Mary Laird Hamady Collection
Manuscript Collection 312

Collection Description

Papers, 1970-1988.
2 cubic ft.
Organization: Arranged in chronological order within series.
Author, poet. Former co-proprietor of The Perishable Press Ltd.
Recipes, manuscripts, correspondence, photographs and drawings, contracts, and publicity materials relating to the publication of the book Lebanese Mountain Cookery. (Boston: Godine, 1987.)

Series Description

Series 1: Manuscript Materials
Includes unused recipes, drafts of the cookbook and recipe books from the Hamady family used in the development of Lebanese Mountain Cookery.

Series 2: Correspondence
Includes correspondence about Lebanese Mountain Cookery. Letters are both to and from Mary Laird Hamady. Correspondents include family and friends who contributed recipes, David Godine Publishers and others involved in the editing of Lebanese Mountain Cookery.

Series 3: Other Related Materials
Includes publicity materials, clipping and reviews, the contract from Godine Publishing, photographs and drawings, materials used in editing Lebanese Mountain Cookery and the list of bookstores carrying the book. Also includes a tape with the interview between Mary Laird Hamady and Jean Feraca of Wisconsin Public Radio, 12 November 1987.

Box 1

Lebanese Mountain Cookery
First Draft, TMs corrected with AN notes
Recipes, TMs corrected
Green book of recipes, AN
Additional recipes, TMs and AN notes
Situ Yumna's cookbook, TMs original draft and TMsc

Box 2

Lebanese Mountain Cookery
TMs early draft
TMs early draft, corrected

Box 3

Lebanese Mountain Cookery
TMs, corrected
TMsc, corrected

Box 4

Lebanese Mountain Cookery
TMs, corrected
Corrections and edits
Corrections and revisions
Incoming correspondence
Outgoing correspondence
Miscellaneous correspondence

Box 5

Lebanese Mountain Cookery
TMs corrected, TMsc, AN notes and corrections
TMs, TMsc corrected, AN notes, revisions and corrections
TMs and TMsc, corrected
TMs, TMsc corrected, revisions, corrections and comments
Publicity materials
Photographs and negatives
Drawings by Beal, Jack
Publishing contract, copy