Environmental Defense Fund Archive
Manuscript Collection 232

Record Group 2- New York Office
Sub-group IV: Program Files - Research and Dissemination

Subgroup IV.2: Land and Water Issues

SERIES 1:  Administration
SERIES 2: Land Projects
SERIES 3: Water Projects
SERIES 4: Environmental Impact Statements
SERIES 5:  Public Statements/Texts

SERIES 1:  Administration

James Tripp

Box 1

Memoranda, 1978:
Litigation Review Committee
General Programming
Incoming memoranda

Farmland loss; grant report to the William H. Berri Fund, 1981

Program proposals:
Water program, 1973
Coastal resources program, 1977

Policy statements:
Land Use, 1975
Agricultural lands, 1980

New Jersey farmland documents:
National Agricultural Lands Study—study plan
Land use policy and agriculture—speeches, 1974

Box 2

Agricultural preservation of NJ farmlands—draft reports
Tripp, J.T.B. (n.d.) Impacts of Sec. 201, 208, 404 on the Federal Water Pollution Control Act
Draft manuscript.

SERIES 2:  Land Projects

Boxes 1-2:  Solid Waste Management & Resource Recovery (1978)

Box 1

State solid waste program reports, 1977-78:
Islip, NY

Box 2

Memoranda, 1978
Beverage Containers:
Environmental impact (Housewives to End Pollution), 1972
Academic reports, 1973

Garden State Paper Company, 1973
Department of Defense--copies of correspondence, 1974
Resource recovery analysis (EDF), 1977
Federal--Resource Conservation and Recovery Act--EDF comments, 1977
Federal--Model for Solid Waste Management Planning (EPA), 1977
Lopac containers--conference papers, 1973
Solid Waste disposal facilities, draft environmental impact statement, 1978

Box 3:  Hackensack Meadowlands Development Commission (HMDC)

Hackensack Meadowlands fact sheet, n.d.
Master Plan (HMDC), 1973
Open Space Plan (HMDC), 1973
Berry’s Creek Center information booklet, 1980

Ecology (HMDC), 1970
Solid waste management decision (HMDC), 1974
Water quality (HMDC), 1975-76
Wetlands reports, 1972, 1975

Boxes 4-10:  Pinelands--New Jersey (1980-82)

Box 4

Correspondence, 1981-82
Memoranda, 1981, n.d.

Bulletins (Pinelands Commission), 1979-81
Bulletins (NJ Environmental Coalition), 1980-81
Clippings (New York Times, NJ media), 1980
Press releases (Governor’s office), 1978, 1980

Comprehensive Management Plan:
Work plan (Pinelands Commission), 1979
Draft plan v. I & II, 1980

Box 5

Comprehensive Management Plan:
Draft plan, June, 1980
Draft plan, August, 1980
Re-draft of volume 2, 1980

Box 6

Environmental Impact Statement for the Management Plan, 1980
Comments on the EIS (EDF), 1980

Comments on the draft plan:
County governments
Environmental groups

Box 7

Comprehensive Management Plan:

Economic impact analysis:
For the Department of the Interior, 1980
For the Pinelands Commission, 1980

Acquisition cost analysis (for the Pinelands Commission), 1980
Alternative to the management plan (Coalition for the Sensible Preservation of the Pinelands), 1980
Effect of the management plan on land value (for Pinelands Commission), 1980

Box 8

Critical area designation hearing transcripts, 1977
Hydrogeology assessment (Pinelands Commission), 1980
Pinelands management planning (Pinelands Commission), 1977
Land Management Techniques (to the Pinelands Commission), 1977

Box 9

National and Cultural Resources of the Pinelands (Rutgers/NJ DEP)

Pinelands Commission, 1980:
Report of the Coalition for the Sensible Preservation of the Pinelands
Commission roster
Outlines for suggested programs
Notes on meetings
Population reports

Box 10

Soil Survey data (Pinelands Commission).

