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Core Education

Dr Joy Janzen, Lecturer for Literacy Development, published Teaching English Language Learners in the Content Areas: Review of Educational Research (2008). (Vol. 78, pp. 1010-1038).

Educational Leadership

Dr Todd Pittinsky, Associate Professor, Technology and Society, and Director of Research for the Educational Leadership Programs, has the following articles and book chapters recently published or in press:

  • Pittinsky, T. L. (in press). A two-dimensional theory of intergroup leadership: The case of national diversity. American Psychologist.
  • Pittinsky, T. L. (2009). Allophilia: Moving beyond tolerance in the classroom. Childhood Education, 85(4), 212–215.
  • Pittinsky, T. L. (2009). Look both ways. Phi Delta Kappan, 90(5), 363–364.
  • Pittinsky, T. L., & Montoya, R. M. (2009). Is valuing equality enough? Equality values, allophilia, and social policy support for multiracial individuals. Journal of Social Issues, 65(1), 151–163.
  • Pittinsky, T. L., & Welle, B. (2008). Negative outgroup leader actions increase liking for ingroup leaders: An experimental testing of leader-enhancement effects. Group Processes & Intergroup Relations,11, 513–523.
  • Pittinsky, T. L. & Maruskin, L. (2008). Allophilia: Beyond prejudice. In S. J. Lopez (Ed.), Positive Psychology (Vol. 2, pp. 141–148).
    Westport, CT: Praeger.
  • Pittinsky, T. L. (2008). Prejudice. In V. N. Parrillo (Ed.), Encyclopedia of social problems (pp. 705-709). Thousand Oaks, CA:Sage.

Dr. Robert Scheidet, Lecturer and Coordinator in the Educational Leadership Program. Improving Student Achievement by Infusing a Web-Based Curriculum into Global History, Journal of Research on Technology in Education (fall 2003).


Lisa Dicksteen's essay titled, "'But I Hate Writing': Identifying and Alleviating Secondary Students' Writing Anxieties," was accepted for publication in "The English Record", the official journal of the New York State English Council. The essay is intended to help teachers identify and assist their students who, as Lisa puts it, feel about writing the way many of us feel about math. This essay was written for the MAT course, English 592/WRT592 : Critical Problems in Composition when Ms.Dicksteen was an MAT English Program student. She has since graduated.

Patricia A. Dunn, Associate Professor of English Teacher Education, co-authored the journal article, "Analyzing Grammar Rants: An Alternative to Traditional Grammar Instruction" (May, 2006 English Journal).

A previously-published co-authored piece has been reprinted in a new anthology in composition theory: Relations, Locations, Positions: Composition Theory for Writing Teachers. Urbana, IL: NCTE, 2006. 500-534.

Kenneth Lindblom, Director of English Education, published a column entitled "The Post-9/11 English Teacher" in English Journal, vol. 94, No. 4, March 2005. Professor Lindblom was also enlisted as guest editor for the November 2006 issue of English Journal, on the topic of "Teaching Secondary English after 9/11".

Kenneth Lindblom, Director of English Education, authored and edited two columns in English Journal : Teaching literature in Times of Global Unrest (September 2003), and It's the Students, Stupid! (November 2003).

Articles by Dr. Lindblom and Dr. Patricia Dunn, also of the English Education Program, include:

