Environmental Defense Fund Archive
Manuscript Collection 232

Record Group 2 - New York Office
Sub-group IV: Program Files - Research and Dissemination

Subgroup IV.3: Energy

SERIES 1: Program Administration
SERIES 2: Project Files

SERIES 3: Environmental Impact Statements
SERIES 4: Public Statements/Texts

SERIES 1:  Program Administration

Boxes 1-2:  Ernst Habicht

Box 1

To the Board of Trustees, 1974
To the Executive Committee, 1974-78
To Energy Program team, 1974-78

Conservation (Long Island), 1976
Energy policy, 1975-77
Electric utility rates, 1976-77

Box 2

Electricity tariffs, 1975
Rate design, 1975-76

Electric utility re-structuring, 1974, 1979

Conference Papers:
Advanced Coal Technology, 1975-76
New Zealand Energy Conference, 1974, 1978

SERIES 2: Project Files

Boxes 1-3: North Central Power Project (1971-73)

Box 1

Correspondence, 1972-73
Memoranda, 1972-73

Box 2

Press releases, 1972-73
Clippings, 1972-73
“Plains Truth” (Newsletter of the Northern Plains Resource Council)

Draft Environmental Impact Statement
North Central Power Project Study Vols. 1 & 2
Status Reports
Legal research, n.d.

Box 3

Colstrip Units 4 & 5--Application of Environmental Compatibility
Correspondence, 1976
Application & exhibits
Draft Environmental Impact Statement comments

Boxes 4: Nuclear Power Plants (1976)

Bulletins & newsletters (environmental groups), 1974-75
News releases (environmental groups), 1974-76
Pamphlets, 1972, 1974
Health effects--speeches, 1970
Government policy:

Boxes 5-9: Electric Utility Rate Design (1974-78)

Box 5

Correspondence, 1974-78
Memoranda, 1971-77
News releases, 1974-75

NY Public Service Commission--Citizens Advisory Committee:
Transcripts of meetings, May-November, 1976

Box 6

NY Public Service Commission--Citizens Advisory Committee:
Transcripts of meetings, January 1977-September 1978

Boxes 7-8

NY Public Service Commission--Citizens Advisory Committee:
Transcripts of meetings, November 1978-October 1979

Reports on Electric utility rate reform (NY PSC), 1976

Box 9

Electricity rates--comments & statements, 1973-79
Electricity Economics (draft book), 1974

Boxes 10-11: Natural Gas Rate Policy (1975-78)

Box 10

Correspondence, 1975-77
Natural Gas Policy Project, 1976

Rate design task force:
Minutes, January-November, 1976
Reports, January-October, 1977

Liquefied Import Policy Hearings before the Dept. of Energy:
Testimony, January, 1978

Box 11

Liquefied Import Policy Dept. of Energy Hearings
Testimony, January 1978
Rate design statements

Methane Policy Task Force (Scientists’ Institute for Public Information):
Working papers, 1979-80

Boxes 12-13: National Coal Policy Project (1977-78)

Box 12

Plenary Meeting, 1977:
Energy Pricing Task Force
Fuel Conservation
Mining Task Force
Transportation Task Force

Plenary Meeting, 1978:
Task Force reports
Discussion papers

Box 13

Transportation Task Force:
Correspondence, 1977-78
Meeting minutes & notes, 1977
Draft reports, 1977
Reports on coal slurry transport, 1977

Boxes 14-17:  Great Plains Gasification Project Hearings
No. CP78-391 (1978-80)

Note: Copies of proceedings sent to the program director, Ernst Habicht.
Supplements the work of EDF’s Washington attorneys.

Boxes 14-15

Pleadings, 1978-80

Box 16

Initial & reply briefs, 1979
Direct testimony (ANR Gasification Company)

Box 17

Direct testimony:
ANR Gasification Company
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Box 18: Solar Energy (ca. 1978)

Draft copy of The Economic of Solar Energy: The Public Utility Interface
Stephen Feldman, editor, with comments by Ernst Habicht

Box 19: Industrial Innovation--Advisory Committee to the Secretary of Commerce

News release, 1978
Domestic Policy Review of Industrial Innovation:
Status reports, 1978
Subcommittee reports, 1978-79

Box 20: Oil and Gas Supply Study--Energy Modeling Forum (1979)

Study guidelines, 1979
Minutes, May & August, 1979
Executive summary, September-November 1979
Supply data, 1979
Working papers, 1979

Box 21: Energy Conservation (1982)

Economist’ papers related to PSC No. 28223

Energy Symposium summary (PSC No. 28223)
Comments on conservation program--economic, 1982
Conservation Voltage Regulation (EDF), 1982
Urban Strategies--Conference papers, 1982
Energy conservation in industries--papers, 1976-82

Housing conservation:
Conference papers (Princeton economists)
New York State Energy Office workbook
Publications (Cornell), 1980
Publications (NY Dept. of Energy Conservation), 1981
Publications (NYC Energy Office

Box 22: Coal Conversion (1983)