Water Quality:
Petition for sole source aquifer
Aquifer designation testimony, 1977
Groundwater assessment reports, 1980
Application of “bubble concept”, 1980

Amphibian assessment report (for Pinelands Commission), 1980
Bird life assessment report (for Pinelands Commission), 1980
Wildlife report, 1979

SERIES 3:  Water Projects

Box 1: Oil Terminal Discharge Permit (1974-75)

Correspondence & Memoranda, 1974-75
Comments on NPDES permits (EDF, NJDEP)               
Scientific reports (MIT, CEQ, NAS)

Boxes 2-6:  Wastewater--Southwest Sewer District--Long Island (1974)

Box 2

Southwest Sewer District Project:
Memoranda, 1974-75
Construction permits (Army Corps of Engineers), 1976-77
Project status reports, 1976
Report on the effects of sewering
Stream flow augmentation--comments, 1977
Clippings, 1976

Box 3

Citizens Advisory Committee; Federal Water Pollution Control Act, sec. 208:
Correspondence, 1976-78
Memoranda, 1972-78
Meeting minutes, 1975-78

Box 4

Citizens Advisory Committee--208:
Bi-county wastewater management study, 1975-77
Comments on application for Federal Water Pollution Control Act 208
designation (EDF), 1975
Wastewater management (208) newsletters, 1976
Regional Marine Resources Council reports, 1972, 1976
Water quality planning reports, 1976
Clean Water Act s. 404 comments (EDF), 1979

Box 5

Wastewater Documents:
Contaminants in Marine Water--conference papers, 1974
Wastewater Management on LI--reports, 1974-76
Marsh sewage treatment systems (Brookhaven National Laboratory)--report, 1975
Review of EPA wastewater management guidelines (National Wildlife Federation), 1976

Box 6

Groundwater Documents:
Temporary State Commission on Water Supply Needs of SE NY:
Proceedings, 1973
Recommendations, 1973
Comments to the Commission (EDF), n.d.
Legislation, 1974-75

United States Geological Survey Reports:
Chemicals in the water supply, 1971-76
Pure water research, 1974-75
Surface water records of LI, n.d.

Water supply Documents:
Attorney’s comments on sewering
Long Island Water Resources bulletins
Surface water records of LI, n.d.

Box 7:  Water Quality Management Program (NYC)

Citizens Advisory Committee Federal Water Pollution Control Act s. 208:
Correspondence, 1975-77
Citizens Advisory Committee meeting minutes, 1977-78
Federal Water Pollution Control Act s. 208 plan--comments, 1978
Newsletters, 1981

Progress reports to the EPA:
NYC Department of Environmental Protection
NYC Dept. of Health--Beach sampling, 1978, 1980-81

Water Quality Management Plan--Michigan, 1979
Water Quality studies (USGS), 1979
Yazoo River Basin Study, 1975, 1977

Box 8:  Port Jefferson Sewage Plant (Suffolk Co. Sewer District 1) (1976)

Area study plan for NYS DEC certification, 1976
Information booklets (Brookhaven League of Women Voters), 1971
Citizens Advisory Commission (CAC)--Meeting minutes
CAC--Plan of Study, n.d.
Comment on project, n.d.

Box 9:  Wastewater Management--Cape Cod (1975)

Correspondence, 1975-77

Cape Cod Planning…and Development Commission:
Meeting minutes, 1977
Barnstable Co. wastewater management program

Association for the Preservation of Cape Cod:
Position papers, 1977
Cost benefit analysis, n.d.

