Robert Payne Collection
Manuscript Collection 293

Series Outline

Subgroup I: Writings

Series 1. Manuscripts
Series 2: Forewords, Introductions, and Series Editing
Series 3: Magazine Articles
Series 4: Research Materials
Series 5: Reviews
Series 6: Manuscript Fragments
Series 7: Published Poems

Subgroup II: Correspondence

Series 1: Literary Correspondence by Title
Series 2: Literary Correspondence by Publisher

Series 3: Other Correspondence
Subseries A. Literary and Personal Correspondence by Name
Subseries B. Miscellaneous Correspondence
Subseries C. Apartment Correspondence
Subseries D. Miscellaneous letters to others

Series 4: Family Correspondence
Subseries A. Robert Payne's letters to his parents, 1934-1972
Subseries B. Stephen Payne's letters to Robert Payne, 1947-1972
Subseries C. Mireille Dorey Payne's letters to Robert Payne
Subseries D. Correspondence with other relatives

Subgroup III. PEN American Center and Columbia University Translation Center

Series 1: Correspondence
Series 2: Organizational Materials
Series 3: Translation Committee Materials and Translated Material

Subgroup IV: Biography

Subgroup V: Family

Subgroup VI. Audio-Visual Materials

Series 1. Photographs
Subseries A. Illustrations for books
Subseries B. Personal and Family
Series 2: Audio-tapes and moving-picture film

Subgroup VII: Artifacts and Memorabilia

Subgroup VIII: Manuscripts by Other Authors

Series 1: Novels, plays, poems, and other creative works of art intended for publication
Series 2. Diaries, notes, and other creative materials not intended for publication