Muriel and Julian Kane Collection
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Papers of Mrs. Murial Kane and Mr. Julian Kane.
5.2 cubic ft.
Correspondence, memoranda, and research files concerning public library affairs and environmental concerns in Levittown and Great Neck, as well as other locations in Nassau County and Long Island, New York.
Processed by F. Berenice Baez-Revueltas; online finding aid by Kristen J. Nyitray, July 2006.


Mr. and Mrs. Kane are long-time community activists in Nassau County, New York. Mrs. Kane has been involved in public library affairs both in Levittown and in Great Neck. Mr. Kane became involved in zoning issues shortly after they moved to Levittown and continued after their move to Great Neck. They donated their papers to Stony Brook University in 1992.


Mrs. and Mrs. Kane moved to Levittown in the fall of 1952 and chose this location because it was within walking distance of the storefront library. Mrs. Kane became involved during the McCarthy era in opposing an early community petition to close the public library and transfer it to the schools, which was supposed "to save taxes," but which in effect would have been a form of censorship. Mrs. Kane was involved with the planning and construction of the Levittown Library in 1963. Shortly after its completion, the family moved to Great Neck, where Mrs. Kane also became involved in public library affairs and construction, chairing the building committee.

Mr. Kane, a micro-paleontologist and geologist by training, has published numerous papers in these fields, as well as in the areas of oceanography and environmental affairs. His career includes science administration in the fields of cancer research, atomic energy and he has taught earth sciences in public high schools and geology at Hofstra University. He also consults on local water issues. Early during their residence in Levittown, he became involved in zoning and planning and its effect on neighborhoods as a result of development and attempts at spot zoning.

Mr. and Mrs. Kane work jointly on many projects and their papers reflects this partnership.


Mr. and Mrs. Kane have transferred and set over to the Stony Brook Foundation, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation assisting in the development of the State University of New York at Stony Brook, all of their rights, title, and interest, including copyright interests and literary property rights to their papers. Access to the collection is unrestricted. When citing the collection, please credit it as follows: Murial and Julian Kane Collection, Special Collections Department, University Libraries, Stony Brook University.

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The original inventory was prepared by the donors and the appraiser. The collection was processed in July 2006 by the Special Collections Department. The series original order has been maintained where applicable and re-created in others to assist researchers more easily. The three series are: Levittown, Town of Hempstead, County of Nassau, Long Island; Levittown Public Library, Nassau Library System; and Long Island Environmental Activities.

Items housed in acidic or metal housings have been removed from these housings for preservation reasons and have been placed in acid free folders and containers. All metal fasteners have been removed and replaced in accordance with accepted archival standards of preservation.

Series 1. Levittown, Town of Hempstead, County of Nassau, Long Island

Box 1

Appleby Beach – Conservation (1960)
Civic Education (1962) (2 folders)
District 5 – Campaign (1962)
District 5 – Education (3 folders)
District 5 – Education (1961) (3 folders)
District 5 – Schools (1960) (2 folders)

Box 2

School Campaign (1957) (2 folders)
School Campaign (1958) (2 folders)
Education and Industry (1964)
Elections (1958-1961)
Hempstead Township – Civic Council (1958-1959)(2 folders)
Larkin and Leonard – Republicans (1959-1961) (2 folders)
Larkin, Edward (1959)
Levittown (1957)

Box 3

Levittown Council (1957-1967)
Levittown – Education (1962)
Levittown – Social Profile (1961)
LPOA (1958-1959) (3 folders)
LPOA (1957-1962)
LPOA (1960-1962)
LPOA – Zoning General (1958-1961) (2 folders)
Mid-Island – Plaza Taxes (1960-1961)
Miller, Ira (1959)
Nassau Planning Commission (1958-1959)
Prayer, Schools (1962) (2 folders)

Box 4

Sanitary Districts (1959)
School Literature Election (1959-1960)
School's Politics (1963)
Sitter’s Cooperative (1958-1959)
Taxpayer Committee (1959)
Traffic (1959)
Traffic (1961)
Youth (1955-1958) (2 folders)
Zoning (1958-1960) / See box 14 for map: Levittown Zoning Map
Zoning – Elsie and Henry Schwartz (1959)
Zoning – Gas Stations (1958)
Zoning – Hamlet Road (1958-1959)
Zoning – Professional (1959-1960)
Zoning – Ronald Lewis (1959)
Zoning – Suburbia (1954-1962)
Zoning – Ted S. Galdstone (1959)
Zoning – Wetlands (1961-1963)

