Robert Payne Collection
Manuscript Collection 293

Subgroup I: Writings

Series 1. Manuscripts
Series 2: Forewords, Introductions & Series Editing
Series 3: Magazine Articles
Series 4: Research Materials
Series 5: Reviews
Series 6: Manuscript Fragments
Series 7: Published Poems

* = Item not located
# = Placement of item needs to be reviewed.

Series 1. Manuscripts

Box 1

  • Abu Simbel (Synopsis). TMc
  • The Actresses. Research
  • Adoration. Pr.Pg., pp. 96-123; TM, incomplete
  • Afloat on the Floating World. TM, TMc, incomplete
  • *Akritan Songs. By Sikelianos, Angelo. (NY: The Spap Company, 1944)
  • Aldous Huxley. TMc
  • Alexander and the Camp Follower. (London: Paul Elek, 1961, c1954). mimeo, 90 pp.
  • Alexander and the Camp Follower. "A play in verse on Alexander the Great and the conquest of Asia." TMc, 115 ll. Lacks page 1.
  • Alexander of Asia. TM, 116 pp.; Production notes
  • *Altar of Heaven. Research, notes
  • #Latourette, Kenneth Scott. The American Record in the Far East, 1945-1951. (NY: Macmillan, 1952) Book review
  • *?Ancient Rome. (New York, American Heritage Press, 1970.) Book illustrations.
  • And All the While Like Saints They Trod. (Synopsis). TMc
  • The Angels. Book proposal, research notes, illustrations.
  • Anna Pavlova. Book proposal. TMc, 3 ll.
  • An Anthology of European Poetry from the Earliest Times to the Present Day. Edited by Robert Payne. TMc, 9 folders.

Box 2

  • An Anthology of European Poetry from the Earliest Times to the Present Day. Edited by Robert Payne. TMc, 9 folders.
  • Anthology of Western Poetry. TM and Mss., 608 pp.

Box 3

  • Anthology of Western Poetry. TM and Mss., 608 pp.
  • Anthology II of III. AMs
  • *The Anthology of Robert Payne as far as it has got.
  • *Poetry {From Anthology?} TM
  • *A History of English Poetry. {An Anthology?} AN
  • The Apocalypse of Our Time, and Other Writings. By Rozanov, V.V. (Vasilii Vasilevich). Edited with an introduction by Robert Payne, and an Afterword by George Ivask, and translated by Robert Payne and Nikita Romanoff. NY: Praeger, 1977).
  • Holograph note, signed by Bond, Alison M., Praeger, n.d. 1 l.
  • Fallen Leaves. TM of translation, with holograph corrections by Robert Payne and others. (Published text pp. 83-88. Incomplete Mss.) 10 ll.
  • The Apocalypse of Our Time. TMc of translation by Janet Romanoff. Minor unidentified corrections. 128 ll.
  • TMc, corrected.
  • Introduction. Pr.Pg., pp. 3-17.
  • Unidentified Mss. TM, heavily corrected by Robert Payne and others. 1 l.
  • The Apocalypse of Our Time, and Other Writings.Translated by Janet Romanoff. TM, 127 ll. TMc, corrected, 96 ll. Also facsimile of original Russian text, edited manuscript, research notes, and correspondence.
  • Apollon. TM fragments
  • Apollon in America. {A Play} TM, Notes
  • Apollon Rising. TM and AMs, 38 pp.Art Book. TM, in German
  • The Archives of Alexander Kerensky. TM
  • The Art of Anna Pavlova. TM
  • The Art of Love. Based on the story by Soren Kierkegaard, The Diary of a Seducer. TMc
  • *The Art of Wilma Prezzi. TM fragment*
  • Assyria. TM, TMc, notes
  • Atlantis research
  • Audience Chamber in the Signoria. TM and AMs, 74 pp.

Box 4

  • Avalanche. AMs, and notes, 11 pp.; Notes
  • *The Bear Coughs at the North Pole. Reviews
  • {The Beast} TMc incomplete
  • The Beast with 17 Fingers. TMc fr.
  • The Beauty of America. (A book proposal) TMc
  • Behold the Lamb. TM, TMc, fr.
  • Behold Thou art Fair. TM, 130 pp.
  • Bernard Shaw. TMc
  • Betsy and Napoleon. TM and notes, 110 pp.; mimeo, 73 pp.

Box 5

  • The Big Village. Film proposal. TMc
  • The Birth of Venus. {A play} 52 pp. (Includes a character named Michelangelo.) TM, corrected.

Box 6

  • The Birth of Venus.

Box 7

  • Blake. {A play about William Blake?} Characters include: Catherine, Varley, Linnell. TM
  • *Mss. Blake, Art, 300 cards, 30 notebooks.
  • Blind Dancers. A One Act Play for Two Players. By Robert Payne? TMc, 40 ll.
  • Blockade. By Darov, Anatole.
  • Synopsis, TMc; 78 ll., TMc; Duplicate pp.15-78; TMc, corrected; TM, corrected
  • Translation. Chapter 9, TMc, correspondence.
  • The Blue Lake. Alternate title The Lake. Pr.Pg., pp. 137-150.
  • The Blue Nigger. Published in Great Britain as The Blue Negro. {A story} TM, 37 ll.
  • Boat Ride. TM
  • The Body of Alexander Nevsky. Pr.Pg., pp. 151-165.
  • Bombay Meeting. revised mimeo, 50 pp.; TM, corrected; suggestions
  • The Bread of Angels (poem). TMc
  • The Brownstone House. TMc, incomplete
  • The Buddha. (A film proposal) TMc
  • #Buddha. Notes, research [part of Buddha novel?]
  • The Buffalo. TM, 3 ll.
  • The Burgess Persian Letters and The Other Russia. Pr.Pg.
  • The Burning of the Books. {Story Proposal}. TM
  • By Me, William Shakespeare.
  • TM and AMs, 50 pp.
  • A Shakespeare bibliography. AN {Research notes for By Me, William Shakespeare?}
  • Notebooks, book illustrations, research materials.
  • Bibliography, TM; Book Proposal, TMc; Chronology, TMc, AN; Contents, TMc; Contract dispute; fr., corrected, TMc; Notes, AN; Notes, Research; Readers' Comments.

Box 7.1

  • By Me, William Shakespeare.

