Environmental Defense Fund Archive
Manuscript Collection 232

Record Group 2- New York Office
Sub-group V: Legal Papers

Series 1: Litigation Files, M - O

Marco Island (FL)

Box 1

Correspondence, 1971-80
Memoranda, 1973-75

Box 2

Memoranda, 1975-82
Project description, 1979

Clippings, 1973-74
Press releases, 1974-76

Environmental Impact Statements:
Final Statement for permit (Deltona Corporation)
Comments on draft (Gov’t and environmental groups)

Box 2a

Draft Environmental Impact Statement (Deltona)

Box 3

Application for dredge and fill permit (Deltona Corp.), 1975

Box 3a

Deltona Permit File, 1975

Box 4

Index to Deltona application file

Public Hearing on Deltona application before U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Public hearing requests
Transcripts of proceedings
Post hearing submissions (Deltona)

Box 4a

Public Hearing on Deltona application before U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Continued, 1977:

Briefs and appendices (EDF)

Box 5

Deltona v. Hoffmann Docket No. 76-473-CIV-JT

Summons, 1976
Pleadings, 1976-77
Pleadings, 1980
Document production request for Deltona:
Annual Reports, 1963-65, 1968. 1972-76

Box 6

Document production request for Deltona:
Contracts, Deeds
Financial Documents
Meeting minutes
News Releases

Box 7

Document production request for Deltona
Permit application
Socioeconomic Impact

Document production request for the Secretary of the Army:
Permit applications

Box 8

Document Production--Department of the Army (Jacksonville):
Reports on permit applications

Box 9

Document Production for the DOI:
Correspondence, 1971

Document Production for EPA

Depositions, 1977 June:
Bernard Yokel
K. Woodburn

Box 10

Depositions, 1977 June:
George Gardner
Charles Callison

Box 11

Depositions, 1977 October-November:
Curtis L. Clark
Charles Callison
Bernard Goode
Frank Mackle
J. Vensel

Box 12

Depositions, 1980:
Russell Train
Robert Mackle
James Apthorp
Edward LaRoe w/supporting correspondence
Nathaniel Reed

Box 13

Deltona v. Alexander 504 F. Supp. 1280 (1981)
Docket no. 76-473-CIV-WC (U.S.D.C., FL)

Pleadings, 1980
Transcript of proceedings
Notice of entry of judge's opinion

Deltona v. FL Dept. of Environmental Regulation Nos. 79-2471/80-683

Pleadings, 1979-80

Box 14

Deltona v. FL Dept. of Environmental Regulation Docket nos. 79-2471/80-683

Pleadings, 1980-81
Briefs, 1981
Transcripts of proceedings, 1980-81

Box 15

Deltona v. FL Dept. of Environmental Regulation Nos. 79-2471/80-683

Transcript of proceedings, 1981

Box 16

Deltona v. FL Dept. of Environmental Regulation Nos. 79-2471/80-683

Transcript of proceedings, 1981
Intervenor's Exhibits [EDF]

Box 17

Deltona v. United States 1980 U.S. Ct. Cl. LEXIS 1233
Docket No. 370-76 (U.S. Ct. of Claims)


Box 18

Deltona v. United States 1980 U.S. Ct. Cl. LEXIS 1233
Docket No. 370-76 (U.S. Ct. of Claims)

Briefs, 1980

Deltona v. FL Dept. of Natural Resources No. 80-1065

Pleadings, 1980

FL Dept of Environmental Regulation v. Deltona (D.C. Appeal, F.D., FL)

Amicus brief, 1981 March

Supporting documents:
Comprehensive Plan for Collier Co. Florida, 1976
Flood Insurance Maps (HUD), 1979
Marco Island Position Paper (Deltona), 1976

Box 19

Supporting documents continued:
Naples Bay Study (Collier Co. Conservancy)
Rookery Bay (Conservation Foundation)
Shrimp Fisheries Mgmt Plan (Gulf of Mexico Management Council)
Water Management Plan for Collier Co. Florida
Water Systems Protection (Conservation Foundation)

Mineral Valley development

Box 1

Sierra Club v. Morton No. 70-34

Pleadings, 1970

Sierra Club v. Hickel No. 939

Draft briefs of amicus curiae EDF, 1971

Supporting documents:
"Standing and Sovereign Immunity: Hurdles for Environmental Litigants" (P. Heiser)
"…Some comments on the Supreme Ct decision in the Mineral King case" (Cicchetti/Fisher)


