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Parking Permits

Resident Students
Permit Permit Price Availability Eligibility
Zone 1
FREE Available Brookhaven Residential Village
Kelly Quad Residents*
Nobel Hall Residents*
Roosevelt Quad Residents*
West Apartment Residents*
Zone 2
FREE Available Schomburg Apartment Residents*
Zone 3
FREE Available Cardozo Residents*
Mount Residents*
Tabler Quad Residents*
Zone 4
FREE Available Gershwin Residents*
Hendrix Residents*
Whitman Residents*
Zone 5
FREE Available H Quad Residents*
Mendelsohn Quad Residents*
Zone 6
FREE Available Chapin Apartment Residents*
* Junior/Senior Undergraduate and All Graduate Residents ONLY
(Upper-division (junior or U3) standing is defined by the University as earning 57 credits before the beginning of the semester)

» View the Stony Brook University Parking Map

» Find out where to park if you are a Stony Brook University main campus Resident Permit holder

Apply for a Resident Parking Permit

You may apply for a Resident Parking Permit starting August 22th, 2016.

Click here to apply for a Resident Parking Permit

Freshman/Sophomore Parking Permit Petition

Renew a Resident Parking Permit

Parking permits are not renewed automatically. You must renew online using the Stony Brook Parking Permit System by clicking the link below.

Click here to renew a parking permit

Missing Transfer Credits

Your transfer credits may take some time before they show up in our records. If the Stony Brook Parking Permit System is preventing you from applying for a parking permit because your transfer credits are not showing up, please go to the Transfer Office and request that they provide you written proof that shows the number of transfer credits coming in. Bring this paper along with your vehicle registration and SB identification card to Bursar to apply for a parking permit.

Summer and Winter Session Parking

Click here to view Summer Session parking information.

Click here to view Winter Session parking information.