Minor in Nanotechnology Studies

How you can learn about the exciting emerging field of nanotechnology at Stony Brook University - the new innovative, interdisciplinary, research-intensive Minor.

The Program: The Minor in Nanotechnology Studies (NTS) is an interdisciplinary, research-intensive program intended for students in majors from the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences or the College of Arts and Sciences who want to learn about the emerging field of nanotechnology. The coursework in the Minor will provide a broad background in the science, design, manufacture, and societal, health and environmental impacts of nanomaterials and nanoscale structures and their applications in engineering and health-related areas.

Undergraduate majors from all Departments are welcome to take part in the NTS program. Please contact Professor Halada or one of the co-directors to discuss admittance to and participation in the Minor.

Participating Departments Co-directors

A B average or higher in all courses taken for the Minor is required for the completion of the Minor.