Environmental Defense Fund Archive
Manuscript Collection 232

Record Group 6: Boston Office [open for research with permission from EDF]
Alliance for Environmental Innovation Office: A Project of the Environmental Defense Fund and the Pew Charitable Trusts

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Total Length: 17 linear ft.
Physical formats: Paper, artifacts.


Transferred by EDF Boston in 2007.

Open for research with permission from EDF.

Scope and Content Note

The Boston Office emerged as the Alliance for Environmental Innovation Project Office, a project of Environmental Defense Fund and the Pew Charitable Trusts. Sub-group 6 contains records of EDF’s Corporate Partnerships Program, as well as the EDF Climate Program’s Diesel Pollution Reduction Project.

The records are broken down into eight series: The Alliance for Environmental Innovation Advisory Council; Corporate Partnerships Program-Company Profiles; Article Archives; Corporate Partnerships Program-Miscellaneous Projects and Research; Corporate Partnerships Program-McDonalds Project; Corporate Partnerships Program-Dell Corporation Project; Corporate Partnerships Program-Starbucks Coffee Company Project and Climate Program-Diesel Pollution Reduction Project.

Accessioned in 2007, these records span the years 1995-2005; they are open with permission of EDF and the Corporate Partnership Company where applicable.

Series Descriptions

Series 1: Alliance for Environmental Advisory Council 1996-2006 [3 linear ft]
Arrangement: Divided four sub-series: Alliance Documents, Meetings, Benefactors, and Marketing Files

Series 2: Corporate Partnership: Company Profiles [3 linear ft]
Arrangement: Alphabetical by company name

Series 3: Corporate Partnership: Article Archives 1996-2002 [1 linear ft]
Arrangement: Alphabetical by subject
Access: Open for research

Series 4: Corporate Partnership: Miscellaneous Projects & Research 1998-2004 [17 inches]
Arrangement: Alphabetical by subject

Series 5: Corporate Partnership: McDonalds Project 1990, 2003 [2 linear ft]
Arrangement: Chronological

Series 6: Corporate Partnership: Dell Computer Corporation Project 1997-1999 [2 linear ft]
Arrangement: Divided into eight sub-series: Project Management, Dell Corporation Documents, Computers & Electronics, Conferences, Energy, Programs & Projects, Recycling, and Supply Chain/Procurement

Series 7: Corporate Partnership: Starbucks Coffee Corporation 1996-1997 [3 linear ft]
Arrangement: Divided into five sub-series: Starbucks/Alliance Collaboration, Starbucks Coffee Company Information, Hot Cup Design, Reusable Cups and Coffee Industry

Series 8: Climate Program: Diesel Pollution Reduction Project 2005-2007 [15 inches]
Arrangement: Alphabetical by subject

Container Listing

Box 1

SERIES 1: Alliance for Environmental Innovation Advisory Council

Sub-Series 1: Alliance Documents

Box 1

Fact sheets, Information packets
Staff profiles
Milestones, 2001-2005
Strategic planning documents, 2001-2005
Environmental Alliances Program-Quarterly reports, 2004-2006
Environmental Defense Board of Trustees, 2000

Sub-Series 2: Meetings

Advisory Council candidates, 1996 [confidential]
Correspondence, 1995-1996
Memoranda, 1995

4th Report to Pew Charitable Trusts, 1995

EDF / Pew Waste Reduction Institute (working title)-Meetings, October 1994

Advisory Council Meeting, January 1995

Box 2

Advisory Council meetings:
June 1995
November 1995
May 1996
November 1996
June 1997
December 1997
May 1998

Box 3

Advisory Council meetings:
October 1998
February 1999
June 1999
December 1999
May 2000

Box 4

Advisory Council meetings:
May 2000
October 2000
March 2001
Correspondence-Scheduling, 2001
Information packet in lieu of meeting, 2001

Box 5

Advisory Council meetings:
March, May 2002
Staff meetings, 2004

Sub-Series 3: Benefactors [Confidential]

Benefactors, A-C

Box 6

Benefactors, D-S

Sub-Series 4: Marketing Files

Media contacts

Environmental marketing resources-articles, surveys, polls

Box 7

Environmental marketing resources-articles, surveys, polls
Corporate Partnership articles

Presentations [slides], 1998

Environmental Performance & Equity Value: The Link Gets Stronger [Presentation to the CERES Annual Conference], 1998

Building Partnerships for Environmental Advantage [Presentation to the 1998 CERES Conference], April 15, 1998

