Senator Jacob K. Javits Collection
Manuscript Collection 285

Microfilm Notes

This Appendix supplements information about Series 6, subseries 4 in the Series Guide and the Box List.

The following two titles are in the Special Collections Department Collection Files:
  • Automated Indexing System for Members and Officers of the United State Senate. Users Guide. Committee on Rules and Administration, Subcommittee on Computer Services. Second Edition, September 17, 1975. United States Senate. For official use only.
  • Microform System Characteristics and Potential Senate Applications. Prepared for the Subcommittee on Computer Services of the Committee on Rules and Administration, United States Senate. April 1975. Committee Print. 94th Congress, 1st Session. U.S. Government Printing Office, 1975. 51­065.
  • Small three­ring, loose­leaf notebook with codes and numbers, starting with the year 1978.

    The green three­ring binder contains photocopies of contents listing of various microfilm reels by year. To be checked out.

From handwritten notes by Mary Boccaccio:

"From a 1980 Daily History Report" (which is in the Javits Collection--Microfilm Collection Files.

1. To conform to the ten­digit Senate computer system, were four digits added at the beginning of each six­digit set? Is there a key to how these four digits were assigned?

2. a. Under topics discussion: some numbers, eg. 595, etc., re these computer form letters ...; is there a list of what those numbers/digits mean?

b. Others are prose topics, eg. U.S. Embassy, etc. Is there a list of these topics or a catalog?

3. Some of the ten­digit documents have the last two­digits conforming to your January 2, 1981 memo to Bob Locke on the CMS numbering system. Other numbers from this report appear to have a different set up--no apparent reference in the ten­digits to the CMS digits. How were these numbers set up? Apparently in reference to computer form correspondence number in "under topics discussed."

From a July 24, 1984 handwritten note by Mary Boccaccio:

  • Talked with Carl Jansson of the Senate Micrographics Studio. He says that all the microfilm was turned over to Lonnie Taylor, Senator Javits' Office Manager, and sent to Stony Brook.
  • Still unable to locate name and topic index reels for 1976, 1977, 1979, and 1980.