Environmental Defense Fund Archive
Manuscript Collection 232

Record Group 2- New York Office
Sub-group V: Legal Papers

Series 1: Litigation Files, J - L

Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest

Box 1

Correspondence, 1969-73

Forest Management hearings before the USDA:

Comments on DEIS
Clippings, 1972

Kodak Park Project (Rochester, NY)

Box 1


Document Production:
Adirondack Park Agency
Eastman Kodak
NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation

Land Use--CT

Box 1

Correspondence & Memoranda, 1974-76

Bridgeport Hydraulic Co. v. Council on Water Co. Lands
Docket no. B-75-212


Box 1a

Bridgeport Hydraulic Co. v. Council on Water Co. Lands

Brief for Intervenor-defendant
Testimony & Depositions:
Witnesses for the plaintiff

Box 2

Testimony & Depositions continued:
William S. Warner (Bridgeport Hydraulic)
Depositions of witnesses for the plaintiff
Deposition of witnesses for the defendant
Exhibits to testimony

Box 3

Exhibits to testimony
Stipulation exhibits

Box 4

Supporting documents--reports:
Report to Bridgeport Hydraulic Co. on Water Demand Projection…"
Report on rate of return to stockholders
Water Quality
Excerpts from CT utility rate hearings

Box 5

CT Water Rates hearings No. 761109 before PUCA:

Testimony & exhibits, 1976

Box 6

Subject File--Council on Water Co. Lands:
Minutes of meetings
Comments on issues
Reports to the CT legislature
Ecological reports
Criteria for classification of water co. lands
Planning for the region: Water Co. Lands
A Survey of Public Health Implications for Water Quality


Box 1

Correspondence, 1970-73
EDF v. People's Drug Stores Docket No. 3699-70

Pleadings, 1970

Center for Science in the Public Interest & EDF before EPA

Petition, 1971

EDF et al. v. CA Air Resources Board No. 32024

Pleadings, 1973

Supporting documents:
Comments on lead in gasoline, 1973
Press releases, 1972
Federal register-notice of proposed rulemaking, 1972
Manuscripts-Effects of lead, 1967, 1973
Reprints-Lead toxicology, 1970, n.d.

Lido Beach--Long Island

Box 1

Correspondence & Memoranda, 1973-74

Moratorium permits before the NY Dept. of Environmental Conservation

Pleadings, 1973

Petition of Lapp, Dwyer, Valley Stream Terrace before the NY DEC

Hearing minutes, 1973 November
Decision of the hearing officer, 1974

Press releases

Supporting documents:
Lido Beach Development and Conservation study
De St. Aubin v. Bigganes (Supreme Ct. of NY) Summons

Limerick and Newbold Island Power Plants (PA)

Box 1

Case descriptions, 1973
Correspondence, 1973
Pleadings, 1973
EDF comments on draft environmental impact statement
Hearings before the Delaware River Basin Association--comments
"Cooling Water Supply for Limerick Nuclear Power Sta." (Phila. Elec. Co.)

Lock and Dam No. 26 (IL)

Box 1

Correspondence, n.d.

Izaak Walton League et al. v. Callaway et al. 480 F. Supp. 972; (1979)
Docket no. 1191 (U.S.D.C., DC)

Pleadings, 1974-76
Documents of IL State agencies

Clippings, 1974-75
EDF comments on DEIS, 1975