Business, Paper & the Environment: Overview, May 20, 1998

Pulp and Paper Manufacturing and Product Development, May 20, 1998

Recycling and Recycled Content, May 21, 1998

Building Partnerships for Environmental Advantage [Presentation to the 1998 AOM Symposium on Business on Environmental-Business Partnerships], August 10, 1998

Negotiating Workshop [Reaching satisfactory agreement with partners & colleagues], 1998

Expanding the Toolkit with an Environmental Knowledge Management System-S.C. Johnson / Alliance for Environmental Innovation Task Force, September 15, 1998

Presentations, 1999

Introduction to Merge [Managing Environmental Resources Guidance & Evaluation]

Environmental Progress and Marketplace Rewards: The Link Grows Stronger [Presentation to McDonalds Corporation], December 21, 1999

Presentations, 2000

Purchasing Power: Leveraging the Supply Chain for Environmental Results, November 14, 2000

Boston Regional Office Overview, July 2000

Presentation to the Recycled Paper Coalition, November 15, 2000

Environmental Comparison of Virgin and Recycled Paper Across the Paper Life Cycle, 2000

Toward Greener Catalogs: The Alliance / Norm Thompson Partnership, November 2000

Presentations, 2001

Evaluating the Recycled Paper Market

Capturing the benefits of a “Less Paper” Office

Recycled Paper: A New Industry Standard for Catalogs

Alliance meeting with the Spiegel Group

Presentations, 2002

Turning the Page: The Case for Recycled Paper [Prepared for Booktech 2002]

Reducing the Environmental Impacts of Copy Paper

Progress on Paper [Presentation to the Educational Foundation of America]

Merge Design-for-Environment software [Presentation to Novartis]

Integrating Environment into Product Design: Issues and Challenges [Natural Step Sustainability Dialogue]

Presentations, 2003

Copy This: Reducing the Environmental Impacts of Paper Use, Citigroup / Environmental Defense Partnership

Making Recycled Paper Work: The Story of Norm Thompson’s Switch

An Environmental Comparison of Virgin and Recycled Paper Across the Paper Lifecycle [Presentation to Eddie Bauer, Spiegel]

Strange Bedfellows: How Corporate Partnerships Create Environmental Results

Creating Environmental Change through Corporate Partnerships [Presentation to Stanford Business & Environmental Issues Seminar]

The Green Edge: How an Environmental Organization is Changing Corporate America

Presentations, 2004

Working Together to Reduce Environmental Impacts of Copy Paper [NAEM Annual EHS Management Forum]

Meeting with EPA; Resource Conservation Challenge

Meeting with Credit Suisse First Boston

Catalogs and the Environment: Big Impacts, Better Choices

Ensuring Environmentally Sound Initiatives that Enhance Corporate Responsibility and Market Loyalty; Address by Gwen Ruta to the Direct Marketing Association Leadership Forum

Introduction to Environmental Defense

Delivering Cleaner Air: How Environmental Defense and FedEx are Transforming Trucks

Presentations, 2005-2006

Paper and the Environment: Big Impacts, Better Choices [NWF Eco-Paper Workshop]

Promoting Cleaner Paper Production [Forest Leadership Forum]

Introduction to Environmental Defense [General Electric Headquarters]

Presentations, no date

Strategies for Successful Corporate Responsibility

Template for presentations, discussion guides

SERIES 2: Corporate Partnership-Company Profiles

Box 1

American Camper
ABM Industries
AES Corporation
Ashland Oil
Aramark Corporation
Arthur D. Little

The Body Shop
Black & Decker

Chase Manhattan Bank
Chrysler Corporation
Ciba-Geigy Corporation
Crate & Barrel
Cotton (macro)
Colgate-Palmolive Company
Coopers & Lybrand
Collins & Aikman Corporation

Deja Shoe

Fort Howard Paper

Box 2

Gap Organic Cotton RFP
Green Cross

Hewlett Packard
Home Depot

Box 3

Interface Inc
International Multi-Foods Corporation


Levi Strauss

Box 4

Microsoft Corporation

National Retail Hardware Association
North Face
Nutreco Holding N.V.