Papers related to Arthur Kill and Ravenswood Coal Conversion Hearings

Air Pollution:
Memoranda, 1983

Arthur Kill & Ravenswood Coal Conversion:
Engineering analyses, 1980

SERIES 3: Environmental Impact Statements

Boxes 1-5: Maine

Box 1

Dickey Lincoln School Lakes Project, DEIS (Dept of the Army), 1978

Box 2

Dickey Lincoln School Lakes, DEIS (Dept of Energy), 1978
DEIS supplements (Dept of the Army), 1978, 1980

Box 3
DEIS supplements (Dept of the Army), 1978, 1980
Federal Water Pollution Control Act sec. 404 evaluation (Dept of the Army), 1978

Box 4

Dickey Lincoln Wildlife mitigation reports (Dept of the Army), 1980
Final environmental impact statement supplements (Dept of Energy), 1980

Box 5

Final Environmental Impact Statement (Dept of the Army), 1981

Boxes 6-7: Massachusetts

Coal conversion--New Boston Station

Box 7

Coal conversion--Mystic Station

Boxes 8-11: Montana

Crow ceded area coal lease (Dept of the Interior), 1977
Big Sky Mine, mining and reclamation, 1974
East Helena Lead Smelter, air pollution Variance (MT Dept of Health), 1974

Boxes 9-10

Colstrip Electric Generating Plant (MT State Dept of Natural Resources & Conservation) 1974
Proposed expansion of Absaloka Mine (Dept of State Lands), 1977

Box 11

Spring Lake Mine--mining and reclamation plan (Department of the Interior)
East Decker Mines (Dept of the Interior)

Boxes 12-14: New Mexico

Box 12

Western Gasification Company (WESCO) Coal Gasification Project and Expansion of Navajo Mine by Utah International INC (Dept of the Interior), 1976

Box 13

Navajo/Exxon Uranium development, final (Dept of the Interior), 1976
Navajo/El Paso consolidated coal lease and mining plan (Dept of the Interior), 1977

Box 14

San Juan Power Plant expansion, 1977
Four Corners Power plant modifications, 1976

Boxes 15-22: New York

Box 15-17

Indian Point No. 2 Environmental report Supplement and appendices, 1974

Box 18-19

Northport Power Station (Long Island Lighting Co.), 1972

Box 20

Nine Mile Nuclear Plant (Atomic Energy Commission), 1973
Breakabeen Project (Federal Power Commission), 1976
Shoreham Nuclear power plant (Atomic Energy Commission), 1977
Bowline Pt. power station, Haverstraw NY, 1977

Box 21

Arthur Kill Power plant (Army Corps of Engineers), 1981-82

Box 22

Coal conversion--Port Jefferson, n.d.

Box 23: Pennsylvania

Newbold Power Plant
Limerick Generating Station (Atomic Energy Commission/Philadelphia Electric Co.)

Boxes 24-25: Utah

Box 24

Bonneville Unit

Box 25

Emery Power Plant (Dept of the Interior)

Boxes 26-28: National Projects

Liquefied Natural Gas

Box 27

Uranium Enrichment capacity, 1975
Federal Coal Leasing Program, nd.
Energy Independence Act of 1975

Box 28

Transport of radioactive materials
Coal conversion of 42 units

SERIES 4: Public Statements/Texts

Box 1

Craig, P. (1972). Comments on electricity and rate structure.

Habicht, E. (1973 June 13). Comments of the Environmental Defense Fund on H.R. 6602
            (Energy R&D).

Habicht, E.  (ca. 1973). Comments on the DEIS for the proposed power plant at Colstrip,

Habichit, E. (1975 September 4). Comments of the Environmental Defense Fund regarding the
            DEIS on the Electrical Power Facility Construction Incentives Act of 1975 by the Federal
            Energy Administration.

Fletcher, K. (1975 November 24). Comments on proposed surface management of federal
         owned coal resources (43 C.F.R. 3041).

El-Ashry, M.T. and Edelman, L. (1976 February 6). Comments on “alternative energy options”
         presented in the NRC-NAS Hearings in Denver, 1976.

El-Ashry, M.T. and Mastbaum, D.C. (1976 October 4). Comments of Environmental Defense Fund
         and Information Please on the EPA’s proposed conditional approval to PSC of Colorado to
         construct the Pawnee Generating Station in Morgan Co., Colorado.

Habicht, E. Statement before the Federal Trade Commission on the proposed rule on residential
            thermal insulation materials. March 30, 1978

Hearings on revised new source performance standards for steam electric power plants before the
         EPA, (December 13, 1978) (testimony of Robert J. Rauch).

Environmental Defense Fund. (1983 October 13). Comments on the supplemental negative
         declaration issued by DEC in the matter of renewal of special limitations for the Northern,
         Central and Southern Tier East Air Quality Control Regions.

Before the Subcommittee on Natural Parks and Recreation of the Committee on Interior
            and Insular Affairs, U.S. House of Representatives; hearings on the impacts of air pollution
on national parks. Washington D.C. (May 20, 1985) (testimony of Charles Epstein on the
threat of acid rain in the west).