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Requirements - Minor in Nanotechnology Studies

Admittance: Admittance to the Minor will require the approval of the NTS faculty committee, following review of student performance in the 213 class and other relevant coursework.

Required Courses:

  • ESM 213 or BME 213 or MEC 213 or EST 213: Studies in Nanotechnology - 3 credits, taught in the Fall semester each year by a team of faculty from Materials Science, Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Technology and Society, plus outside speakers in health, business and environmental fields.
  • Two semesters (or research equivalent to 6 credits) of independent research (499 or 488), co-advised by a faculty member from the student's major program and also a second faculty advisor from the NTS program committee. Students' primary research advisor may also be external (e.g. Brookhaven National Laboratory).
  • ESM 400 or BME 400 or MEC 400 or EST 400: Research and Nanotechnology - a 3-credit course offered in the Spring semester each year in which students prepare a journal-quality manuscript describing their research.
  • Two Technical Electives out of
    • BME 381: Nanofabrication in Biomedical Applications
    • ESG 339: Thin Film Processing of Advanced Materials
    • CHE 378: Materials Chemistry
    • PHY 472: Solid State Physics
    • MEC 470: Introduction to Tribology
    • EST 391: Technology Assessment
    • Another technical elective may be substituted with the permission of the co-directors of the Minor.