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Benjamin A. Javits

In Javits: The Autobiography of a Public Man, Jacob Javits acknowledges his indebtedness to his brother Ben. The chronology, based primarily on Who's Who in America, and bibliography provide information that may assist researchers in understanding the brothers' personal, philosphical, and political relationships.

  • 1894 Benjamin Abraham Javits born in New York City, October 21
  • 1909—1911 College of the City New York
  • 1911—1922 Various positions in selling, management, industrial reorganization, business counseling
  • 1918 Fordham University, LL.B.
  • 1922 Admitted to the New York bar
  • 1922-­1969 Practiced law in New York City and Washington, D.C. Counsel, member, Javits and Javits
  • 1926 Married Lily Birnbaum, February 12, 1926
  • 1926 Sponsored movement to amend anti-trust laws
  • 1928 Daughter Joan Ellen
  • 1929 Organized a national conference for national economic planning in Washington, D.C.
  • 1931 Son Eric M.
  • 1932 Filed petition in bankruptcy for American creditors of Kreuger and Toll affairs
  • 1933 Assisted in the drafting of the National Industrial Recovery Act
  • 1950 President, founder of United Shareowners of America, Inc.
  • 1969 Retired
  • 1973 Deceased
Mr. Javits was a co-founder of the Investors League, Inc., president and founder of the Board of Shareowners Educational Foundation, Inc., and president of the Fair Return League, Inc.

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  • How the Republicans Can Win in 1952. New York: Holt, [1952]
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  • The Manifesto of Freedom for Mankind, 1962. [Special Collections, map case; gift of Mr. Eric M. Javits, U.S. Permanent Representative to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, The Hague, the Netherlands]
  • Peace by Investment. New York: Funk & Wagnalls in Association with United Nations World, 1950. [Main HC59 .J3]
  • The Peace by Investment Corporation; To Build People—to—People Economic Relations. [By] Benjamin A. Javits and Leon H. Keyserling. [Washington: International Committee for Peace by Investment] 1961.
  • Proposed Amendments to the Federal Anti-Trust Laws: An Address. [New York? s.n., 1928?]
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  • The World Development Corporation: A Giant Peace and Prosperity Plan. By Benjamin A. Javits and Leon H. Keyserling. Washington, D.C.: The Authors, 1959.
Unidentified: We have been unable to identify the following titles bibliographically.
  • The Twelve Commandments of Investment Success. 1961. (Listed on a draft prepared by archival staff.)
Oral History Interviews
  • Columbia University's Oral History Research Office completed a Benjamin A. Javits Project. These interviews, and others, can be located by searching the Research Libraries Information Network's Archives and Manuscript Control files (RLIN AMC).