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portrait of George Goldbeg

George Goldberg

Co-Founder of AIDC 100, 1997
Founder of the Percival Award, 1983
Founder & Publisher of SCAN Newsletter, 1977-1996
Founder & President of GGX Associates, 1975-1992


The George Goldberg Memorial Digitization Project is dedicated to the outstanding achievements and tireless work of Mr. George Goldberg, publisher of the SCAN newsletter, the AIDC industry's first trade publication, and co-founder of the AIDC 100, an association of the automatic identification and data capture industry's top professionals. The project blends today's technology with yesterday's documentary heritage in an effort to bring the two together and create a lasting informational resource that benefits both research and education within the information technology field and AIDC industry at large.

The George Goldberg Memorial Digitization Project was made possible through the kind and generous support of SCAN: The Data Capture Report, Special Collections Department and his family and friends. The project stands as a testament to his tireless efforts on behalf of those he cared for, the industry he loved and the legacy he built.

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