Series 2. Levittown Public Library, Nassau Library System

Box 5

American Library Association (1958) (2 folders)
Levittown Public Library – Costs
Levittown Public Library – Friends of the Library
Levittown Public Library – Grievance Committee
Levittown Public Library – Kane
Levittown Public Library – Minutes, Budget Studies (1956)
Levittown Public Library – Minutes, Budget Studies (1957) (2 folders)
Levittown Public Library – Minutes, Budget Studies (1958) (2 folders)
Levittown Public Library – Minutes, Budget Studies (1959)
Levittown Public Library – Minutes, Budget Studies (1960)
Levittown Public Library – Minutes, Budget Studies (1961)
Levittown Public Library – Minutes, Budget Studies (1962)

Box 6

Levittown Public Library – Minutes, Budget Studies (1963)
Levittown Public Library – Policies and Bylaws
Levittown Public Library – Public Relations and Publicity
Levittown Public Library – Site and Building (3 folders)
Levittown Public Library – Survey (1958-1959) (2 folders)
Libraries – Freedom of Information
Libraries – Personnel, District Search, Salaries
Libraries – School District 26
Library Trustees Forum
Nassau Library System (2 folders)

Series 3. Long Island Environmental Activities

Box 7

Bonner Henry M: contour map of Land of Henry M Bonner (note: see Box 14 for map)
CAP Program (1984-1990)
Cross-Connection Controls (3 folders)
Environmental Impact Statement
Environmental Publications – American Scientist
Environmental Publications – The Conservationist (June-July, 1966) (Kane pp. 12-13)
Environmental Publications – Environmental Record
Environmental Publications – Micropaleontology (July, 1956)
Environmental Publications – The Micropaleontologist (July, 1953)
Environmental Publications – Miscellaneous
Environmental Publications – Models of Foraminifera (1950)
Environmental Publications – Natural History (March, 1967) (Kane pp. 22-27)
Environmental Publications – Natural History (Jan., 1969) (Kane pp.48-51)
Environmental Publications – Nature (Oct., 1969) (Kane p. 164)

Box 8

Environmental Publications –The 1969 Star Awards (Kane pp. 44-45)
Environmental Publications – Science Teacher (March, 1964) (Kane p.27)
Environmental Publications – Science Teacher (Feb., 1969) (Kane pp. 34-37)
Environmental Publications – Science Teacher (July, 1969) (Kane p.204)
Environmental Publications – Science Teacher (Feb., 1970) (Kane pp. 24-26)
Environmental Publications – Sea Frontiers (May-June, 1968) (Kane pp. 176-186)
Environmental Publications – Underwater Naturalist (July, 1977) (Kane pp. 10-13)
Garden City – Waterfile (1980-1989) (2 folders)
Great Neck North Water Authority
Groundwater Remediation (1979-1989) (folders 1-3 of 4)

Box 9

Groundwater Remediation (1979-1989) (folder 4 of 4)
Hydrology Zones (1982-1988)
Jamaica Water (1988)
Lloyd Aquifer (1980-1981) (note: see box 14 for map: Roosevelt Field Water Connections, Lloyd Aquifer)
Long Island Water Court Case (1988-1990) (folders 1-8 of 12)

Box 10

Long Island Water Court Case (1988-1990) (folders 9-12 of 12)
Mitchell Creek (1967-1970) (note: see box 14 for map: Great Neck)
Mitchell Creek (1971)
Mitchell Creek (1972)
Mitchell Creek (1973, 1977-1979)
Mitchell Creek (n.d.)

Box 11

Nassau County Department of Health Article X (2 folders)
Nassau – Hydrologic Zone Revision (1981-1983)
Nassau Sewer Study (2 folders) (note: see box 14 for map: Flood Hazard Areas)
National Air and Space Museum
PSC Reimbursements (1988-1989) (2 folders)
SLUDGE (180-1990) (2 folders)
SPDES Permit

Box 12

Special Ground Water Protection Areas (1984-1992)
Urey, Harold C.
Water Management Study (1975-1978) (5 folders)
Water Management Study (1979-1980) (1 of 3 folders)

Box 13

Water Management Study (1975-1978) (2 and 3 of 3 folders)
Water Management Study (1981-1982) (2 folders)
Wetlands (2 folders) (note: see box 14 for map: Stream Classifications)

Box 14

Map: Contour Map of Land of Henry Bonner
Map: Flood Hazard Areas
Map: Great Neck
Map: Levittown Zoning Map
Map: Roosevelt Field Water Connections, Lloyd Aquifer
Map: Stream Classification
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