Box 8

  • By Me, William Shakespeare.
  • Byzantine notes
  • Call Me Abraham. {A play about Abraham Lincoln.}
  • TM, 85 pp.; mimeo, 84 pp.
  • #Savage, George. Reports on Call Me Abraham.
  • The Cameraman. Research, notes
  • {Canadian Flag essay} TM
  • The Canyon. TM, notes
  • #A Catalogue of the Classics of Poetry. Book proposal. TMc, 5 ll.
  • The Ceremonies. TMc
  • The Changing Face of China. PrPg.
  • #Chaplin. Notes, research

Box 9

  • #Charlie and the Green Dragons. {A Juvenile novel} mimeo--three copies, 92 pp.; 2 TM, corrected, 50 pp.; TM, TMc, AN, discards
  • #Chiang Kai-shek. (NY: Weybright and Talley, 1969). TM--two copies, 338 pp.; 2 sets of corrected galleys; GP, chronology, bibliography, index

Box 10

  • #Chiang Kai-shek.

Box 11

  • #Chiang Kai-shek.
  • Childhood. (Il Tratto de Apelle)
  • Pasternak, Boris. Childhood. (Singapura {The Straits Times Press, 1941} The Childhood of Zhenya Luvers. The Long Days. Translated from the Russian. TMc, 28 ll.; TM, incomplete; AN
  • China. Notes, clippings
  • China journey
  • India/China. Notebook, research
  • Chinese Diaries, 1941-1946. Index, TMc, corrected; GP (see also listing below)
  • Chinese Language. TMc, notes, research
  • {Chinese Novel} TM fr., corrected
  • The Chinese Scholar. TM, fr.
  • The Chinese Solder and Other Stories. TMc, incomplete
  • The Chinese Way. TMc, 3 ll.; TM, incomplete
  • {Christ Book} Notes, research
  • Christ in New York. A film play.TM, AMs, notes, 50 pp.; TMc, research
  • #The Circus Comes to Town. TM--2 copies, 63 pp.

Box 11.1

  • Chinese Diaries, 1941-1946. Master set, PP, instructions regarding publication

Box 12

  • Cleopatra. TM, incomplete
  • Hsiang, Feng Yu. The Clouds Go By.
  • The Coconut Tree. TM
  • Come onto these Yellow Sands. {A film proposal} TMc
  • Concerning Chou En-Lai. Story proposal. TM
  • #Conchita and Rezanov. mimeo--four copies, 47 pp.; Mss. of opera and magnetic tape recording, 55 pp.; TMc fr.; TM, notes, research, music
  • Confucius and the Chinese Communists. TM, incomplete
  • The Conjuror. TM (38-73 only: incomplete), 30 pp.; Pr.Pg., pp. 10-26. Published in Touchstone, December 1947?
  • A Contemporary Look at the Sybarites. TMc
  • The Cormorant. (In Chinese). Pr.Pg.
  • The Corrupt Society: From Ancient Greece to Present-Day America. (NY: Praeger,1975) MS, notes, 150 pp.; TM, 483 pp.; notes, 40 pp.

Box 13

  • The Corrupt Society: From Ancient Greece to Present-Day America.

Box 14

  • The Corrupt Society: From Ancient Greece to Present-Day America.
  • Corruption. Holograph revision and additions; notes, clippings
  • Custine's Russia. TMc
  • The Dawn. {A poem} AN
  • The Dead Sea. Incomplete proposal. TM
  • Death in the Cooling Night. Synopsis. TM
  • Death is a Funny Thing: A Memoir. Variant Title: A Naval Person. TM with corrections; Unpublished. Notes, 30 pp.
    • #Steve and Company. {Part of Death is a Funny Thing?} TM
    • An Island Like A Tiger's Eye. TM, 1 l.
    • The Death of Steve. TMc, notes

Box 15

  • Death is a Funny Thing: A Memoir

Box 16

  • Death is a Funny Thing: A Memoir

Box 17

  • The Death of a Poet. A Play. Variant title: Death of the Poet. "A play in prose about the trial of a poet in the Soviet Union." (Characters include: Myshkin, Protopopov, Anatol, Godunov, Karamzin.) TM; TM, corrected--eight copies, 50 pp.; Mss. and ephemera, 50 pp.; news release, publicity photographs, and theatre program.

Box 18

  • The Death of a Poet.
  • Death of an Empress. mimeo--two copies, 80 pp.; proposal for scenes, readers' comments

Box 19

  • The Death of Arshun. TM, fr.
  • The Death of Empedocles (A Play). TM, incomplete
  • Deported. TMc
  • Diary of a Seducer. TMc
  • The Dictator. (Film proposal). TM
  • The Dignity of Man. {A story} TM incomplete, corrected; TMc, incomplete; TMc, fr.
  • The Diplomat. TM
  • Documents of Revolution. TMc, 3 ll. (series)
  • Dragon. Magazine description. TMc, proposal
  • Dostoyevsky: A Human Portrait. 2 dust jackets.
  • The Dream and the Tomb: A History of the Crusades. (NY: Stein and Day, 1984.)TM and AMs, 800 pp. Indexes, Notes; TM and AMs, 900 pp.; TM, 900 pp.; Bound galley; drafts, 300 pp., Master first proof, 900 pp.; Chapter notes, 14 pp.

Box 20-24

  • The Dream and the Tomb: A History of the Crusades.

Box 25

  • The Dream and the Tomb: A History of the Crusades.
  • The Dream of a Red Chamber. {By Ts'ao Hsueh-ch'in} Book proposal? Introduction? TM, 1 l., incomplete.

Box 26

  • A Dream of Fair Women. (Variant title: The Dream of Women).Book proposal, Research notes, TM; Working notes; Book proposal, Research notes, TM

Box 27

  • A Dream of Fair Women.
  • A Dream of Spring. {A play} TMc, 136 ll.
  • Elegy for the Undefeated (Poem). TMc
  • The Enchanted. By Waley, Alison. A biography of Arthur Waley. Correspondence, TMc; PP
  • England. Notes, research

Box 28

  • England.
  • #English poetry. Notes, research [related to anthologies?]
  • {Essay on New York Taxicabs}

Box 29

  • An Experiment with Peace. TM, corrected
  • Eyewitness; A Personal Account of a Tumultuous Decade, 1937-1946. Working title: The Green Dragon. TM, corrected, 400 pp.; TM and Mss., 500 pp. Working title: The Green Dragon. TM and Mss. with corrections, 900 pp.

Box 30

  • Eyewitness; A Personal Account of a Tumultuous Decade, 1937-1946.

Box 31

  • Eyewitness; A Personal Account of a Tumultuous Decade, 1937-1946.
  • Ezra Pound. TMc, fr.
  • Facsimile Poets. Series proposal. TMc, 2 ll.

Box 32

  • The Fair Winds (The Storm. The Shining Seas). Working TM with corrections and notes
  • The Fall of the Leaf. TMc, 4 ll.
  • #Fallen leaves 2. Final copy. pp. 22-73 [From: Notes for five plays]
  • The Family. Film proposal. TMc, 19 ll.
  • Faraway Country. Film proposal. Several copies, corrected. TMc, 16 ll.
  • Father Jacinto and the Green Necklace.Working TM with corrections and notes.

