Environmental Defense Fund Archive
Manuscript Collection 232

Record Group 2- New York Office
Sub-group IV Program Files: Research and Dissemination

Subgroup IV.1: Environmental Health/Toxics

SERIES 1: Administration
SERIES 2: Project Files
SERIES 3: Public Statements/Texts

SERIES 1:  Administration

Box 1

Love Canal [grant file]:
Correspondence, 1980-85
Grant proposal, 1980
Interim status report, 1981
Love Canal’s Effect on Children (report), 1982
Progress report, 1982
Final technical report, 1982

SERIES 2:  Project Files

Box 1

Parathion clippings and reprints, 1974

Boxes 2-5: Mirex

Box 2

Article compilation:
Imported fire ant--General, 1960s
Imported fire ant--Research & methods quarterly reports, 1968-71
Imported fire ant--Effects on humans, 1967-69

Box 3

Article compilation:
Imported fire ant--Control, 1960s
Imported fire ant--scientific studies
Mirex--Biological studies

Box 4

Unpublished papers, 1970-71
Mirex--Article compilation:
Additions to 1972 Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Box 5

Draft environmental impact statement
Pesticides--reports & reprints
"Mirex Bait" [photo]

SERIES 3:  Public Statements/Texts

Box 1

Environmental Defense Fund. (1975 April-May). Comments on the EPA’s proposed interim primary
            drinking water standards.

Silbergeld, E. (1984). Comments to the Environmental Health Committee, Science Advisory
            Board,   Environmental Protection Agency concerning health assessment documents for
            polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (ECAO).


Harris, Robert H. et al. (1975). Relation between cancer mortality and drinking water in
            Louisiana. Draft manuscript.

Harris, Robert H. & Brecher, Edward M. (1974).  Is the Water Safe to Drink? Reprint from the
            June, July, August issues of Consumer Reports.