Boxes 10-11:  Teton Dam disaster (1976)

Box 10

Reports on the failure (US DOI Failure Review Group), 1976

Box 11

Transcripts and statements before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Government
and Operations, 1976 August

Box 12:  Water Quality Management Plan (NYS)--NYS/EPA Agreement (1977)

NYS s. 208 Water quality management work plan, 1976

NYS/EPA Agreement:
Draft agreement, 1977
NYS plan for control of water pollution, 1978
Draft agreement, 1980
Comments on draft plan, 1980

Boxes 13-15:  Yazoo River Basin Pesticide Study (1977)

Correspondence, 1977-80
Cotton Industry--reports (USDA), 1981
Pumped storage projects--reports (US Fish & Wildlife Service), 1978, n.d.
Soil Survey of Yazoo County (USDA), 1975

Box 16:  Coastal Zone Management Act (1978)

Regulations (NYS & NJ), 1978
Comments on the Act (Natural Resource Defense Council), 1979
1980 Amendments--issue papers, 1979
Coastal Zone Management Plan (LA), 1975

Box 17:  Waterways User Study (US Army Corps of Engineers) (1978)

Press releases, 1978-81
Waterway system maps
Preliminary system evaluation, 1980
Statement on the study (Association of American Railroads)

Study plan (Dept. of Transportation)
Traffic impacts of user charges (3 volumes) (Dept. of Transportation)

Box 18:  Water Policy Reform (1978)

Correspondence, 1978-79
National Water Policy Symposium--papers, 1978
Comments on water policy (EDF), 1978-79

Principles & standards:
Correspondence, 1978-79
Comments on revised standards (Water Resources Council), 1979
Draft revisions (Water Resources Council), 1979
Hydroelectric Power evaluation, 1978

Procedure Manual:
Water Resources Council minutes, 1979
Comments on the procedure manual, 1979

Box 19:  Delaware River Basin Level B Study (1978)

Study work group--correspondence, 1978-80
Study comments and critique, 1978
Basin study (Delaware River Basin Commission), 1979

Boxes 20-21:  Obion Forked Deer River Basin (1979)

Box 20

Obion Forked Deer Workshop draft report, 1979
Comments on the draft report, 1979
Final report (EDF), 1980
Land Treatment plan (USDA et al), 1977
Land and Water Survey Reports (USDA et al.), 1973
Water Quality Management (TN Dept. of Public Health), 1979

Box 21

Design memoranda (Dept of the Army), 1962-68

Boxes 22-23:  West Milford (NJ) Land & Water Planning (1978)

Box 22

Pequannock Watershed:
Conservation & development plan, n.d.
Progress reports, 1979

West Milford:
West Milford analyses--reports (Town of West Milford), 1979
Groundwater resources (NJ Dept. of Environmental Conservation)
Land use guidelines (NJ Dept. of Environmental Conservation)
Natural resources inventory, 1976

Box 23

Open space plan, n.d.
West Milford planning reports, 1979

Boxes 24-26:  Coal Slurry Terminal, Staten Island, NY (1982)

Box 24

Environmental Task Force:
Correspondence, 1982
Correspondence (copies of inter-agency memoranda), 1983
Scope of work plan, 1981
Meeting minutes and notes, 1981
Position papers, 1982

Coal Slurry Terminal--Dept. of Ports & Terminals:
Request for proposal for design study, 1981
Reports, 1981
Design Study, 1982

Box 25

Coal Slurry Terminal--Dept. of Ports & Terminals:
Economic impacts and feasibility reports, 1982
Coal marketing study, 1982
Stapleton Community Board papers, 1982
Press releases, 1982
Port development general legislation, 1981

Box 26

Coal Slurry Terminal--Dept. of Ports & Terminals:
Staten Island Coal Slurry Terminal Project Review

SERIES 4: Environmental Impact Statements

Box 1:  Alabama

National Forest Management (USDA), 1982

Boxes 2-12:  Alaska

Boxes 2-8

Natural Gas Transportation System, draft (Federal Power Commission) 1975

Boxes 9-12

Natural Gas Transportation System, final (U.S. Dept. of the Interior), 1976

Box 13:  Arkansas

Gillham Dam
Bull Creek Reservoir, 1982
Ouachita National Forest Management Plan (USDA), 1984