Box 1

Memoranda, 1971

EDF v. Hardin No. 2319-70 (U.S.D.C.)
Testimony transcript
Exhibits (USDA)

Box 2

Draft Environmental Impact Statement
Pesticides--reports & reprints
"Mirex Bait" [photo]

Nerve Gas Disposal

Box 1

Correspondence, 1970-71

EDF v. Resor No. 2394-70 (USDC, DC) (1970)

Testimony transcripts

DEIS for disposal of biological agents, 1970-71
Clippings, 1971

New Orleans Bridge

Box 1

Correspondence, 1970-72
Clark et al. v. Volpe et al. (US Dist. Ct.) Pleadings
Clippings, 1970-71
Comments on proposed bridge
Environmental impact memorandum (Borah & Baumbach)
Riverfront Expressway appraisal (Robert Conradt)
"A Review of Transportation Planning in New Orleans" (A. Little Inc.)
LA. Governor's Bridge Study and comments

Nine Mile Point No. 2

Box 1

Correspondence, 1973-74

Niagara Mohawk application No. 50-410, 1974

Initial decision
Draft impact statement

North Central Power Project

Box 1

Correspondence & Memoranda, 1972-73

Clippings & press releases, 1972-73

Box 2

Environmental Impact Statement--Colstrip Plant
Comments on EIS

Supporting documents:
Coal resource potential, rehabilitation (EDF, MT EQC), 1973
Status Reports (No. Great Plains Resources Program), 1973
Legal research

Nuclear Power Plants--Licensing

Box 1

Licensing hearings before the Atomic Energy Commission

Myron M. Cherry
Troy Cromer, Roger Cramton
David Freeman, Harold B. Green, Edward L. Rogers
George Trowbridge, Arvin Upton

"Safety Guidelines for Power Plants" (AEC)
Petition for rulemaking on protection--chronological files
Petition for regulation on licensing
Comments on licensing procedures (EDF), 1971
Administrative Conference of the US--staff report
Petition for amendment of the rules
Federal register

Oakley Dam

Box 1

Correspondence, 1970-73

EDF v. Froehlke No. 248-71 (USDC, DC)


EDF et al. v. Froehlke Docket no. S Civ-72-76 (USDC, IL)


Box 2

Supporting documents, 1969-70:
Commission to Save Allerton Park--publications
Suggested Development of Oakley Reservoir…(IL Dept. of Public Works)

Obion Forked Deer River Basin

Box 1

Correspondence & Memoranda, 1970-85

Box 2

Akers v. Resor 443 F. Supp. 1355
Docket no. C-70-349 (USDC, TN)


NWF et al. v. Alexander No. C78-2548B (USDC TN)

Ocean Disposal permit hearings (Philadelphia)

Box 1

Permit hearings before the EPA P.A. No. 010

Correspondence & Memoranda, 1975-76
Public notices of hearings (EPA), 1974
Pleadings, 1975
Decisions, orders, recommendations (EPA)

Briefs, 1975:
City of Philadelphia

Box 2

Testimony, 1975:
City of Philadelphia
Transcript of proceedings

Supporting documents:
Sludge disposal 10 Point Program (Phila. Water Dpartment)
Related case-MD v. Train (US Dist Ct, MD)
Report on heavy metal concentrations (author unk.)

Oil Tanker Construction

Box 1

Press releases
Comments on oil spill compensation (API)
Comments on proposed rules for marine environment protection (environmental groups)

Oil Terminal Discharge Permit

Box 1

Correspondence & Memoranda, 1974-75
Comments on NPDES permits (EDF, NJDEP)
Scientific reports (MIT, CEQ, NAS)

Outer Continental Shelf Development

Box 1

Correspondence & Memoranda, 1971-74

CEQ Hearings on O & G Development, Washington DC:

Statements and testimony

Hearings before the DOI-BLM on proposed drilling:

Statements and testimony

News releases
Transcript-"Oceans: The Silent Crisis" [ABC News]

Supporting documents, 1974:
Environmental Assessment (CEQ)
Oil Import Policy (Institute of Naval Studies)