Environmental Defense Fund Archive
Manuscript Collection 232

Record Group 2- New York Office
Sub-group III: Department Files

Sub-group III.1: Public Information & Communications

Sub-group III.2: Fundraising/Development

Sub-group III.1: Public Information & Communications

SERIES 1:  Annual Reports

Box 1

1971-72, 1975-79
1983, 1985-1989

Anniversary Reports:
20th Anniversary
25th Anniversary
30th Anniversary

SERIES 2:  Adverstising and Press

Box 1

Environmental Defense Fund general ads, 1970
Press releases 1970-75
Toxics Brochures, 1970
Energy Brochures, 1972

SERIES 3:  Newsletters

Box 1

EDF Letter: A Report to Members of the Environmental Defense Fund,
Vol. 1-30 1970-1999 (Special Collections, X HC110.E5E495)

Environmental Defense Newsletter, Vol. 31, Nos. 2-4, 2000 (Special Collections, X HC110.E5E495)

Environmental Defense Osprey Watch: News from the Osprey Society, 1 issue, Fall 2003

ORV Monitor 1974-1975 with gaps

Recycling World, 1 issue, 1990

Solutions Vol. 35-, 2004- PDF available through the library catalog

SERIES 4: Inter-Office Bulletins

Box 1

California office--Berkeley
1972, 1976-77 with gaps


New York Offices: NYC & East Setauket:
1972-75, 1980-81

Washington D.C. Office:

Virginia Project Office:

SERIES 5: Environmental Defense (Fund) Publications

Box 1

Not cataloged:

Environmental Defense Fund.  Protecting the Ozone Layer: What You Can Do. A Citizens’ Guide to Reducing the Use of Ozone Depleting Chemicals.
            New York: Environmental Information Exchange, 1988

Environmental Defense Fund. Citizen Action: An Ounce of Prevention; A Citizen’s Series on Leaking Underground Storage Tanks
            Part 2.  New York: Environmental Information Exchange, 1990

Oppenheimer, Michael and Robert H. Boyle. Dead Heat: The Race Against the Greenhouse Effect. New York: Basic Books, Inc.

Prince, Jackie. The Supermarket Diet, Watching Our Waste: A Solid Waste Report, Environmental Defense Fund, 1990

Clark, Sarah L. Fight Global Warming: 29 Things You Can Do. New York: Consumer Reports Books

Haimson, Leonie et al.  The Way Things Really Are: Debunking Rush Limbaugh on the Environment
New York: Environmental Defense Fund, 1995

In the library catalog:

Eisel, L. et al. Flood Control: A Field Investigation. East Setauket: EDF, 1972

Eisel, Leo M., Laurie Burt. Flood Control and the Delaware River. East Setauket: EDF, 1973

Wilson, Ron. Tocks Island Dam: Is There a Better Way?, New York: EDF, 1975

Highland, J. and Robert H. Boyle. Malignant Neglect New York: Vintage Books, 1979

Fisher, Diane et al. Polluted Coastal Waters: The Role of Acid Rain. New York: EDF,

Taylor, Robert E. Ahead of the Curve: Shaping New Solutions to Environmental Problems, New York: Environmental Defense Fund, 1989

Oppenheimer, Michael. Global Lessons from the Ozone Hole, New York: EDF, 1988

Sub-group III.2: Fundraising/Development

SERIES 1:  Administration

Robert Joseph Pierpoint

Box 1

To the Board of Trustees, 1971-74
EDF Staff, 1972
Executive Committee, 1978
Fundraising—West Coast Office, 1972-73
“Last Days of the Dolphin” [film], 1974-75
“Planning for Floods” [film], 1973-74

Box 2

Foundation Files:

Vincent Astor Foundation, 1974
Beinecke Foundation, ca. 1978
Bingham Foundation, 1973-76
Carolyn Foundation. 1976
Sterling Clark Foundation, 1973-76
Culpepper Foundation, 1973-74
Dodge Foundation, 1979
Ford Foundation, 1971-77
Fleischmann Foundation, 1978
General Service Foundation, 1972-77
George Gund Foundation, 1971-74
Lindbergh Foundation, 1978
Lyndhurst Foundation, 1979
General Service Foundation, 1972-77
Meyer Foundation, ca. 1978
Needmor Fund, ca. 1978
Noyes Foundation, 1971-75
Rockefeller Family Fund, 1972-77
Schaife Family Trust, 1971-77
Van Ameringen Foundation, 1972-75

SERIES 2: Membership

Box 1

Membership solicitation mailings, 1970-74
 “Last Days of the Dolphin”: premiere invitation & photo, 1974
“Planning for Floods” correspondence, 1974
Members’ decals: Penguin and Earth, 1994, n.d.

Box 2

EDF Prospectus, ca. 1970, 1978-79

Box 3

Harvard Club Fundraising Luncheon with guest speaker William Ruckelshaus
[audio cd], 1974