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New Stony Brook University School of Pharmacy Taking Applications


The  Stony Brook University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences  – expected to enroll its first PharmD class in August 2018 – is now accepting student applications on  PharmCAS . PharmCAS is the centralized service for applying to PharmD programs nationwide. The School has applied to the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education ( ACPE ) for pre-candidate status, a requirement for student recruitment. The School is able to recruit and admit students. 

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New Drug Target Emerges for a Dangerous Fungal Pathogen


Cryptococcus neoformans  is a fungal pathogen usually affecting immunocompromised patients, particularly AIDS and organ transplant patients, and is one that can be lethal. Current treatments against cryptococcosis are often not effective. Now a team of researchers led by Stony Brook University scientists Mansa Munshi and  Maurizio Del Poeta  in the Department of Molecular Genetics & Microbiology, have discovered a novel gene that helps understand the mechanism of survival of this pathogen in various host conditions. Their finding, published in  Cell Reports  , may help pave the way for more effective and innovative treatments against cryptococcosis.


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Baboons are among the 57 mammal species worldwide in a study published in  Science  that reveals mammals move less (two to three times shorter distances) in landscapes where human activity is more present. This finding, according to  Catherine Markham  and an international research team led by Marlee Tucker, is important because less mammal movement may upset ecosystems. This is one group of baboons tracked by Markham and colleagues with the use of GPS collars to determine distances covered.

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Stony Brook Experts

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Directional Deep Brain Stimulation to Treat Parkinson's Disease


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