John Ciardi Collection
Manuscript Collection 372

SUBGROUP II: Miscellaneous Items

Page proof of LIVE ANOTHER DAY, pages 32, 33, 34. Signed: O.K./John Ciardi. Gift of Judith or Myra Ciardi.

Clipping of "The Act of Language," SATURDAY EVENING POST, 1960. No date. Essay reprinted in DIALOGUE WITH AN AUDIENCE. Gift of Judith or Myra Ciardi.

SATURDAY EVENING POST. March 19, 1960. "The Act of Language." Adventures of the Mind 48.

Cifelli, Edward. "The Size of John Ciardi's Song," CEA CRITIC, 36 (Nov. 1973): 21-28. Signed.

FROST: CENTENNIAL ESSAYS (Jackson, MS: University Press of Mississippi, 1974), pp. 471-95. Includes correspondence and page proofs for "Ciardi on Frost: An Interview."

GUIDE TO THE CIARDI PAPERS in the collection at Wayne State University (The Wayne State papers were turned over to the Library of Congress in 1999). Folder of fifteen poems to and about John Ciardi, all but one are photocopies.

THE SELECTED POEMS OF JOHN HOLMES, Introduction by John Ciardi. Boston, MA: Beacon Press, 1965. First edition. Laid in: newspaper review by Philip Booth.

GRACIELA RODO BOULANGER. Greenwich, CT: Lublin Graphics, 1978. First edition. VG. No d/j. Contains a page by page commentary by Ciardi.

MICHEL DELACROIX. Greenwich, CT: Lublin Graphics, 1978. First edition. VG. No d/j. Contains a page by page commentary by Ciardi.

Three bookmarks. Two card stock, third one laminated. Front: John Ciardi/Guest Speaker/43TdAnnual Shakespeare Birthday Program and Award Dinner/ May 4, 1974. Back: printed reproduction of a handwritten sentence: Poetry is an act of Language as painting is an act of paint and as every art is a performance of its own medium. John Ciardi. Gift from Judith Ciardi [Edward Cifelli laminated one copy].

"On Writers and Writing." Interview. BALL STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE FORUM. Vol. 3 (Spring 1962).

POETRY: A MAGAZINE OF VERSE, June 1947. Features as the first poem Ciardi's "Letter to Virginia Johnson," pp. 117-21, and a discussion of the poem by Harvey Curtis Webster called A Critical Preview by the magazine and titled "Humanism as the Father Face," pp. 146-50.

THE UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS CITY REVIEW, Spring 1942. Contains four Ciardi poems: "To Northward," "Program," "Tourist at St. Christopher's," and Cloister."

ROBERT FROST: AN INTRODUCTION. Ed. by Robert Greenberg and James G. Hepburn. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1961. Paperback. Contains Ciardi's "Robert Frost: The Way to the Poem," originally published in SATURDAY REVIEW OF 12 April 1958, pp13-15, 65.

LA CUCINA: The Complete Italian Cookbook. By Rose L. Sorce. With Foreword by John Ciardi. New York: Twayne Publishers, 1953. First edition. This was one of the books Ciardi accepted for Twayne as an Executive Editor, and saw through the publication process.

THE WRITER'S HANDBOOK. Ed. by A. S. Burack. Boston: MA: The Writer, Inc., 1967. Contains an essay by Ciardi, "Some Rules of Thumb for Poets," pp. 371-376. [No acknowledgment of previous publication.] First edition.


THE EDGE OFAWARENESS: 25 CONTEMPORARY ESSAYS. Eds. Ned E. Hoopes and Richard Peck. New York: Delacorte Press: New York, 1966. Contains "Robert Frost: The Way to the Poem," pp. 145-55.

THE AMBASSADOR (magazine of the National Italian American Foundation), number 43 (Winter 2000): 16-20. Article by Edward M. Cifelli, signed: "John Ciardi: Lay Preacher to the Universe." With original photos donated by Myra Ciardi.

"John Ciardi." In Richard Wilbur, The Catbird's Song. New York: Harcourt Brace & Company, 1997. Originally delivered as a eulogy and later published by the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

SO YOU WANT TO BE A WRITER. Robert E. Moore. San Francisco: Boyd & Fraser, 1974. Contains "Robert Frost: The Way to the Poem." Originally published in SR, 1958. Paperback.

POETRY. Vol. 86, No.1 (April 1953). Three Poems: "Thoughts on Looking into Thicket”, “On Looking East to the Sea with a Sunset Behind Me”, “Elegy”

POETRY. Vol. 148, No. 5 (August 1986).

POETRY. Vol. 172, No. 1 (April 1998).

POETRY. Vol. 172, No. 1 (April 1998).

WITCHES THREE. With an introduction by Ciardi: "A Plea for Witches," pp. 9-16. New York: Twayne Publishers, 1952.

WITCHES THREE. Second copy.

WITCHES THREE. Third copy.