Procter & Gamble

Quaker Oats

Box 5

Red Lobster
Recording Industry
Remington Clothing
Rochester Institute of Technology

Sara Lee
SmithKline Beecham

Texas Instruments
Toys R Us

Box 6

Salomon Smith Barney
Toys R Us
Trammell Crow Company
Travelers Group / Salomon Brothers

UPS Shipping
United Airlines
Unwrapped Inc

Volume Services America

Weyerhaeuser Company

Box 7

Walt Disney Productions


SERIES 3: Corporate Partnership-Article Archives

Box 1

The Environmental Defense Fund in the media, 2002
Press releases, 1996-2002

Business and the environment

Recycled paper in the catalog industry

Box 2

Citigroup-Use of recycled paper
Climate change
Massachusetts Commuter Choice bill

FedEx delivery trucks

Antibiotics in food / McDonalds


Box 3

Salmon farms



SERIES 4: Corporate Partnership-Miscellaneous Projects & Research

Box 1

Project update, 2001
Alliance competitive analyses-Workpapers

Bristol Myers Squibb-Project summary

Citigroup paper project-Agreement, 2002
Clairol / Alliance Merge software implementation-Agreement
Compass / Foodbuy-Impacts of antibiotics in meats-Presentations, 2005

Dell Computer Corporation-Agreement, project summary

Fed Ex Hybrid Delivery Fleet-Background

Massachusetts Commuter Choice Bill-Background documents, legislation, testimony, 2001
Maryland Commuter Benefits Act of 2000
McDonalds, Marriott-Agreements
Mead Johnson Nutritionals-Summary, agreement

Merge (sotware) monthly updates
Merge workplan

Box 2

Merge-FAQs, metrics

SC Johnson Wax-Summary, agreement
Starbucks-Summary, agreement


Vehicles’ impact on air quality-Data

Paper calculator promotion:
Grant proposal
Research documents

Paperless Technology Research-Workplan, journal articles, 2003

Box 3

Paperless Technology Research-Journal articles
Product packaging-International regulations, 1998-1999

Research resources

Energy conservation-Buildings-Report, 2004

Box 4

Energy conservation-Businesses-Report, 2002

Building materials emissions-Report, 2003

Bremer Davis, J. (1996). Product stewardship and the coming age of takeback: What your company
can learn from the electronics industry's experience. Arlington: Cutter Information Corp.

Davis, J. B. (1998). Real-life lessons on product stewardship from the electronics and durables
industries. Arlington, MA: Cutter Information Corp.

Victory, K. M. (2000). Case studies in corporate environmentalism, Volume VIII.
Arlington, MA: Cutter Information Group.

Morelli, J. (1997). ISO14000: A catalyst for reinventing EPA [dissertation].

Bloomfield, J. (1997). Seasons of change: Global warming and New England's White Mountains.
            Washington, D.C.: Environmental Defense Fund.

SERIES 5: Corporate Partnership-McDonalds Projects

Box 1

Memoranda-Waste reduction-Environmental Defense Fund, 1990

McDonald’s Waste Reduction Task Force, Press Coverage, 1990:
Editorials, commentary
Wire stories

Press-Antibiotic use policy, 2003

Boxes 2-4

Food packaging samples from fast food restaurants

SERIES 6: Corporate Partnership-Dell Computer Corporation / Alliance for Environmental
    Innovation Project on Environmental Impacts of Computing

Box 1

Sub-series 1: Project Management

Agreement between Dell Computer Corporation and the Alliance for Environmental Innovation to establish a Joint Environmental Task Force, draft, 1998

Scope of Work and timelines, September-October 1998

Potential project areas with Dell

Project proposal-Computers & the Environment, draft, 1998

Workplans-Marketing, packaging, environmental information system, 1999

Project proposals, summaries, reports-Memoranda, 1998

Meetings-Dell Corporation internal meeting papers / Silicon Valley Conference Proceedings [PDF]

Meetings-Six month objectives for Dell Project, 1998

Meetings-Packaging, market research, September 1998

Meetings-Supply chain, marketing, green computing goals, February 1999

Meetings, conference calls-Notes

Presentations-The Environmental Context-The Alliance for Environmental Innovation SCJ Team, 1996

Presentations-Building a Partnership for Environmental Advantage: Presentation to Dell Computer Corporation, 1998

Presentations-Dell Computer Corporation: A Discussion of Opportunities, 1999

Green Computing-Workplan, web guide, Green Business Letter, 1999

Green Computing-Articles

Dell Environmental Information website, drafts, memorandum, 1999

Box 2

Dell Environmental Information website, drafts, project update, 1999

Dell Energy Reduction Program & Services-Outline, 1999

Sub-series 2: Dell Corporation Documents

Dell Environmental Progress Report, 1998, 1999-2000


Marketing research document

Confidential documents

Sub-series 3: Computers & Electronics

Cathode ray tube v. LCD display-Computer display industry & technology profile

Reports & articles

Computer industry-articles

Electronics project-How computer users affect the environment, notes, data

Energy / Green computing-articles

Box 3

Energy / Green computing-Memoranda, conference call notes, articles, 1999

Energy / Green computing-Data, articles

PC Energy use-Article, 1997

Wearable computers-Article, 1998

Sub-series 4: Conferences

Electronic Product Recycling & Recovery Conference-Program / Information packet, 1997

