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2013 Summer Research Opportunity for a High School Teacher:

Over the past two years, we have worked with a number of teachers, from middle school to high school, to develop activities and content related to nanotechnology which can be translated to the classroom. For example, two teachers (one science, one technology education) have been able to take part in a summer workshop through a "Research Experience for Teachers" supplement to our NSF-supported Nanotechnology Studies program.These teachers attended a 5 week summer workshop plus developed a fall implementation program incorporating nanotechnology in secondary education in their school districts.The summer experience involved:

  1. a review of key concepts in nanotechnology (leveraging materials developed for the Introduction to Nanotechnology Studies course)
  2. a safety orientation and workshop
  3. meetings with participants in nanotechnology research projects at Stony Brook University and an in-depth introduction to laboratories involved in the research
  4. a meeting with the director of the Center for Functional Nanotechnology at Brookhaven National Laboratory, and
  5. collaborative design of nanotechnology-related teaching and research activities and materials which can be directly introduced in a stand-alone high school nanotechnology course or as supplemental materials for other high school course work. For example, a course in nanotechnology was developed which has become the cornerstone of a model high school program in nanotechnology in the Syosset, NY school district.

If you are interested in participating in future projects, please contact Dr. Gary Halada at ghalada@notes.cc.sunysb.edu.If you are a teacher who wishes to learn more about how to incorporate nanotechnology educational activities in the classroom, please have a look at our nanotechnology education blog at: http://facultycenter.cc.stonybrook.edu/nanotechnology

teacher1 teacher2
Elizabeth Casey, teacher at Comsewogue High School (Port Jefferson Station, NY), working with an undergraduate, Komal Magsi (left) and a high school student (Christopher Koutsoubis), during the summer RET experience at Stony Brook.
Students participating in a nanotechnology-related high school course (Syosset High School, NY), Roy Diers , instructor.