Research Opportunity

Below are listings of research opportunities for undergraduates with laboratories on campus at Stony Brook University, at nearby Brookhaven National Laboratory, or with local companies. Each position is noted as either a paid position, a research opportunity for undergraduate academic credit (with the course designator given), or as an internship. Please email the contact listed for more information. If you are intending to use the research as part of the Nanotechnology Studies minor (NTS), please contact Prof. Halada as well.

  1. Preparation of nanostructured substrates for surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) spectroscopy.

    Undergraduates will prepared nanostructured gold, palladium, and other metal surfaces which can provide the million-fold enhancement in chemical detection limits made possible by the SERS effect. These surfaces will be used to study the chemistry and electrochemistry of extremely dilute solutions of organics, metal ions and environmentally-significant materials.

    Sudents can receive up to 3 credits of ESM 499 for this work.

  2. Undergraduate research opportunity:

    Earn 3 credits of ESM 299 or ESM 499 by taking part in a directed or independent study of mineral/organic biomolecule nanocomposites for engineering applications. Learn about advanced spectroscopic and mechanical analytical techniques while helping to study new materials for engineering and medical applications. Contact Prof. Halada at