Electronic Product Recycling & Recovery Conference-Summary report, 1997

Electronic Product Recycling & Recovery Conference-Program, 1998

Electronic Product Recycling & Recovery Conference-Slides, notes, 1998

Electronic Product Recycling & Recovery Conference-South Carolina Electronic Equipment Recycling Program-Ted Campbell, 1999

International Symposium on Electronics & the Environment-Program, 1998

International Symposium on Electronics & the Environment-Presentation slides, notes, 1998

Sub-series 5: Energy

Energy efficiency-Articles, reports, information packets, 1999

Jacobs Engineering Group, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (Calif.), Source
            Reduction Research Partnership, & Environmental Defense Fund. (1992). Source
            reduction and recycling of halogenated solvents in the electronics industry. Technical
support document: A report on research performed by the Source Reduction Research
Partnership for the Metropolitan Water District [of Southern California] and the
Environmental Defense Fund. Pasadena, CA: Jacobs Engineering Group.

Vinyl Environmental Resource Center fact sheet, 1998

Energy Star purchasing toolkit memorandum, 2000

Energy Star-Articles, fact sheets, meeting notes, 1999

Semi conductor-List of fabrication facilities, 1998

Box 4

Sub-series 6: Programs & Projects

Design for Environment-Presentation by Digital Equipment Corporation, 1998

Design for Environment-Pamphlets, articles

Texas Consolidated Reporting Project

Sub-series 7: Recycling

Memoranda, fact sheets, slides, articles

Environmental Health Center (National Safety Council). (1999). Electronic product recovery and
recycling baseline report: Recycling of selected electronic products in the United States.
Washington, D.C.: National Safety Council.

New England Waste Management Official Association (NEWMOA)-Conferences, 2000

New England Waste Management Official Association (NEWMOA)-Love Our Earth: Sony’s Commitment to Environmental Ideas-Environmental reports, 1999 [digital files]

Resource Concepts Inc.-Information packet

Sub-series 8: Supply Chain / Procurement

Dell Corrugated Box Project-notes

Packaging-Guidelines for environmentally responsible packaging-HP, 1998

Dell supplier packaging-JPGs

Packaging-Hardware packaging documents / notes

Packaging-Packaged product test procedure-Dell, 1998

Packaging-Reusable supplier packaging-Reports, data, press release

Box 5

Procurement-GE Thermoplastics product guides

Procurement-Dell supplier documents

Procurement-Polymer Science-Articles, ABS data

Procurement-Profile of the plastics resin and man-made fiber industry-EPA, 1997

Supply chain management-articles, reports, notes, 1997

Supply chain management-Compaq-Environmental report, 1995-1996

Supply chain management-Dell Corporation/Alliance-Discussion of opportunities, 1999

Supply chain management-Dell Corporation Annual Report, 1998

The Business and the Environment Program, Business for Social Responsibility Education Fund.
            (1997). Greening the supply chain: Benchmarking leadership company efforts to improve
            environmental performance in the supply chain. Executive summary. Presented to
            General Motors Corporation.  San Francisco: Author.

Supply chain management-HP-Environmental management policy, 1998

Supply chain management-HP-Best practices memorandum-HP supplier packaging evaluation process

Supply chain management-IBM-Environmental report, 1998

SERIES 7: Corporate Partnership-Starbucks Coffee Company / Alliance for Environmental
                 Innovation Project

Box 1

Sub-series 1: Starbucks / Alliance Collaboration


Draft agreement between Starbucks & the Alliance for Environmental Collaboration to establish a Joint Environmental Task Force, 1996

Workplans, 1996

Proposal to the Starbucks Coffee Company from the Alliance for Environmental Innovation to
“develop initiatives that deliver substantial benefits to the environment and enhance Starbucks’ business performance”, April 1996

Proposed project timeline

Task Force project summary, January 1997

Meetings / Presentations-Building an Environmental Partnership for Strategic Advantage, 1996

Meetings/Presentations-Building a Partnership for Environmental Advantage: Discussion Guide for Starbucks