Box 33

  • Felice Michiel, Dogaressa. TM
  • #The Fewer Outsiders the Better. By Beals, Carleton. TMc, 18 ll.
  • Films
  • A film on the life of Buddha. {A proposal} TMc
  • Films I would Like To Make. AN
  • The First Terrorist. {A proposal} TM, research notes
  • Fishing. {A story} TM, 4 ll.; TMc, 4 ll.
  • Flame Symphony. Dramatic proposal. "Music by Alexander Horak, words from a long poem on Gandhi by Robert Payne." AMusMsc, 10 ll.
  • The Flight of an Eagle. The Autobiography of Serge Lifar. TMc, 3 ll.
  • The Florentine Page. (Film proposal). TM
  • The Flowering (The Valley). TM
  • The Form and Nature of Corruption (Book proposal). TMc
  • #Sketchbooks with page layouts for The Fortress, Portrait of André Malraux
  • Forty-Second Street. Working TM with corrections and notes.
  • The Four Gospels, translated by William Tyndale and Miles Coverdale. TM, 7 ll.; TM, incomplete
  • #Einbinder, Harvey. Frank Lloyd Wright: An American Genius. A prospectus [location?]
  • The Freedom of Man: An Anthology. TM, 200 pp.
  • Galilee. Book proposal. TM, 2 ll.
  • The Gentle and the Tough. TM, incomplete
  • A Gentleman of Persia; Being the Authorized Biography of Arthur Upham Pope, by Robert Payne and Rexford Stead. {Unpublished} Working TM with corrections and notes, clippings, notebook, research
  • Getting My Goat. Original screenplay by Frazer, Joan and Payne, Robert. Working TM with corrections and notes.
  • Ghost City. (A play). TMc, incomplete
  • The Giants of Our Time. TM fr., notes

Box 34

  • The Girl in the Red Dress. A screenplay. Working TM with corrections and notes. First draft.
  • The Gleam of Ice. Working TM with corrections and notes.
  • The Glory of the Eastern Church. (Book proposal). TM
  • Glory to Alexander. {A play} Working TM with corrections and notes.
  • The Goat Woman. TM, incomplete
  • Gogol. TMc fr., heavily corrected; TM fr.
  • Golden Horses of the Sun. {A book proposal} TMc, TM fr.
  • The Golden Lotus. A Play based on The Shanghai Gesture, by Colton, John. Two working TM with corrections and notes.
  • The Gold of Troy. (film script). TM, TMc, fr.

Box 34.1

  • The Golden Pheasant. Film proposal. TMc, 13 ll.
  • Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Working TM with corrections and notes. (Part of: The Golden Treasury of Western Poetry?)
  • #The Golden Treasury of Western Poetry. Working TM with corrections and notes.
  • The Good People of New York. TM, fr., corrected

Box 35

  • Great Buildings of the World. {A book proposal}
  • Great Buildings of the World. TMc, 3 ll. (series)
  • The Great Cities. TMc, 1 ll. (series)
  • The Great Garbo.(NY: Praeger, 1976). Electrostatic copy of typescript specifications. 1 l.; TM with Mss., 900 pp.; drafts, notes; 60 movie stills; Research, notes; GP; Book jacket.

Box 36

  • The Great Garbo.

Box 37

  • The Great Garbo.
  • The Great God Pan. TM, fr.
  • The Great Man; A Portrait of Winston Churchill. (NY: Coward, McCann and Geoghegan, 1974).
  • TMc, fr.
  • TM, extensively corrected by Robert Payne, copy editor's notations, setting copy. 682 ll.
  • Electrostatic copy of galley proofs, with holograph corrections by Robert Payne. 275 ll.
  • PP, incomplete, electrostatic copy. Original corrections and same page corrected in some instances. 212 ll.
  • TM, corrected, Notes, 900 pp.
  • Notes, Research, Book Jacket, Photographs
  • Introduction to the Japanese edition. TMc, 3 ll.

Box 38-40

  • The Great Man; A Portrait of Winston Churchill.

Box 41

  • The Great Mogul. Book jacket.
  • #Greece. Notes, research
  • A Greek Family. (Film proposal). TM, incomplete
  • #The Greek Fathers. {Part of Holy Fire; The Story of the Fathers of the Eastern Church?} {A bibliography} TMc
  • The Green Bodice. {A poem} Printed in a newspaper
  • #The Green Dragon. Pat's corrections {i.e., Ellsworth, Patricia}; fr., TM, TMc

Box 42

  • The Green Dragon. Film proposal. {A film focusing on the American Liaison Group in China, the Yenan Observer Group in 1946} TMc
  • #The Green Dragon. Notes
  • The Green Leg. Working TM with corrections and notes.
  • The Green Palms. Working TM with corrections and notes.
  • The Green Tortoise. Incomplete manuscript. TMc
  • *Greenwich Village. TMc, 3 ll. [part of Notes for five plays]
  • The Happy Islands. TM
  • The Harper Book of Christian Verse. TM, TMc, photographs

Box 43

  • The Harper Book of Christian Verse.
  • #Brown, Harry. The Hawk and the Vulture. {A screenplay} Shooting script, TM
  • The Heritage. "A film or mini-series on the Russian ballet and on Diaghilev and those who came after him." "A television spectacular on the Russian ballet, Diaghilev and those who came after him." TMc
  • The Hero. TM with corrections; TM fr.; TMc, incomplete

Box 43.1

  • The Hero.

Box 44

  • The Hero.
  • The Heron and the Tower. {A play or musical} TM
  • High Barbary. By Richard Cargoe {pseud}. Book proposal. TM
  • The High Hills. Film proposal. {Character names include: Evers, Agnes, Maharani, Akbar.} TM, TMc, incomplete.
  • #Pasternak, Boris. The High Malady. Pr.Pg., n.p., n.p., n.d., pp. 12-13. [Not located. Is this a Payne mss anyway?]
  • The Himmler Papers. Book proposal. TMc, 5 ll.; research
  • History and the Developing Nations. Proposal. {Relates to Bangladesh} TMc, 6 ll.
  • A History of English Poetry. {An Anthology?} AN
  • Kerensky, Alexander. A History of Russia. Book proposal to edit the revised translation and write an introduction. TMc, 3 ll. Selected chapters of Kerensky. History. TMc
  • Hollywood Boulevard.TM with corrections.
  • The Holy Sword; The Story of Islam from Muhammad to the Present. GP, bound
  • Homage to Willard R. Trask. NY: Translation Center Chapbook no. 1. PP, corrected.
  • Hot Summer Day. TMc
  • The House. {A story} TM, 4 ll.
  • The House of Gaugin. TMc fr
  • The House on Silver Street. TMc
  • A Hymn to the Dark Sun.
  • #Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich. Image of Chekhov; Forty Stories in the Order in Which They Were Written. Introduction. Pr.Pg.
  • Imperial Road. TM.
  • Imprisoned Windmill. TM.
  • In a Nest of Flames. {A chapter} TMc

