Group Leader:

Prof. H. Metcalf

Adjunct Professor:

Tom Bergeman

Visiting Scholar:

Martin G. Cohen


Mary Lyon

Graduate Students:

Brian Arnold
Yifan Fang
Xiaoyang Liu

Undergraduate Students:

Anthony Orlando
Grant Richmond
David Siegel
Max Stanley

Recent Ph.D. Graduates :

John Elgin
Chris Corder
Yuan Sun
Daniel Stack
Xiaoxu Lu
Jason Reeves
Claire Allred

Recent MSI Graduates:

Taichi Inaki


Vlad Zakharov
Deqian Yuan

Laser Teaching Center

John Noé

Taichi Inaki

Tai joined the MSI program from "California" in the fall of 2016. He began work on the ARP experiment with John Elgin and Brian Arnold, and after John left with Brian and Yifan Fang. He has become expert at phase locking lasers to each other and managing the rf apparatus for their lock circuits

Email: taichi.inaki [at]