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Campus Mail

General Policy

Inter-office mail service should be used only for official University correspondence. There are certain materials that should not be sent through Campus Mail, including stapled items, currency, library books, liquids, medical supplies, personal items, and office supplies.

Addressing Envelopes

It is essential to include the departmental/office Zip+4 extension in the mailing address. Please adhere strictly to the format below when sending on-campus mail.

Recipient's Name (if applicable)
Department/Office Name
Campus Zip+4

Please note that room numbers, building names, street addresses, etc. should never be used.

When using reusable manila inter-office envelopes, please cross out the previous address with a single line and use the next sequential empty address box from top to bottom, left to right. This common sense approach allows us to use the previous address as a return address in the event of a delivery problem.

When using regular envelops, please but your return Zip+4 in the upper left hand corner (no other return information is needed.) It is recommneded that two X's be written in the upper right hand corner of the envelope so that the mail is not confused with mail going off-campus.

Large Packages

Please do not send printed materials in boxes larger than a mail bin. If a large volume of letters, flyers or other documents are being sent to a single destination, please apportion them into a few separate packages. In addition, please remember that if you have difficulty lifting a heavy package, your mail carrier will have a challenge transporting it to its destination.

Campus Address Directory

The most current address information for campus employees may be accessed using the Campus Address Directory. We encourage you to bookmark this site and use it whenever convenient.

Campus Mailings of 50 or More Pieces

All Campus Mail consisting of 50 pieces or more should be separately bundled by Zip+4 and kept in Zip order.

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