Box 45

  • #India/China. Notebook, research
  • India. Notebooks; Travel itinerary.
  • Irma: The Picture of a Nobody. TMc
  • An Island Like a Tiger's Eye. TM with corrections.
  • The Island of Crete. TMc
  • The Isles of Greece. With photographs by Alexander Artemakis. (NY: Simon and Schuster, 1965). TMc of preliminary pages and text. 243 ll.; Flap copy. TMc

Box 46

  • Italy. Research notes, clippings
  • Ivan the Terrible, by Robert Payne and Nikita Romanoff. (NY: Crowell, 1975). TMc, corrected, photocopy. 612 ll.
  • PP, incomplete, electrostatic copy. Original corrections and same page corrected in some instances. 212 ll.
  • TMc, 11 ll.

Box 47

  • Ivan the Terrible, by Robert Payne and Nikita Romanoff. {A film and play proposal} TM with corrections; TMc, research
  • {Japan Novel} Notes, research
  • Jawaharlal Nehru. {A book proposal} TM
  • The Jeweled Cross. TMc
  • Joseph and the Firemen. A One Act Opera. TMc
  • Journey to Persia. (NY: Dutton, 1952). TMc, corrected. 241 ll.; TM with corrections.
  • Journey to Yenan. TMc
  • Koirala. TMc, chapter

Box 48

  • The Lady and the Waxworks. TMc, fr.
  • Last Poems. By Hölderlin, Friedrich. Translated with an introduction and a commentary by Robert Payne. TMc, xxi, 113 ll.
  • #The Visionary Poems of Friedrich Hölderlin. TMc, 26 ll. Last Poems. Translated by Robert Payne. TMc. The Titans. TMc
  • The Last President.TM, heavily corrected, AN, revisions, clippings, 600 pp.
  • Lawrence of Arabia; A Triumph. corrected galleys, AN, TM, corrected, 1,000 pp.; TM, AN, 700 pp.
  • Lawrence, T.E. Notes.

Box 49-51

  • Lawrence of Arabia; A Triumph.

Box 51.1-51.2*

  • Lawrence of Arabia; A Triumph. Research materials.

Box 52

  • Lawrence of Arabia; A Triumph.
  • Lawrence of Clouds Hill. {A radio play?} TMc
  • Lazarus. Dance proposal. TMc, 3 ll., TMc setting description incomplete
  • Leonardo. (Garden City: Doubleday, 1978).
  • TM, complete, extensively corrected by Robert Payne, with editor's and copy editor's notations; setting copy. 629 ll.
  • Autograph notebooks, 500 pp.; galleys with notes, 300 pp.
  • TMc, acknowledgement, bibliography, chapter notes, holograph and typed notes
  • The Flight of the Great Bird: The Life of Leonardo Da Vinci. Electrostatic copy of typescript title page and two page outline "About the Book." This is an earlier title of the text published as Leonardo. 3 ll.
  • Flight of the Great Bird: The Life of Leonardo Da Vinci. Book illustrations.
  • The Flight of the Great Bird. {A proposal} TM
  • LaFarge, Henry A. Leonardo. TM, comments

Box 53-54

  • Leonardo.

Box 55

  • Leonardo.
  • #Leonidas. {A short story} World Review, pp. 18-30, n.d. {The year 1939 inserted at end by Robert Payne.}
  • The Leopard. TM, fr. and notes
  • #Pasternak, Boris. Letters to Georgian Friends. (NY: Harcourt, Brace & World, 1968) Book review.
  • A Library of Books on Revolution. Series proposal. TM, 2 ll.
  • The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler. (NY: Praeger, 1973). TM, corrected; Promotional pamphlet and Book jacket proof.

Box 56-59

  • The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler.

Box 59.1*

  • The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler. Research materials: newspaper photocopies.

Box 60

  • The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler.
  • Life and Death of Buddha. {The Lord Comes: A Novel on the Life of Buddha. (London: Heinemann, 1948) TM, corrected, TMc book proposal

Box 61

  • The Life and Death of Lenin. TMc, incomplete; Notes
  • The Life and Death of Mahatma Gandhi. (NY: Dutton, 1969). GP, corrected.
  • The Murderers. (A chapter from The Life and Death of Mahatma Gandhi.) GP.

Box 62-63

  • The Life and Death of Mahatma Gandhi.

Box 64

  • The Life and Death of Trotsky. (NY: McGraw-Hill, 1977).
  • TMc of the text, Select Bibliography and Chapter Notes, with some holograph corrections by Robert Payne. 635 ll.
  • TM, text, with corrections by Robert Payne. 2 ll.
  • Original and TMc chapter headings. 2 ll.
  • TM with notes, 600 pp.; 3 printed pamphlets.
  • Research notes.
  • Notebook

Box 65

  • The Life and Death of Trotsky.

Box 66

  • The Life and Death of Trotsky.
  • The Life, Death and Mystery of the Lord Buddha. TM, complete? Research notes. Proposal laid in: In the Footsteps of Buddha. TMc, 2 ll. 2 folders.
  • Limelight. TMc, incomplete
  • {Little Boys and a Yeti.} TM, incomplete
  • The Little Wax Dolls. TM with corrections; TMc
  • The Looters. Film proposal. TMc, 4 ll. 2 cops., TMc, fr.

Box 67

  • *The Lord Jesus. The Cross. Pr.Pg., pp. 269-283
  • Lorenzo the Magnificent. TM, corrected.
  • Lorrilard. Notes
  • Love Stories from the Bible. TM, corrected.

Box 68

  • Love Stories from the Bible.
  • Love Stories. TM, corrected.
  • Love and Peace. TM. Includes: The Holy Mountain, being the third volume of the novel Love and Peace. (Abandoned version of The Palace in Peking?)
  • Love and Other Stories. By Olesha, IUrii Karlovich, 1889-1960. (By Olyesha, Yuri.) Translated from the Russian by Robert Payne. TMc, 85 ll.; *Introduction. Pr.Pg., pp. ix-xxiii.
  • The Lovers.(London: Heinemann, 1951). TM, corrected.

