John Ciardi Collection
Manuscript Collection 372

SUBGROUP IV: Framed Items

1) Poster: The Italian Club, Rutgers – The State University Presents a series of lectures in English on: Dante’s Divine Comedy.

2) Letter to Edward Cifelli from Richard Wilbur. Typed letter, signed: Yours, Dick With signed
photograph. Subject: the relationship between John Ciardi and May Sarton. Description of letter and significance on back of frame.

3) Poster poem: "On the Orthodoxy and Creed of My Power Mower," 1972. Block print at top by Karyl Klopp, signed. Number 14 of a Limited Edition of 200 copies. Signed by Ciardi at bottom. Housewarming gift from Judith and Myra Ciardi (1991). Matted and framed by Judith.

4) First 25 lines, typed, of "The River" (LNES OF X) matted and framed. Signed. Contains one pen correction to text made by Ciardi

5) Letter to Edward Cifelli from Ciardi.14 December 1973. Dictated. He made a correction in ink to the way his secretary spelled, "Cifelli." Signed: John. "Your article about my poem was a wonderful surprise." Requested "another tear sheet or two." See XII Papers, # 12 above, "The Size of John Ciardi's Song."

6) Typed letter, signed, from Richard Wilbur to Edward Cifelli regretting that he cannot participate in the 1987 NEMLA meeting.

7) Poster poem: "The Glory," 1985. Trimmed to fit frame. Signed: John Ciardi 19/350. Gift from Myra Ciardi

8) Poem: "The Size of Song" [the poem Edward Cifelli wrote about in "The Size of John Ciardi's Song," see XII, # 12]
Handwritten, signed, and-inscribed:
for Marshall E. Bean
with a true wish for
what sings longest.
John Ciardi