  • Ken Lindblom and Patricia Dunn published an article exploring how pre-service English teachers in the 19th century were themselves taught to teach writing. The essay appeared in a book entitled Historical Studies of Writing Program Administration. (Parlor Press, 2004).
  • In summer and fall of 2004, Ken Lindblom published three columns in English Journal (the National Council of Teacher of English journal for secondary English teachers). Column topics were: teaching reading, creating effective writing asssignments, and teaching grammar in a way that helps writers.
  • Lindblom, Kenneth. The Cooperative Principle. The Oxford Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics. Mey, Jacob, Ed. Oxford: Oxford UP, (Invited).
  • Lindblom, Kenneth, Will Banks and Rise Quay.Mid-Nineteenth-Century Writing Instruction at Illinois State Normal University: Credentials, Correctness and the Rise of a Teaching Class Alternative Histories of Composition, Gretchen Flesher Moon and Patricia Donahue, eds. (accepted).
  • Lindblom, Kenneth and Patricia A. Dunn. Cooperative Writing Program Administration at Illinois State Normal University: The Committee on English of 1904-05 and the Influence of Professor J. Rose Colby.
    Historical Studies of Writing Program Administration: Individuals, Communities, and the Formation of a Discipline. Eds. Barbara L'Eplattenier and lisa Mastrangelo. Lafayette, IN: Parlor Press. (Forthcoming March 2004)
  • Dunn, Patricia A. and Kenneth Lindblom. Using Grammar Rants to Produce Savvy Writers. Linguistics in the Schools. Eds. Kristen Denham and Anne Lobeck. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. (In press)
  • Lindblom, Kenneth and Patricia A. Dunn. The Roles of Rhetoric in Constructions and Reconstructions of Disability. Rhetoric Review 22.2 (2003): 167-174.
  • Dunn, Patricia A. and Kenneth Lindblom. Why Revitalize Grammar? English Journal 92.3 (2003): 43-50.
  • Lindblom, Kenneth.Cooperating with Grice: An Interdisciplinary Metaperspective on Uses of Grice Cooperative Principle.
    Journal of Pragmatics 33.10 (2001): 1601-1623.
  • Lindblom, Kenneth. What Exactly is Cooperative in Grice Cooperative Principle? A Sophisticated Rearticulation of the CP RASK: An International Journal of Language and Communication.14 (2001): 49-73.

Mike LoMonico, veteran teacher of English Methods II, published an essay in the September 2005 English Journal entitled, "Close Reading on Your Feet:
Performance in the English Language Arts Classroom."  The article was co-authored with several of Mike's former Stony Brook and Folger Shakespeare library students, many of whom are now secondary English teachers on Long Island.

An essay by Jessica Whitney (Former MAT English student and English teacher at Candlewood Middle School in Dix Hills) was published in "English Journal", a national, peer-reviewed journal for secondary English teachers published by the National Council of Teachers of English. Jess's paper, "Five Easy Pieces: Steps Towards Integrating African American Vernacular English into Your Classroom" appeared in the May 2005 issue. Her paper argues that teachers must value students' home language and use it to help students become more effective rhetoricians." Jess originally wrote her paper for the MAT course, English 592/WRT 592: Critical Problems in Composition. This article was selected for honorable mention in the Kate and Paul Farmer Awards competition. The Farmer Award, presented at the National Council of Teachers of English annual convention, is given for the best English Journal article written by a secondary school teacher.

Foreign Languages

Dr. Sarah Jourdain, Director of the Foreign Languages Teacher Education Program, is the author/co-author of the following three recent articles:

  • Jourdain, S. & Scullen, M.E. 2002. A Pedagogical Norm for Circumlocution in French. In S. Gass, K. Bardovi-Harlig, S. Magnan & J. Walz (Eds.), Pedagogical Norms for Second and Foreign Language Learning and Teaching (pp. 221-39).
  • Amsterdam: John Benjamins.Jourdain, S. 2000. A Native-like Ability to Circumlocute. The Modern Language Journal, 84(ii): 185-195.
  • Scullen, M.E. & Jourdain, S. 2000. The Effect of Explicit Training on Successful Circumlocution: A Classroom Study. In James Lee and Albert Valdman (Eds.), Form and Meaning: Multiple Perspectives (pp. 231-53). Boston, MA: Heinle & Heinle.

Irene Marchegiani, Director for Field Experience and Clinical Practice for the Foreign Language Teacher Education Program, authored or co-authored the following articles and reviews