Box 69

  • Maharajah. (London: Heinemann, 1953)} TM, corrected.; TMc, corrected
  • #Maiakovsky, Vladimir. Vladimir Mayakovsky. A Tragedy {?} Vladimir Mayakovsky. Pr.Pg., pp. 1-18. [not located; should it be with mss?]
  • A Man Called Tyger. TMc, 221 ll.
  • #Mss. fr. TMc. Signed "A Man without a Spleen." (Titles include: The Collection, Orders, Quarrelled, A Case.) [should this be here?]
  • Mandelstam. TMc, corrected
  • Manifesto for a New Theatre in an Apocalyptic Age. TMc, 2 ll.
  • Mao Tse-tung. (NY: Weybright and Talley, 1969).
  • Notes
  • Published paperback edition pages pasted onto 8 1/2" x 11" sheets, with a few holograph corrections by Robert Payne, some editorial queries, and copy editor's notes. 294 ll.
  • TM. 49 ll.
  • Revision
  • *Research Materials
  • *Book illustrations.
  • The Forerunners, chapter or excerpt from Mao Tse-tung. GP, corrected.
  • The Forerunners. TM, incomplete

Box 69.1

  • Mao Tse-tung.

Box 70

  • Mardi Gras. TMc, TM incomplete
  • The Marshall Story; A Biography of General George C. Marshall. GP#Marx. (NY: Simon and Schuster, 1968). TM, AN, 1000 pp. [filed with Unknown Karl Marx, a different title? same for item below?, book jacket
  • Marx, Karl. Film notes
  • Mary Mother of God. {A film proposal} TMc; TMc, 5 ll.
  • Massacre. (NY: Macmillan, 1973).
  • TLS, 1973 April 9, Macmillan transmittal to Robert Payne. 1 l.
  • TM, preliminary pages and text, corrected by Robert Payne, editorial notes, setting copy. 234 ll.
  • Onionskin title page layout/design. 3 ll.
  • TM, corrected.
  • Research, Notes
  • TMc, incomplete. {Text includes discussion of Bangladesh}
  • GP, notes, research

Box 71

  • Massacre.
  • {Mayan Poetry} TM, fr
  • McTeague {A screenplay} (Also called Trina, or The Whirling Sands! TM, corrected.

Box 72

  • Memorial for Jed Harris. TM, TMc
  • The Memory of David. A comedy. Characters include: Boris, Manda, Oliver, Judith. TMc, corrected.
  • Men of Greece. (A play) TMc, incomplete
  • Method of Translation, TMcThe Mississippi. Book proposal. Alternate versions. TMc, 6 ll.
  • The Mortician. TM, notes, research

Box 73

  • The Mosaics of Greece. (A book proposal) TMc
  • The Mountains and the Stars. TMc
  • Introduction. TM, incomplete
  • #The Mourners. {A play} TMc, TMC scene description incomplete
  • *The Mourners. "David goes to war, is reported dead, his mother prepares an elaborate wake, and he returns to blow it to smithereens." Film proposal. TMc, 3 pp. [not located; was with Notes for five plays; if located, is this the same as 'A Play' above?]
  • My Life as an Unsuccessful Assassin. TM
  • The Myth of Time. {A summary} TMc
  • {Napoleon at Sedan} Notes, research
  • The Need for Experts. TMC, incomplete
  • Nefertiti. "A play in verse on the fall of Nefertiti and Akhnaten." Characters include: Amenophis, Ramose, and Ikhnaton. TM; TM, incomplete.; TM, TMc, fr.; TM fr.

Box 73.1

  • New Frontiers in Archaeology. {A book proposal} TMc; AN, 1 l.; TMc, 2 ll.
  • New Poems. TMc, AMs
  • The New Russian Library. TM, 3 ll. (series)
  • New York. TMc, fr.
  • Ninth Elegy. TMc, incomplete
  • The Nomad Boy. {A novella} TM; TMc, fr. chapter; Pr.Pg., n.p., n.p., n.d., pp. 91-148.
  • #A Note of Some Stories by Boris Pasternak. TMc
  • A Note on Two Poems by Mao Tse-tung. TMc
  • Nova Scotia. Book proposal. TMc, 3 ll.
  • O Keep My Memory Green. TM, corrected and notes.

Box 74

  • O Pioneers. {A screenplay} TM, corrected and notes.
  • O Western Wind. The Story of English Poetry. TMc, 4 ll.
  • The Old Servant. (A Play). TMc
  • The Olive Branch. TMc
  • {Olympics essay} TM, incomplete
  • On Ivan Morris. {A memoir} TM, incomplete, 3 ll.
  • On Muriel. {A memoir of Muriel Rukeyser} TMc, 17 ll.
  • On Seeing One's First Play Produced. TMc
  • On the Prose of T.E. Lawrence. TMc, TMsc incomplete
  • Open the Gates. {A musical} Libretto. 1951.
  • Opium. TMc, incomplete
  • The Orient. TM, TMc, incomplete; TMc fr.; research, notebooks

Box 75

  • The Orient.

Box 76

  • The Orient.
  • The Palace in Peking. TM and TM, corrected, 1000 pp.
  • The Great Wall of China. Rejects. TM, TMc
  • The Palace in Peking. {Working title: The Great Wall of China.} TM, corrected, Notes, Research Materials, Photographs; TMc, corrected, 1000 pp. TM, uncut version; TM, cut version.
  • TM, TMc; mimeo, TMc, 1000 pp.; TM, 400 pp.; typed revisions.
  • Love and Peace. TM. Includes: The Holy Mountain, being the third volume of the novel Love and Peace. (Abandoned version of The Palace in Peking?)

Box 77-84

  • The Palace in Peking.

Box 85

  • The Palace in Peking.
  • {Pasternak} TMc, clippings
  • Peace of Body. Research notes. 2 folders.
  • Peking Elegies. (NY: Blue Dolphin Press, 1978). TM, corrected and notes; TM, incomplete; GP; TMc, 39 ll.; PP.
  • Peking: The Splendour and the Glory. {A book proposal} TMc
  • Pershing Square. {A screenplay} TM
  • A Play of the Lord Buddha. TMc
  • The Play of the Lord Buddha. TM, 11 pp.; TMc, 44 pp. First scene proposal.
  • A Play set in Moscow. TMc, fr.
  • Poem for a Doctor. TMc, fr.
  • Pope--Poetic Consciousness. TMc fr., corrected
  • #The Portable Chinese Reader. Book proposal. {Did this become The White Pony?} TM, 4 ll.
  • Portrait of André Malraux. (Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1970).
  • TNS, 1970 Oct. 26, Prentice-Hall to Robert Payne transmitting Mss. 1 l.
  • TM, extensively revised by Robert Payne, editorial and copy editor's notes, setting copy. 661 ll.
  • 400 pp.
  • Editorial Queries, French reviews, photo, Notebooks, Notes, Research, TM, AN
  • #Sketchbooks with page layouts for The Fortress, Portrait of André Malraux

Box 86- 87

  • Portrait of André Malraux.

