Women's History Ephemera Collection
Manuscript Collection 188

Clippings, pamphlets, photographs.
2.1 cubic ft.

Processed by Kristen J. Nyitray and Raymond Prucher, June 2002. Update Decemeber 2009 by Kristen J. Nyitray, Head, Special Collections and University Archives.


The Women's History Ephemera Collection consists of an accumulation of miscellaneous gifts received by the Special Collections Department over the years. Materials include clippings, pamphlets, and photographs.

Scope and Content

The collection contains approximately 2.1 cubic feet of material and is arranged alphabetically by subject. Items housed in acidic or metal housings have been removed from these housings for preservation reasons. These materials have been placed in acid free folders and containers. All metal clips have been removed and replaced, in accordance with accepted archival standards of preservation.

Box List

Box 1

Abortion, Newspaper Clippings
Abortion, Newspaper Clippings, 1974 to 1978
Abortion, 1983
Ain't I A Woman?
Aphra, v.1, no. 2, 1970
Association to Repeal Abortion Laws, 1968
Bay Area Women's Liberation, 1969
Berkeley Women's Liberation, 1971
Bibliographies, 1 of 3, ca. 1970-1982
Bibliographies, 2 of 3, ca. 1970-1982

Box 2

Bibliographies, 3 of 3, ca. 1970-1982
Birth Control Handbooks, 1952, 1970, n.d.
Black Women, 1971
Boston, Massachusetts
Chicago, Illinois
Committee to Defend the Right to Learn, 1971
Come Out!, 1970
Congress to Unite Women, 1970
Cornell University
Day Care
Equal Rights Amendment
Everywoman Publishing Company, 1972
Fecundity versus Civilization
The Feminist Press, 1978
The Feminists
Feminists on Children's Media, 1975
The Furies, 1972

Box 3

Greer, Germaine, 1972
How Harvard Rules Women, 1965
Iowa City, Iowa, Women's Liberation Front
Kaleidoscope, 1970
Kansas City, Missouri, Women's Liberation
Know, Inc., 1971
Lesbians Speak Out, 1976
Librarians, 1970
Long Island National Organization for Women, Nassau NOW Times (See Box 6)
Long Island Women's Liberation Newsletter, 1970
Men Our Masters, 1970
Michigan University, 1970
Mid Suffolk Chapter National Organization for Women, NOW Hear This (See Box 7)
Mother's Alone Working, 1966
Ms. Magazine
National Organization for Women, California, 1971
National Organization for Women, Chicago, 1975
National Organization for Women, Legal Defense and Education Fund
National Organization for Women, Suffolk County Chapter, 1984
New England Free Press, ca. 1960s-1970s
New Haven, Connecticut, Women's Liberation, 1970

Box 4

New Left Committee, Toronto
New Orleans, Louisiana
New Yorkers for Abortion Law Repeal
New York Radical Feminists, 1969-1970
New York State University, Stony Brook
New York University Law School
No More Fun and Games / The Female State
Notes, Women's Liberation
Notes on Women's Liberation, 1970
Pathfinder Press, Inc., 1970s
Redstockings, 1970
Research Publications, Inc., 1974
Revolutionary Marxist Caucus, 1969
Revolutionary Women's Liberation, 1971
Seattle, Washington, Radical Women, 1970
Some Information for Mother
Somerville, Massachusetts, Female Liberation, 1970
Southern Female Rights Union, 1970
Suffolk County, New York, 1976
Suffolk County, New York, Human Rights Commission, 1971
Synergy, 1969
Unitarian Universalist Women's Federation, 1970
Up From Under, 1970
Voice of the Women's Liberation Movement, 1968

Box 5

Washington, D.C., Women's Liberation
What the Young Need to Know, A Primer on Sex Rationalism
Whole Woman Catalog
Woman, History and Condition of Women, 1 of 2
Woman, History and Condition of Women, 2 of 2
Woman and Religion
A Woman's Touch, 1970s
Women, A Journal of Liberation, 1969
Women's History Research Center, Inc., 1971
Women's Bail Fund Committee, 1971
Women's Magazine
Women's Liberation Basement Press, 1970
Women's Liberation Coalition of Michigan, 1970
Women's Liberation Center of New York, 1970
Women's Liberation Collective
Women's Liberation Front, UCLA
Women's Rights Law Reporter
Women’s Street Theater, The
Workshop in Nonviolence (WIN), 1970

Box 6

Long Island National Organization for Women, Nassau NOW Times


Box 7

Mid-Suffolk Chapter National Organization for Women, NOW Hear This

1974 to v.8, no.13, 1982
v.9, no.1, 1982 to 1986
v.14, 1987 to 1989
1990 to 1992
1993 to Jan. 1999