  • "Per Giovanna." Gradiva, Vol. 26, fall 2004.
  • Italian translation from English of three poems by Helen Barolina, Gradiva, Vol. 25, spring 2004.
  • “Lettera aperta ad Antonia Pozzi.” In the proceedings of the poetry symposium Binding the Lands. Present Day Poets Present Day Poetry. Florence: Cadmo, 2004.
  • “Io amo solo questa casa che brucia.” Gradiva, Vol. 23-24, Spring-Fall 2003.
  • “La corrispondenza imperfetta: traduzioni inglesi della canzone Nelle nozze della sorella Paolina” in Paolina Leopardi. Ed. by Elisabetta Benucci. Pisa: ETS, 2004. Proceedings of the International Conference on Paolina Leopardi held at the Centro Nazionale di Studi Leopardiani. Centro Mondiale della Poesia e della Cultura, Recanati, Italy, May 23-26, 2001.
  • “L’individuo e la storia in La lunga vita di Marianna Ucrìa di Dacia Maraini.” Italian Quarterly, 2001.
  • “Place And Displacement of The City of Florence In Giacomo Leopardi's Writings” in The Poetics of Place: Florence Imagined. Ed. by Irene Marchegiani Jones and Thomas Haeussler. Preface by Irene Marchegiani Jones. Florence: Olschki, 2000.
  • “Dialoghi teatrali oraziani o del classicismo dopo la modernità” in La lotta con Proteo. Metamorfosi del testo e testualità della critica. Ed. by Ballerini, Bardin, and Ciavolella. Florence: Cadmo, 2000.
  • Rev. Roberto Bertoni, ed. L’ultimo orizzonte… Giacomo Leopardi: A Cosmic Poet and His Testament. Torino: Trauben Edizioni, 1999. Annali d’italianistica, 2000.
  • “Da Orazio a Voltaire fino al classicismo dopo la modernità” (From Horace to Voltaire to Classicism After Modernity) in Rivista di Studi Italiani, June 2000.
  • “Un esempio di immersione totale nell’insegnamento dell’italiano negli Stati Uniti.” Selected proceedings of the VIII conference I.L.S.A. (Insegnanti di italiano come Lingua Seconda Associati). Florence, May 29 1999. Florence: Comune di Firenze, Spring 2000.

Madeline A. Turan, Lecturer, reviewed chapters from Chez Nous, en bref for Prentice Hall Publishers (2007). She also completed a published chapter for Proficiency Press, Sigueme (April 2002), and is an Item-writer and Turnkey Trainer for the NYS Regents and Proficiency Examinations.


Lisa Berger, Assistant Professor and Director of the Mathematics Teacher Education Program, has published the following articles:

  • The l-rank structure of a global function field. (with J.-L. Hoelscher, Y. Lee, J. Paulhus and R. Scheidler). Fields Institute Communications 60, American Mathematical Society, Providence, RI, (2011), 145-166.
  • Towers of surfaces dominated by products of curves and elliptic curves of large rank over function fields. Journal of Number Theory (2008). Journal of Number Theory 128 (2008) 3013-3030.

Nadia Stoyanova Kennedy, Assistant Professor and Co-Director for Mathematics Education has published the following articles:

  • Co-authored with Paula Waldman, Jane Forest, and Merryn Gudlah-Downborn. Mathematical studies, Standard Level. March, 2009. Cardiff, International Baccalaureate.
  • “Towards a Dialogical Pedagogy: Some Characteristics of a Community of Mathematical Inquiry.”Eurasia: International Journal of Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education, 5(1), 2009, p.71-78.
  • “Wolf, Goat, and Cabbage: An Analysis of Students’ Roles and Cognitive and Metacognitive Behaviors in Small Group Collaborative Problem-Solving.” ,Analytic Teaching, 28 (1), 2008.
  • “Philosophy for Children and Mathematics Teaching and Learning: Insights, Models, Possibilities.” In Marsal, E., T. Dobashi, B. Weber, F. Lund (Eds.). (2008). Children Philosophize All Around the World: International Theoretical and Practical Concepts. Hodos: Peter-Lang.
  • “From Philosophical to Mathematical Inquiry in the Classroom.” Childhood and Philosophy, 3 (6), 2007.
  • “Paradox and Learning: Implications from Paradoxical Psychotherapy, and Zen Buddhism for Communal Mathematical Inquiry with Paradoxes.” Childhood and Philosophy, 2 (2), 2006.
  • “Reasoning with Paradoxes in a Community of Mathematical Inquiry: An Exploration Toward Multidimensional Reasoning.” Analytic Teaching, 25(3), 2005.
  • “Questioning the Finite and the Infinite.” Questions, 5, Summer 2005.
  • “Inquiring Together Into the Liar Paradox.” Thinking, 17(4), 2005.


Distinguished Teaching Professor Robert Kerber, Department of Chemistry, has published the following Papers in Chemical Education:

  • "If It's Resonance, What is Resonating?" R.C. Kerber, J. Chem. Educ., in press (2005).
  • "The A1c Blood Test: An Illustration of Principles from General and Organic Chemistry," R. C. Kerber, submitted to J. Chem. Educ. (Aug. 2005).
  • "Carbon Dioxide Flooding: A Classroom Case Study Derived from Surgical Practice," R. C. Kerber, J. Chem. Educ. 80 (2003) 1437-8.
  • "Markovnikov’s Rule in History and Pedagogy," R. C. Kerber, Foundations of Chemistry 4 (2002) 61-72.

Keith Sheppard, Director of the Science Education Program, has published the following articles.