Box 88

  • Portrait of André Malraux.
  • A Portrait of Lost Tibet. By Tung, Rosemary Jones. Introduction by Robert Payne. TMc, 2 ll. Arensberg, Susan H., Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 2 TLS, 1980.
  • Portraits. Notes, research, TMc proposal
  • The Power of Legends. TMc
  • Preliminary Notes on a Film on the Life of Serge Lifar. TMc, 6 ll.
  • The President. Notes, research
  • The Princess of Crete.

Box 89

  • The Publisher. TM, 600 pp.; 300 news clippings.

Box 90

  • The Publisher.

Box 91

  • The Publisher.
  • Pushkin and Gogol. (A book proposal)
  • A Rage for China. (NY: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1977).
  • TMc, 1977 April 7, from Kathy Haas to Don Hutter, CBS, re Mss. 1 l.
  • Robert Payne holograph notes. 2 ll.
  • Typescript carbon, with minor holographic notes. 295 ll.
  • Original artwork {i.e., illustrations}
  • Book illustrations.
  • Rejects. TM
  • Index. TMc
  • #Silverberg, Robert. The Realm of Prester John. A book review. TMc [review by Robert Payne?]
  • The Red Trousers. TMc story description
  • Ricefield. The Virginia Quarterly Review, p.568-572, n.d.

Box 92

  • The Red Bull. {A story} TM, 8 ll.
  • The Red Mountain. TMc, 20 ll.; Harper's Magazine, p.77-83, n.d.
  • Red Trousers. (A film proposal) TMc
  • Reflections on a Naked Woman. TM, corrected, notes, research

Box 93

  • Reflections on a Naked Woman.
  • The Revolt of Africa. (Book Proposal) TMs
  • The Rise and Fall of Stalin.
  • TMc
  • Typesetting instructions to Liam Dunne, R.D. Milford, N.J. TM, corrected
  • Research
  • The Roaring Boys. TMs,1 l; TMsc, 1 l.
  • The Roaring Boys. Film proposal. {About William Shakespeare} TMc, 7 ll.
  • #Robert Payne and Peter Payne. {A radio broadcast} TMc
  • #Ambros, M.V. Robert Payne and Peter Payne. Text in Czech. TMc [Not by Robert Payne]
  • The Roman Triumph. (A story description) TMc
  • The Romanoffs. Book proposal. TMc, corrected, 7 ll.
  • The Rose Tree. TM, corrected
  • The Royal House: A Story. TM

Box 93.1

  • The Russian Library.

Box 93.2

  • Russian Poetry. TM, fr., photocopies
  • The Saint. TM, 7 ll.
  • Salute to Cameramen. TM, corrected and notes.
  • The Savage. TM, 9 ll.
  • A School for Maidens. TMc, incomplete
  • A Season in Hell. A Play on the life of {Arthur} Rimbaud.
  • Theater program and poster.
  • TM, corrected and notes.
  • #Rimbaud rejects. Research notes. {For A Season in Hell?}

Box 94

  • A Season in Hell.

Box 95

  • A Season in Hell.
  • Serge de Diaghilev and the Russian Ballet. Television proposal. TMc, 2 ll.
  • *Sesshu. TMc fr., research
  • #Grosvenor, Charles. The Seven Pillars. {A Screenplay}
  • The Seven-Colored Cloud. TM, 3 ll.
  • The Shadow on the Rock. Includes: The Red Rock. The Literary Review, p.486-497, n.d.; and, Who Will Die For Me? Five Chinese Volunteered; Six Died. Pr.Pg, n.p., p.99-103.
  • The Shining Seas. Includes notes on Hurricane. Notebook.
  • Shrimp Girls. Title page. TM
  • A screenplay about a gang. TM fr. (Characters include Rocco, Lewkowsky)
  • The Shrimp Girls. TM
  • #Pasternak, Boris Leonidovich. Sister, My Life. Photocopy, with reviews.
  • The Sleep of Men. (A story) TMc fr.
  • The Smile. Pr.Pg., pp. 70-81.
  • Smiling Goddesses: The Treasures of the Museum of the Acropolis. TM, photographs, TMsc, incomplete
  • *Smoke. Life And Death In a Chinese Hut. {A short story} Pr.Pg, n.p., January 1948, p.43-51, corrected. 2 variant copies.
  • #Smoke. Published as: Smoke. Life And Death In a Chinese Hut. TMc, 9 ll.; TM, 13 ll.; n.p., January 1948, p.43-51. [duplicates?]
  • The Snow-White Mountains. {A play} TMc
  • So Strange A Time. TM
  • #Brennan, Norman. Some Critical Notes on the Condon Report. {Relates to Unidentified Flying Objects} TMc, 18 ll.
  • Some Notes on a Film About Marx. TMc
  • Some Projects for Television. TMc
  • *Song for the Blade of Grass. Lee Dai-keong. AMusMs, 24 pp.
  • The Song of the Lord Buddha. TMc
  • #Song of the Lord Buddha. {A musical} TM, TMc

Box 95.1*

  • Songs from the Rose Tree. AMusMs

Box 96

  • *Oettinger, Alan. Songs from the Chinese. Po Chu-I. Translated by Robert Payne. AMusMsc 10 ll.
  • The Sorcerer. (A play) TM, fr.
  • The Splendor of America. {A book proposal} TM, notes, research; TMc, 1 l.; Research
  • *The Splendor of America. TMc, 3 ll.
  • The Splendor of China. Book proposal, incomplete. TMc
  • The Splendor of Greece. Delos. Pr.Pg., pp. 55-72. A Journey to Beidha. Pr.Pg, p. 76-82. Wadi Rumm and the Divine Presences. Pr.Pg., pp. 83-92.
  • The Splendor of India. {A book proposal} TMc; {a film proposal} TM, TMc
  • The Splendor of India. (A film proposal)
  • The Splendor of the Holy Land--Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon. (NY: Harper & Row, 1976).
  • TM, complete, corrected by Robert Payne, setting copy. 401 ll.
  • Rejects. TM, TMc
  • 300 pp.; galleys with corrections and notes, 300 pp.
  • Notes, research, clippings

Box 97

  • The Splendor of the Holy Land--Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon.