Boxes 14-16:  Connecticut

Naval Submarine Base (Dept. of the Navy), 1976

Box 15

Thames River Dredging (Trident), 1979

Box 16

North Haven Mall (Army Corps of Engineers), 1983
(missing Vol. 1 section 2 and Vol. 2 section 2)

Boxes 17-18:  Florida

Box 17

Palm Beach County Sewage Program (EPA), 1972

Box 18

Escambia Bay and Pensacola Bay System, 1975
Ocklawaha River, Ocala National Forest, 1974
Duette Mine (Estech General Chemical Corporation), 1980

Box 19:  Georgia

Savannah Harbor, operation and maintenance, 1974
Lake Alma Project, 1976
Chattahoochee & Oconee National Forest, Management Plan, 1985

Boxes 20-23:  Illinois

Box 20

Illinois and MS River--Operation & Maintenance Pools 24-26 (Army Corps of Engineers), 1975
Kaskaskia Navigation Project (Army Corps of Engineers), 1975

Box 21

Locks & Dam No. 26

Box 22-23

Calumet Tunnel System, Chicago, 1976

Box 24:  Kentucky

West Kentucky tributaries project (Obion) (Army Corps of Engineers), 1976/1978
Daniel Boone National Forest Management Plan, draft (USDA), 1984

Boxes 25-35:  Louisiana

Box 25

Outer Continental Shelf lease of oil & gas (Army Corps of Engineers), 1974
Vermilion Lock repairs (Army Corps of Engineers), 1975
Hurricane Protection Project (Army Corps of Engineers), 1974

Box 26

Atchafalaya Basin Floodway (Army Corps of Engineers), 1974
Navigation Projects--Lake Borgne Vicinity (Army Corps of Engineers), 1975
Flood Protection, Jefferson Parish (Army Corps of Engineers), 1974

Box 27

Central Madison watershed
East Franklin watershed
Bayou Plaquemine Brule watershed
Dualde des Cannes
Kinder watershed

Box 28

Bayou Segnette & Barataria Bay, 1976
Bayou Grosse Tette, 1976
Gulf Intercoastal Waterway, 1976

Box 29

Teche Vermilion Watershed--operation and maintenance (Army Corps of Engineers), 1976
Upper Bayou Nezpique watershed (USDA), 1976
Calcasieu River Basin operation and maintenance (Army Corps of Engineers), 1976

Box 30

Calcasieu River Basin Final (Army Corps of Engineers), 1976
Grosse Tette Watershed--flood control (Pointe Coupee Parish Police Jury), 1976
Choctaw Bayou Watershed plan, 1976
Development of port facilities by Port Terrebone Commission, draft (Army Corps), 1977

Box 31

Development of port facilities by Port Terrebone Commission (Army Corps of Engineers), 1977
Lake Verret Watershed (Lower Delta Soil and Water Conservation District), 1977
Lower Bayou Teche watershed [USDA], 1978
Mermentau Basin--operation and maintenance (Army Corps of Engineers), 1978

Box 32

Gulf Outlet Bridge I-10, Orleans Parish, draft (Federal Highway Administration), 1980
East Carroll Watershed (Soil and Water Conservation District), 1980

Box 33

Deep draft access to ports in New Orleans and Baton Rouge (Army Corps of Engineers), 1980

Box 34

Larouse to Golden Meadow Hurricane Protection project (Army Corps of Engineers), 1984
Proposed Louisiana World Exhibition (International Trade Commission), 1983
Proposed Oil and Gas Lease Sale, Gulf of Mexico (Dept. of the Interior), 1984

Box 35

Kisatchie National Forest Management Plan (USDA), 1984

Boxes 36-37:  Maine

Wastewater collection & treatment facilities, 1977

Boxes 38-40:  Massachusetts

Box 38

Impact of Federal Water Pollution Control Act on Boston Harbor and Charles River, 1975
Cambridge Harbor (Army Corps of Engineers), 1975
Wastewater collection and treatment facilities (EPA), 1975