  • Sheppard K & Robbins DM. (In Press) The First Physics First Movement, 1880-1920. (The Physics Teacher).
  • Wefer S & Sheppard K. (2008) Bioinformatics in High School Curricula: A Study of State Science Standards. (CBE-Life Sciences Education). 7(1): 155-162.
  • Kelly AM & Sheppard K. (2008). Newton in the Big Apple: Access to High School Physics in New York City. (The Physics Teacher). 46 (5) 280-284.
  • Sheppard K & Robbins DM. (2007). High School Biology Today: What the Committee of Ten Actually Said. CBE-Life Sciences Education. 6 (3) 198-202.
  • Stroud N, Groome, M., Connolly, R. & Sheppard, K. (2007). Toward a Methodology for Informal Astronomy Education Research. Astronomy Education Review 5 (2) 1-13. [Reprinted in The Planetarian 37 (3) 20-25 (September 2007)].

Social Studies

Lawrence Frohman, Director of the Social Studies Teacher Education Program, reviewed the following articles:

  • Social Control in Europe, volume 1, 1500-1800, ed. Herman Roodenburg and Pieter Spierenburg, volume 2, 1800-2000, ed. Clive Emsley, Eric Johnson and Pieter Spierenburg (Columbus: Ohio State University Press, 2004), Social History 31:3 (August 2006), 358-62.
  • Kenneth Pomeranz, The Great Divergence. China, Europe and the Making of the Modern World Economy (Princeton University Press, 2000), Social Studies Docket 6:2 (Summer-Fall 2006).
  • Gabriele Metzler, Der deutsche Sozialstaat. Vom bismarckschen Erfolgsmodell zum Pflegefall (Deutsche Verlagsanstalt, 2003), H-GERMAN (August 2005),


Dorit Kaufman, Ph.D., Director of the Professional Education Program and Professor of Linguistics has published the following articles:

  • D. Kaufman. Pedagogical implications of heritage language attrition in children. In Studies in Language and Language Education. In A. Stavans & I. Kupferberg. Jerusalem Hebrew University: Magnes Press (2008).
  • D. Kaufman. A multi-disciplinary approach to assessment in teacher education. In Evaluating Teaching Effectiveness in EFL/SL Contexts. C. Coombe, M. Al-Hamly, P. Davidson, S. Troudi (Eds,). Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press (2007).
  • D. Kaufman & B. Brownworth. Collaborative paradigms and future directions in ITA professional development. In Case Studies in International Teaching Assistants. D. Kaufman & B. Brownworth (Eds.). Alexandria, VA: TESOL (2006).
  • D. Kaufman & J. Crandall, Standards-based content-based instruction: Transforming P-12 language education. In Case Studies in Content-Based Instruction for K-12 Settings. D. Kaufman & J. Crandall (Eds.). Alexandria, VA: TESOL (2005).
  • D. Kaufman, Acquisition, attrition, and revitalization of Hebrew in immigrant children. In D. Ravid & H. Bat-Zeev Shyldkrot (Eds.), Perspectives on Language and Language Development. Dordrecht: Kluwer, pp 407-418. (2005).
  • J. Crandall & D. Kaufman, Content-based instruction for higher education settings: Evolving models for diverse contexts. In Case Studies in Content-Based Instruction in Higher Education Settings. J. Crandall & D. Kaufman (Eds.). Alexandria, VA: TESOL, pp. 1-9. 2002.
  • D. Kaufman, Tales of L1 attrition: Evidence from pre-puberty children. In Sociolinguistic and Psycholinguistic Perspectives on Maintenance and Loss of Minority Languages. T. Ammerlaan, M. Hulsen, H. Strating & K. Yagmur (Eds.). Munster, Germany: Waxmann, pp. 185-202, 2001.
  • D. Kaufman, Narrative development in Hebrew and English. In Narrative Development in a Bilingual Context. L. Verhoeven and S. Stromqvist (Eds.). John Benjamins, pp. 319-340, 2001.
  • D. Kaufman, Attrition of Hebrew in the United States: Sociolinguistic Perspectives. In Immigration, Identity and Language. E. Olshtain (Ed.). Magnes Publ. Hebrew University, pp. 173-196, 2000.
  • D. Kaufman, Developing professionals: Interwoven visions and partnerships. In Case Studies in TESOL Practice: Teacher Education. K. Johnson (Ed.). Alexandria, VA: TESOL, pp. 51-69, 2000.

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