Box 98

  • The Splendor of the Holy Land--Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon.
  • The Splendor of France. Notes, research
  • The Splendor of Italy. (Book proposal). TMc
  • The Stones of Jerusalem. TM, 47 pp.
  • The Stories of Pasternak.
  • The Story of Albert Schweitzer. {A film treatment} TMc
  • The Story of the Schliemann Letters. TM
  • The Strange Silences of Mao Tse-Tung. TM, 2 ll.; TMc, 2 ll.
  • The Stranger. TM, corrected, AN, 600 pp., TMc, incomplete

Box 99

  • The Stranger.
  • A Suit of Armour. TM, fr, TMc, incomplete
  • Sumer (Poem) AM
  • Sun Yat Sen, A Portrait. (Synopsis) TM
  • *The Sun will Rise. A play in 2 acts. TMc
  • The Sunken Boat. TMc, 31 ll. Pr.Pg., Story Magazine ?, pp. 71-85.
  • The Sunny Night. {A book proposal} TM, TMc, TM, fr. Introduction
  • Sunrise. {A play} TMc
  • A Survey of Asia. Book proposal. TMc, 2 ll.
  • #A Survey of Chinese Art. TMc, 3 ll. Lim, Lucy: A Survey of Chinese Art. TM, 3 ll. In: The Chinese Way folder.; TMc, 3 ll. [duplicates?]
  • A Survey of Indian Art. {A book proposal} TMc; Notes, research

Box 100

  • A Survey of Indian Art.
  • The Taj Mahal. (A film proposal) TMc
  • #Pilnyak, Boris. The Tale of the Unextinguished Moon and Other Stories.{?} Boris Pilnyak. Pr.Pg., ix-xviii. [not located; an RP mss?]
  • #Tea Ceremony.TM, corrected; TMc; TM and AN. [does this title include a proposal as well as a mss?
  • Tea Ceremony. Play proposal. TMc, 3 ll.
  • Tea Ceremony. Notes
  • Terminus (A play in five acts) TMc, fr
  • Tessa. TM, TMc, Notes

Box 101

  • Tessa.

Box 101.1

  • Tessa.
  • Testament of Peace. Revised edition. TMc
  • Thais. {A play} TMc fr.
  • Three Songs for Central Park. {A film proposal?} TMc
  • The Three Worlds of Albert Schweitzer. Publisher's reader's review under the title Schweitzer, Hero of Africa. TM, 2 ll.
  • *The Three Worlds of Mahatma Gandhi. TM, 4 ll.
  • The Thunder Bird. A play in two acts. TMc fr.

Box 101.2

  • Time. Research notes.

Box 102

  • The Tiger's Eye. An Anthology of Journals. TM, incomplete
  • Downing, Robert. A Tiger by the Tail. TMc, fr.
  • #McIntyre, C.F. The Tiger of Time, and Other Poems. Introduction. TMc [Intro by RP?]
  • Tiger, Tiger.{A screenplay} TMc
  • The Titans: A Study of the Last Poems of F. Hölderlin.
  • To What Red Hell? By Richard Cargoe {pseud}. TM, corrected; TM, corrected, incomplete {rejected pages included?}

Box 103

  • To What Red Hell?
  • The Tormentors. Danish translation. TM, 71 ll.
  • The Tortured and the Damned: A Novel. (NY: Horizon Press, 1977).
  • Electrostatic copy of original typescript. 28 ll.
  • TMc. 97 ll. (These 125 leaves represent pp. 3-81 of the published text.)
  • TMc, corrected by Robert Payne. 253 ll. (These 253 leaves represent pp. 266-427 of the published text.)
  • Electrostatic copy of galley proofs with holograph corrections by Robert Payne on the original galleys. 102 ll. (These 102 leaves represent pp. 43-427 of the published text.)
  • TM fr., AN
  • #{Package}
  • TM fr., corrected; Research materials
  • Reviews, notes, research, serialization

Box 104-105.2*

  • The Tortured and the Damned: A Novel.

Box 106

  • The Tortured and the Damned: A Novel.
  • The Tower. {A story} TM, TMc, 47 ll. 2 folders.
  • The Tower of Doves. TMc, 2 ll.
  • Tragic Suicide at Sydenham. TMc
  • #The Trial, TM and AN. [related to 'trials' below?]
  • The Trial and Subsequent Auto-Destruction of the Late Lamented President. A story. TMc
  • Trial of Joan of Arc.TM, AN
  • The Trial of Judge Elder. TM, corrected; TMc

Box 107

  • The Trial of Judge Elder.
  • Triumph of Power. TMc
  • The Truce. TM, 4 ll.
  • #Trumpet in the Night. {A screenplay} TM [Not located. Are 'trumpets' related?]
  • #Trumpet in the Night. (London: R. Hale, {1961}). TM, corrected and galleys, 500 pp.
  • #Trumpet in the Night. "This is the story of Rocco Hernandez, half Italian, half Puerto-Rican, who lived in Harlem, New York." Proposal. TMc, 2 ll. TMc, 219 ll.

Box 108

  • #Trumpet in the Night.
  • The Tunnel. Film proposal. Earlier title: Zone of Silence. TM
  • Two Arabic Tales. TM, TMc

Box 109

  • Two Worlds. {Set on the river Salzach. A translation.} AMs, corrected, 10 ll. TMc, 7 ll.
  • William Tyndale, 1493-1536. Being a brief outline for a television play which may be the first of a series on The Making of the Bible. Television proposal. Characters include: Bishop, Tonstall, More. TMc, 16 ll.; TMc
  • #Gogol, N. The Unearthly Revenge. Working TM with corrections and notes. [RP mss?]

Box 110

  • The Unknown Karl Marx: Documents Concerning Karl Marx. Edited with an introduction by Robert Payne (NY: New York University Press, 1971).
  • TM, corrected by Robert Payne, copy editor's notes. 195 ll.
  • Electrostatic copy of previously published texts and documents, with Robert Payne's holograph notations and copy editor's notes. 162 ll.
  • Pat's notes {i.e., Ellsworth, Patricia}
  • #The Son of Karl Marx. TM, 3 ll. See also: Dear, Faithful Lenchen.
  • The Unknown Karl Marx: Documents Concerning Karl Marx.
  • #Vance's China Visit. McNeill/Lehrer Report. Pr.Pg.

