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Where To Park

Dental Students
Permit Type Permitted Parking Area Hours Enforced
Dark Brown color-coded Dental parking lot (see map) 7:00AM - 4:00PM
Monday through Friday
No Permit
Black color-coded parking garages (see map)
Cost: $3.00/Hour*
Enforced at all times
Orange color-coded metered lots (see map)
Cost: $2.00/Hour
7:00AM - 7:00PM
Monday through Friday
*For more information on parking garages and their rates, please see the Parking Garages page.

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Additional Parking for Evenings and Weekends

General Information
Parking is permitted in any unrestricted lot during evenings & weekends. Lots are generally unrestricted and available for anyone to park from 4:00pm to 7:00am, Monday-Friday, and at all times Saturday & Sunday unless otherwise noted. Check for signs at parking lot entrances for restrictions.
Please note the following:
  • Metered parking lots (orange color-coded) must be paid from 07:00AM to 07:00PM, Monday through Friday but are free at all other times.
  • Premium parking lots (brown color-coded) all require a Premium permit. These lots include the following Brown Zones: Stadium Lot, Life Sciences 1 & 2, Simons Center and Dental School.
  • The Administration Garage is free on Saturday and Sunday.
The following lots/parking spaces are restricted & enforced at all times:
  • ADA Accessible parking spaces
  • Any lot marked as "Restricted 24 Hour Parking", which includes:
    • Faculty/Staff Lot located next to Computer Center
    • Faculty/Staff Lot located next to Math/Physics Building
    • Faculty/Staff Lot located on Lake Drive
    • Faculty/Staff Lot located next to Student Health Center
    • Faculty/Staff Lot located next to the Automotive Repair Facility
    • Life Sciences 1 & 2 & Simons Center Brown Zones
  • All Parking Garages (Administration, HSC & Hospital Parking Garages)