Scrapbook Collection
Collection 102

Processed by Kristen J. Nyitray and Lynn Toscano, August 2011.

Item 102/1
Scrapbook, 1891-1896.

Mostly unused scrapbook, with a few clippings about municipal bonds and finance, and articles on construction of skyscrapers and trolley lines.
0.1 cubic ft. (1 v. 31 cm.); "Mark Twain's" scrapbook.
New York, D. Slote, 188-.; Leaves have gummed lines. Title from label mounted on inside cover. Our copy partially filled with newspaper clippings, dated 1891-1896.

Item 102/2
Scrapbook of obituaries of George IV, King of Great Britain.
Scrapbook. 1830-1842.
0.1 cubic ft. (1 v.)
Articles and obituaries about George IV, King of Great Britain.

Item 102/3
Sexual reform scrapbook, ca.1930-1964.

Newspaper clippings and magazine articles from Great Britain and the United States on birth control, oral contraceptives, and sexual reform.
Assembled by Floyd House.
0.1 cubic ft. (1 v.)

Item 102/4
United States. Treaties, etc., 1893-1897 (Cleveland).
Scrapbook of newspaper clippings. 1897.
0.1 cubic ft. (1 v.)
Clippings concerning the unratified Olney-Pauncefote treaty of arbitration between the United States and Great Britain. Signed at Washington, January 11, 1897, but defeated by the U.S. Senate.

Item 102/5
Wild flowers of the Holy Land.

0.1 cubic ft. (1 v.)
Dried flowers identified with locations.
Spine title. Covers made of inlaid wood.

Item 102/6
Blumen und Ansichten aus dem Heiligen Lande. Flowers and views of the holy land. Jerusalem. Jerusalem, Verlag v. Gebr. Baltinester.
0.1 cubic ft. (1 v.)
Views and dried flowers.