Box 111

  • Vermeer. Book proposal. TM, 2 ll.; TMc, 2 ll.
  • Virginia. {A play} TM, TMc fr., notes
  • #Hölderlin, Friedrich. The Visionary Poems of Friedrich Hölderlin. TMc, 26 ll. Last Poems. Translated by Robert Payne. TMc. The Titans. TMc
  • #Maiakovsky, Vladimir. Vladimir Mayakovsky. A Tragedy {?} Vladimir Mayakovsky. Pr.Pg., pp. 1-18. [RP mss?]
  • The Voice of Pasternak. TMc
  • A Walk in the Park. Film proposal, variant versions. "An Actress, studying for a role in a Shakespeare play, wanders happily through Central Park, is picked up by a man, loses him, goes on the roundabouts, is nearly raped, and finally arrives at her rehearsal." TMc, 4 ll.; TM, 4 ll.
  • Wanderers. TM (incomplete)
  • The Wanton Nymph. TMs, corrected, 2 ll.
  • The Western Wind. TMc
  • #McIntyre, C.F., translator. The White Falcon. TM, corrected [RP mss?]
  • The White Kingdom. {A play} TM; TM fr.
  • The White Mountains. {A play} TM
  • The White Rajahs of Sarawak. Book proposal. TMc; research clippings; Research notes
  • #The White Village. {A story} TM, TMc, 4 ll. [check if in place]
  • *Who Will Die For Me? Five Chinese Volunteered; Six Died. {A short story} Pr.Pg, n.p., p.99-103.
  • *The Wide Shining World. Book proposal. TMc, 3 ll.
  • The Wild Bulls Leaping. {A play} TMc
  • *The Windmill. {A short story} Pr.Pg, n.p., n.p., n.d., pp. 96-124.
  • The Wine Feast. (Synopsis) TMc, incomplete
  • The Woman. (Synopsis). TM
  • The Wooden Doll. Film proposal. "This is an outline for a screenplay Marta Mitrovich and Karl Malden. Exteriors can be shot in Yugoslavia, but the greater part of the interiors can be shot here." TMc, 7 ll.
  • The World of Art. (NY: Doubleday, 1972).
  • TM, heavily corrected, 900 pp.
  • TM, GP corrected, Notes.
  • Book illustrations.
  • "Some Preliminary Observations." TM, 3 ll.

Box 112

  • The World of Art.

Box 113

  • The World of Art.
  • World's Best Diaries. TM, GP, TM incomplete, TMc proposal
  • The World's Best Diaries. TM, 3 ll. (series)

Box 114

  • The World of Translation. GP, corrected
  • A Wreath for Socrates. {A story} TMc, 15 ll.; Photocopy, n.p. p.20-26.
  • The Yellow Cat. TMc
  • Yoshiwara. Notes
  • The Young Actresses. TM, TMc, Notes, research
  • The Young Dancers. (A film proposal). TM, fr.
  • The Young Emperor. {A musical} TMc outline

Box 115

  • Yuri Olyesha. TM, TMc, fr., notes

Series 2: Forewords, Introductions, & Series Editing

Box 1: Unlisted

Series 3: Magazine Articles

Box 1: Unlisted

Series 4: Research Materials

Box 1: Notes and research

Series 5: Reviews

Box 1

  • Scrapbook compiled by Payne, Alan
  • Clipping Service tabs and Unidentified clippings
  • Alexander and the god. NY, 1954. Alexander and the camp follower. Abridged. London, 1961
  • Ancient Greece: the triumph of culture. Norton, 1964.The Triumph of the Greeks. London, 1964.
  • Ancient Rome.
  • The Barbarian and the Geisha.
  • The Bear coughs at the North Pole.
  • Blood royal. 1952. The Emperor. London, 1953.
  • Brave harvest. NY, 1954. Harvest. London, 1955.
  • The Canal builders.
  • Caravaggio.
  • The Chieftain
  • China awake.
  • Chinese diaries.
  • Chinese solders and other stories.
  • The Christian centuries.
  • Chungking diary. Heinemann, 1945. Forever China. Dodd, Mead, 1945.
  • The Civil War in Spain.
  • Concord Bridge.
  • The Corrupt society.
  • David and Anna.
  • The Deluge
  • Dostoyevsky: a human portrait
  • Eyewitness: a Personal account of a tumultuous decade
  • Fathers of the Western church
  • The Fortress

Box 2

  • Gershwin
  • The Gold of Troy
  • The Great God Pan. NY.
  • The Great Charlie.
  • The Great Man: A portrait of Winston Churchill
  • The Great Mogul
  • The Great Garbo
  • The Holy Fire
  • The Holy Sword: The story of Islam.
  • A House in Peking. NY, 1956. Red Jade. London, 1957.

Box 3

  • The Images of Chekhov. Translated.
  • The Island
  • The Isles of Greece
  • Ivan the Terrible
  • Jeanie (film)
  • Journey to Persia
  • Lawrence of Arabia
  • Leonardo
  • The Life and death of Adolf Hitler (see below)
  • The Life and death of Lenin

Box 4

  • The Life and death of Mahatma Gandhi
  • The Life and death of Leon Trotsky
  • The Lion roars
  • The Lord Jesus
  • Lost Treasures of the Mediterranean World
  • Love and Peace. Torrent of Spring
  • Maharajah
  • Mao Tse-tung, ruler of Red China. NY, 1950. Portrait of a Revolutionary, Mao Tse-tung. London, NY 1961

Box 5

  • The Marshall story. NY. General Marshall. London
  • Marx
  • Massacre
  • Mexico City
  • O Western Wind
  • Open the gates (opera)
  • A Portrait of André Malraux
  • A Rage for China
  • Red Lion Inn
  • Red Storm over Asia

Box 6

  • Report on America
  • The Revolt of Asia
  • The Rise and fall of Stalin
  • The Roaring boys. NY, 1955. The Royal players. London, 1956.
  • The Roman triumph
  • The Rose Tree
  • The Shepherd
  • Singapore River
  • The Splendors of Asia
  • The Splendours of Byzantium
  • The Splendour of France
  • The Splendor of Greece
  • The Splendor of the Holy Land
  • The Splendor of Israel
  • the Splendor of Persia
  • Sun, Stones, and Silence

Box 7

  • The Terrorists
  • The three worlds of Boris Pasternak
  • The Three worlds of Albert Schweitzer. 1957. Schweitzer, hero of Africa. London, 1958.
  • The tormentors
  • Trumpet in the night.
  • The wanton nymph, 1951. Hubris. 1960
  • The white pony.
  • The white Rajahs of Sarawak
  • The world of art
  • The young emperor
  • A young man looks at Europe
  • Zero

Box 8*

  • The Life and death of Adolf Hitler.

Box 9

  • Reviews to be interfiled.

Series 6: Manuscript Fragments

Box 1-9: Manuscript fragments

Series 7: Published Poems

Box 1

  • A song for China. The Listener, August 13, 1942, v. XXVIII, no. 709.
  • A Chinese soldier speaks of death. The Listener, December 6, 1945, v. XXXIV, no. 882.
  • New York: a prophecy. Vineyard Gazette, Martha's Vineyard, Friday, September 16, 1975. Part of a biographical article: Meras, Phyllis: Robert Payne looks toward poetry and Chinese art. Page One-A.
  • The light of the eye. For Hugh Kuhn. November 1959. Printed broadside. 1 p.

Box 2-5: Notes and research

Box 6

  • Muller, ? The Story of the Schlieman Letters. TMsS, 2 ll. {The Gold of Troy.}
  • Bermuda research materials.