Box 39

Water Quality Management Plan for Cape Cod (EPA), 1978
Routes 25 and 28, Wareham Massachusetts (Federal Highway Administration), 1978

Box 40

Wastewater collection and treatment facilities, Yarmouth (EPA), 1980
Route 25 Federal Aid Highway Project (FHA), 1974
Sludge management plan, Boston (EPA), 1974

Box 41:  Minnesota

Superior National Forest, draft and final land and resource management plan
[maps are located in map drawer] (USDA), 1984

Box 42:  Michigan

National Forest management plan (USDA), 1984
MI coastal management plan, draft (Dept of Wildlife Conservation), 1980

Box 43-46:  Missouri

Harry S. Truman Dam and Reservoir (Army Corps of Engineers), 1978

Box 47-48:  New Jersey

Wastewater Treatment facilities (EPA), 1974
Coastal Management Program (U.S. Dept. of Commerce), 1978
Naval weapons station, Colts Neck--modernization and expansion (Dept of the Navy), 1979

Box 48

Wastewater treatment facilities plan (draft), Monmouth Co. (EPA), 1979
Statement for Industrial Park Development and Resource recovery (U.S. Economic Development Commission), 1979
Wading (Mullica) River estuarine sanctuary (U.S. Dept. of Commerce), 1981
Pinelands National Reserve Management Plan, draft, 1981

Boxes 49-53:  New York

Box 49

Upper Delaware National Scenic and Recreational River proposal (Dept of the Interior), 1974
Mill Brook watershed, Chenango Co. (USDA), 1974
Turnkey Public Housing proposal (HUD), 1974
Fire Island National Seashore (Dept. of the Interior), 1977
Green Brook Basin, draft (Army Corps of Engineers), 1978
Reservoir Releases regulations (NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation), 1978

Box 50

St. Lawrence Seaway Navigation season extension Vol. I (Army Corps), 1980
NY Expo and Convention Center, 1980
Islip Co-generation resource recovery facility (Town of Islip Department of Planning and Development), 1982

Box 51

Ocean Dumping of sewage in NY bight (EPA), 1976
Somerset Railroad construction in Niagara Co., 1982
Moriches Inlet Project, 1982

Box 52

Stapleton Fort Wadsworth complex at Staten Island (Dept. of the Navy), 1985

Box 53

St. Lawrence Seaway navigation project environmental assessment (NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation), 1978

Box 54:  North Dakota

Garrison Diversion (Department of the Interior), draft, 1976

Box 55:  Oregon

Rogue River, Mt. Hood, Williamette National Forests herbicide use (USDA), 1972
Umatilla--the Dulles--Operation and Management (Army Corps of Engineers), 1975
Coos Bay--Deep Draft Navigation Project (Army Corps of Engineers), 1975

Box 56:  Pennsylvania

Allegheny National Forest management plan (USDA)
Paxton Creek and Susquehanna River flood control

Boxes 57-58:  Tennessee

Box 57

Duck River project (Tennessee Valley Authority), 1972
Tellico Project (Tennessee Valley Authority), 1972
West Tenn. tributaries project, 1973

Box 58

West Tenn. tributaries project (Obion River) (Army Corps of Engineers), 1982

Boxes 59-67:  Texas

Box 59

Outer continental shelf oil and gas lease (Dept of the Interior), 1973
Town Bluff Dam, Sam Rayburn Dam & reservoir (Army Corps of Engineers), 1975
Choke Canyon Dam and Reservoir (Army Corps of Engineers), 1975
Cooper Lakes and Channels (Army Corps of Engineers), 1975

Box 60

TX City Channel (Army Corps of Engineers), 1977
Brazos Island Harbor, Brownsville Channel (Army Corps of Engineers), 1977
Cooper Lakes and Channel, final, 1977
Freeport Harbor, draft (Army Corps of Engineers), 1977

