Keppler Family Collection
Manuscript Collection 331

Photographic and scrapbook collection of poltical cartoonist Joseph Keppler and family.
8 cubic ft.
Gift of Mr. Leighton Coleman, III.


Joseph Keppler (1838-1894), the renowned political cartoonist, contributed greatly to American culture through his energetic and unique outlook on current American issues. As founder of Puck magazine, Mr. Keppler's viewpoints and humor crept into the hearts and homes of many Americans during the early twentieth century. Puck magazine was heavily political in nature and was popularized by the cartoons and caricatures drawn by Mr. Keppler and his staff on a weekly basis.

Joseph Keppler's political influence derived from his work, namely with Presidents Grant and Cleveland. His caricatures had a significant impact on societies' opinions of American government at the time. Mr. Keppler's illustrations conveyed current events in a light-hearted and easy to grasp manner, therefore appealing to a wide-ranging public. Interestingly, Mr. Keppler's work for Puck featured some of the first instances of color implementation in cartoons ever done.

The Keppler Family Collection was gifted to the Department of Special Collections by Mr. Leighton Coleman, III in 1999.

Scope and Content

The Collection contains many photographs of Mr. Keppler, his wife, Mrs. Pauline Keppler, his children, and extended family. The Keppler Collection also includes various photographs (interior and exterior views) of the Keppler family residence on East 79th Street, NY, NY. This home was renowned at its time for housing a multitude of antiques and artwork. Also included is a scrapbook that belonged to Mrs. Pauline Keppler, which contains correspondence between herself and an unknown artist. In addition to these letters, the scrapbook also holds photographs, newspaper clippings, menus, and playbills. This scrapbook is a truly captivating commentary, providing much insight into societal life of a woman living during the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Container Listing
Box 1
Family Photographs/Portraits

1. Family photographs

2. Mr. Keppler, 1897

3. Mrs. Keppler, mother of Mr. Keppler

4. Mrs. Pauline Keppler, wife

5. Miss Irma Joe Keppler, daughter

6. Miss Olga Keppler, daughter

Box 2
Keppler House, East 79th Street, NY, NY
Interior and Exterior views; family portraits; Mallinckrodt Convent Certificate


7. Family Portraits

8. Mrs. Keppler and daughter in woods (1 of 2)

9. Mrs. Keppler and daughter in woods (2 of 2)

10. Mallinckrodt Convent Certificate, addressed to Mrs. Keppler Kine

11. Keppler Family photographs (1 of 2)

12. Keppler Family photographs (2 of 2)

13. Keppler Residence, exterior

14. Keppler Residence, interior (1 of 2)

15. Keppler Residence, interior (2 of 2)

Box 3
Scrapbook of Mrs. Pauline Keppler (wife of Mr. Joseph Keppler)

Newspaper clippings (in English and German)
Illustrated envelopes of correspondence to Mrs. Pauline Keppler
Articles about Keppler residence on East 79th Street, NY, NY
Clippings (general)

Box 4

Oversized interior photographs of the Keppler Residence

Box 5

Cloth scrapbook holder 1 of 3 (flowered print)

Box 6

Cloth scrapbook holder 2 of 3 (floral print/purple ribbon)

Box 7

Cloth scrapbook holder 3 of 3 (olive material/rust colored velvet trim)