Meetings/Presentations-Environmental Partnership to Change the Way Coffee is Served, 1996

Meetings-Agendas / talking points, 1997

Starbucks / Alliance draft report, March 1997

Press releases / articles, 1997

Sub-series 2: Starbucks Coffee Company Information


Annual reports, 1994, 1995, 1997

Financial reports, analysts reports

Newsletters, pamphlets, fact sheets

Box 2

Starbucks Green Book


Confidential documents

Sub-series 3: Hot Cup Design

Hot cup development

Preliminary contacts & information

Hot cup design criteria

Proposed design evaluation

Meeting papers

Environmental comparison of hot cup candidates-Presentation/report, April 1997

Box 3

Environmental comparison of hot cup candidates-Presentation/report, April 1997

Design proposals [Confidential documents]

Cup & sleeve option-Correspondence

Proposed designs comparison chart

Hot cup test-Hot cup market test outline, brainstorming notes

Hot cup test-Correspondence, conference calls, meeting agendas, contacts

Box 4

Hot cup test-Hot cup design evaluation-Focus groups,

Hot cup test-Hot beverage cup design Phase I-Report, March 1997

Hot cup test-Design #74 (Sherri)-Reports

Hot cup test-Design #57 (James River)-Report

Hot cup test design study-Presentation/Report, November 1997

Sub-series 4: Reusable Cups

Reusable cups pilot programs-Development

Reusable cups pilot program-Market brief

Box 5

Affinity Pilot Program-Development

Cup descriptions

In-Store Reusable Pilot Program Partner Handbook

Reusable Cup Opportunities-Presentation, September 1997

In-Store Reusables Pilot Program-Data

In-Store Reusables Pilot Program-Presentation, October 1997

Saleni Cup Project Proposal & Implementation-Presentation, 1998

Reuse v. Disposable-Data

Cup use / cost-Data

Reuse Strategy Session-Policies, guidelines, planning documents-Center for Policy Alternatives, 1990-1991

Box 6

Reuse policies-Meetings, notes, documents

FDA-Reclaimed fiber & food packaging-CFR

FDA-Reclaimed fiber & food packaging-Memoranda, regulations, guidelines


Refillable milk jugs-articles

Refillable bottles-Report-Inform

Supplier catalogs

Sub-series 5: Coffee Industry

Coffee & tea-articles

Box 7

Articles-Coffee production, decaffeination

Methylene chloride-Notes, articles

ISO-Environmental management

Draft paper-Coffee, Conservation, Commerce in the Western Hemisphere

SERIES 8: Climate Program-Diesel Pollution Reduction Project

Box 1

Air Monitoring-Lending agreement [Confidential]
Alt Wheels: Alternative Transportation Festival-Flyer
Asia-Greenhouse gas emissions-Copies of correspondence
Asthma Project-Barr Foundation Grant documents [Confidential]
Asthma Project-Emisstar workplans [Confidential]

Boston Public Schools-Brochures

Central Artery / Tunnel Project, Boston-Working notes
Construction projects, Massachusetts-articles
Construction projects, Massachusetts school buildings, 2007

Environmental Defense Fund. (2005). Cleaner air for America: The case for a national program
            to cut pollution from today’s diesel engines. New York: Author.

Diesel-Cleaner Diesel Handbook
Diesel emissions-Connecticut Dept of Environmental Protection, 2005
Diesel emissions control-Research, 2005

Box 2

Diesel Pollution-Solutions-NGOs
Diesel Retrofit Program-FAQs-EDF
Diesel Retrofit Program-Documents supporting Task 6 Status, 2005
Diesel Retrofits-MA Executive Office of Environmental Affairs, 2005
Diesel retrofit regulations
Regional diesel news updates-EDF [confidential], 2005
EPA-Clean diesel campaign
EPA-Boson air quality

Box 3

Greater Boston Breathes Better (GB3) Case Study, 2006
Green Building requirements, 2007
Greenhouse gas emissions-Data, 2007
Legislation-H.R. 4719/3414-An Act to Reduce Diesel Emission from Non-Road Construction Vehicles
Los Angeles climate-Outline, 2007
Massachusetts Green Agenda-Meeting documents, 2006-2007
Texas-Houston Clean Contracting-Meeting agenda, 2006
Texas-Diesel Pollution in School Buses-Report and Media Clips [digital]

November 29, 2005: Testimony of Sarah Barbrow regarding the purchase of high mileage, low emission vehicles, before the Boston City Council