Box 61

Gulf Intercoastal Waterway--Chocolate Bayou (Army Corps of Engineers), 1978
San Antonio wastewater treatment facilities (EPA), 1978
Colorado River diversion (Army Corps of Engineers), 1978
Fire/explosion potential of crude oil carriers at Pelican Island, 1980

Box 63

Lower Rio Grande flood control & drainage project (Army Corps of Engineers), 1980

Box 64

Neches River and tributaries, saltwater barrier, Beaumont (Army Corps of Engineers), 1981
Clear Creek flood control project (Army Corps of Engineers), 1981

Box 65

Sabine-Neche wastewater channel improvements (Army Corps of Engineers), 1982
Deepwater channel and terminals, Brownsville (Army Corps of Engineers), 1982

Box 66

Clear Creek flood control (Army Corps of Engineers), 1982
Guadelupe River & channel to Victoria (Army Corps of Engineers), 1982

Box 67

Texas City channel (Army Corps of Engineers), 1982

Box 68-70:  Virginia

Boxes 68-69

Jefferson National Forest Land Management Plan (USDA)
Water supply reservoir on Ware Creek (Army Corps of Engineers)
Norfolk Harbor deepening and disposal (Army Corps of Engineers)

Box 70

George Washington National Forest Management Plan (USDA), 1984

Boxes 71-72:  Washington State

Box 71

Grays Harbor Maintenance Dredging (Army Corps of Engineers), 1976

Box 72

Coastal Zone Management Program, 1977
Grays Harbor channel improvements, 1977
Tacoma Harbor channel improvements, 1977

Boxes 73-76: Northeast Region

Tocks Island Dam--NY/PA/NJ (Army Corps of Engineers), 1976

Boxes 77-80: Southeast Region

Tennessee Tombigbee Waterway--AL and MS
Second supplement environmental report and final impact statement (Dept of the Army), 1978
Wildlife mitigation feasibility study, draft statement, 1983

Boxes 81-82: National Projects

Box 81

Endangered Species Act (USDA), draft
Tanker Construction Program (US Dept. of Commerce), 1975

Box 82

Outer Continental Shelf Mining and Leasing Program (Dept of the Interior)
Timber Management, draft (USDA)
Deepwater Port Regulations (US Coast Guard), 1975

SERIES 5:  Public Statements/Texts

Box 1

Rogers, E.L., et al. (1971). Comments of the Environmental Defense Fund on the
DEIS for the Blue Eye Creek Watershed (Alabama).

Rogers, E. L. & Eisel, L.M. (1972). Comments regarding the preliminary draft
            environmental statement, dated June 1972, Pattonsburg Lake, Missouri.

Tripp, J.T.B. (1978). Comments on the St. Lawrence Seaway winter navigation
            demonstration project. Submitted to the Army Corps of Engineers.

Pennsylvania Transportation Institute. (1979). Season extension on the Great Lakes/St Lawrence
            Seaway: A Critique of the recommended plan of the Army Corps of Engineers.

El-Ashry, M. T. (1978 September 8). Comments on the June 1978 review draft report
            “Irrigation Water Use and Management” of the technical work group for the
            Inter-agency Task Force on Irrigation Efficiencies. Submitted to the Department of
            Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service.

Willey, W.R.Z. (1980 March). Review of the Soil and Water Conservation Act, appraisal drafts
            of the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture by the Environmental Defense Fund.

Testimony / Speeches:

Sandler, R. Statement by Environmental Defense Fund regarding Pollutant
            Discharge Elimination System permits for oil terminal facilities in NY and NJ.
            EPA notices No. NPDES 74-387 and NPDES 74-402.  March 24, 1974.

Environmental Defense Fund. “Pricing and Water Conservation in Agriculture.”
            Delivered at the Agricultural Water Conservation Conference, U.C. Davis,
            June 24, 1976.

Hearings relating to the Fire Island Inlet…New York beach erosion control and hurricane
protection…public notice 7871. (December 5, 1974). Statement of the Environmental Defense Fund.