Environmental Defense Fund Archive
Manuscript Collection 232

Record Group 2- New York Office
Sub-group IV: Program Files - Research and Dissemination

Subgroup IV.4: Urban Environment

SERIES 1: Administration

SERIES 2: Transportation Projects

Box 1

Air Pollution (1975)
Motor Emission Standards, 1975:
Decision on emissions standards (EPA), 1973
Comments on emissions (EDF), 1975

Highway Cost Allocation (1978-80)
Correspondence, 1978-80
Cost allocation study plan (USDOT), 1979
Cost allocation study working papers, 1979-80
Cost allocation study progress reports, 1980-81
Comments on cost allocation study (EDF), 1980

Box 2: Transportation Policy (1978)

Transportation Policy Statements
Highway/Transit workshop (EDF)--agenda, 1978
Highway/Transit workshop (EDF)--discussion papers, 1978
National Transportation Policy Commission--correspondence, 1977-78

Boxes 3-4: Truck Size and Weight (1979-80)

Box 3

Comptroller’s report to Congress, 1979
Summary of Open File on truck size and weight, 1980

Department of Transportation documents:
Truck size impacts, 1980
Study design, 1980
Truck size limits--technical supplements, 1980
Impacts of heavy vehicles, 1982
Truck size phase II study design, 1979
Comments on truck size and weight study (EDF), 1979

Box 4

EDF Transportation Task Force--reports, 1979-80

Truck Size and Weight:
Statements before the Sub-committee on surface transportation, 1979
Size and weight study (Transportation Research Board), 1981
Transportation Research Board--Committee reports & minutes, 1981
Transportation Research Board--Research Records, 1983