings that include linguistically and culturally diverse learners, candidates are more likely to create such environments for their students and schools when they embark on their own professional careers.

Our conceptual framework encapsulates the diverse perspectives that forge our shared vision and drive our practices in the professional education of teachers and educational leaders at Stony Brook University. Our goals are embedded in current research in the disciplines and in pedagogy and are aligned with state, national, and professional standards. They guide our reflective practice, support our professional endeavors, and provide a foundation for self-renewal and innovation as we move forward in the professional community. The following are deeply rooted within our practices and guide our conceptual vision:

  • Professional Excellence and Growth
  • Community and Diversity
  • Leadership and Service

We invite you to join Stony Brook University's nationally accredited teacher education and educational leadership programs as we continue to engage in reflective, research-based, standards- and data-driven inquiry, curriculum development, and practice to enhance the education of all students. We extend our deep appreciation and thanks to you, our alumni, colleagues, and partners at the University, in the community, and in the P-12 schools for your immeasurable contribution to the professional growth of our students and the effectiveness of our programs.

Dorit H. Kaufman, Ph.D.
Professor of Linguistics
Professional Education Program