Robert Payne Collection

Manuscript Collection 293

Subgroup IV: Biography

Box 1:

Box 2: Notebooks

Box 3: Calendars

Box 4: Calendars

Box 5: Financial endeavors

Box 6:
Apartment 2 West 67th Street, Apt. 9B
The Baltimore Teachers Agency applications
Business cards
Certificate of Appreciation, University of Texas
Certificate of Naturalization
Financial, including taxes
Physician's Statement of Examination for Application for Marriage Licence, December 18, 1957
Receipts, financial materials
School reports, degrees awarded
Last will and testament

Box 7: School notebooks

Box 8: School notebooks

Box 9: Montage. Alabama College, Montevallo. Yearbook. 1949, 1950, 1951.

Box 10: Miscellaneous documents

Box 11*: Marriage certificate of Payne, Robert and Payne, Rose (Hsiung)