THE WRITER, June, 1964. "How Free Is Free Verse?" pp. 15-16. Originally published in SR (1964 [n.d.])

WOMAN'S DAY, October 1965. "Angel Fluffs, Savages and Dispensable Adults," pp. 45; 126; 128-30. Illustrated by Edward Gorey.

Five bookmarks. University of Arkansas Press: John Ciardi: A Biography. With blurbs on back plus ordering information.

KENYON REVIEW. Autumn 1952. "Carlo Crivelli Muses Before a Madonna."

KENYON REVIEW. Autumn 1952. "Carlo Crivelli Muses Before a Madonna."

KENYON REVIEW. Winter 1950.

THE ATLANTIC. June 1950. "Memorial Day."

THE ATLANTIC. May 1953. "The Poetry of Archibald MacLeish." Article.

TO THE YOUNG WRITER: HOPWOOD LECTURES, second series. Ed. A. L Bader. Ann Arbor, MI: The University of Michigan Press, 1965. Contains an essay by Ciardi, "The Silences of Poetry."

1998 NATIONAL AEROSPACE CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS. Detroit, MI: Wright State Univ. Press, 1999. Contains an article on Ciardi: "Images of Life and Death in the Poetry of John Ciardi" by Martin P. Hamlin: 26-30.

THE NEW YORKER, 17 August 1946. "Cape Cod"

POETRY, 1946 - Bound volume. September issue contains a review by Ciardi, "Spokesman of What? He is reviewing Crusade by Captain John Waller.

POETRY, 1940 - Bound volume

ITALIAN AMERICANA, summer 1994, "Tea at Aunt's" Poem

ITALIAN AMERICANA, winter 1996, “John Ciardi, Birth of a Poet”

ITALIAN AMERICANA, summer 1999. Italian Americana Writing since World War II

THE BERKELEY REVIEW. Vol. 1, No.1 (Winter 1956): "Three Elegies"

TV GUIDE. 14 April 1979. John Ciardi, "The Talking Horse Beat the Culture Show by a Mile."

TV GUIDE. 14 April 1979. John Ciardi, "The Talking Horse Beat the Culture Show by a Mile." Second copy.

THE BOOK OF FUN. Selected by Mary Danby. London: Armada Books for Scholastic Publications, 1970.

POETRY. Fiftieth Anniversary Issue. Contains three Ciardi poems: "Death's the Classic Look," "Credibility," and "Fast as You Can Count to Ten."

PLAYBILL for WINTERSET. Dated 2-4 March 1938. Tufts College production with John Ciardi playing the role of Shadow.

NEW LEITERS: A Magazine of Fine Writing. (Published by the University of Missouri-Kansas City, a continuation of The University Review) Fall 1988. Contains "A Note about John Ciardi" by Miller Williams, and Four Poems
about God.

POETRY. Bound volume, April to Sept. 1947. June issue contains "Letter to Virginia Johnson" and an article by Harvey Curtis Webster, "Humanism as the Father Face: A Critical Preview of Ciardi."

POETRY. Bound volume, April to Sept. 1940. July 1940 issue contains "On a Photograph of a Gennan Soldier Dead in Poland" Paperback.

POETRY. Bound volume, April to Sept. 1940. July 1940 issue contains "On a Photograph of a Gennan Soldier Dead in Poland" Hardcover. Second copy.

POETRY. May 1978. Contains "Censorship."

THE KENYON REVIEW. Autumn 1941. Contains "For My Twenty-Fifth Birthday, 1941" in section called Nine Younger Poets.

THE ATLANTIC May 1959. Contains poem, "A Dialogue in the Stoneworks."

THE ATLANTIC March 1963. Contains poem, "At First Flower of the Easy Day."

THE ATLANTIC July 1959. Contains 4-page poem, "Abundance."

THE NEW YORKER. June 13, 1970. Contains poem, "An Emeritus Addresses the School."

THE NEW YORKER. April 22, 1950. Contains poem, "Mystic River."

THE NEW YORKER. May 28, 1949. Contains "For My Nephew Going to Bed."

LADIES' HOME JOURNAL. February 1961. Ciardi was one of a panel of men (including Steve Allen, Robert Cummings, Orson Bean, Jack Lemmon, Tony Randall, and others) being quizzed on the general subject "What Women
Don't Know About Men!"

LADIES' HOME JOURNAL. January 1962. Contains "About the Teeth of Sharks."

LIFE. 1957. Special Two-in-One Holiday Issue. Ciardi's picture appears in an article called "Haven of Art and Study: Americans Life and Work at Academy in Rome."

THE NATURE OF DRAMA. Author: Heffner Hubert.

KEY WEST WRITERS AND THEIR HOUSES: The influence on Key West and its architecture on 20th Century poets and writers from Ernest Hemingway to Thomas McGuane. By Linn Mitsuko Kaufelt. Photographs by Jeffrey Cardenas. Signed by author. Includes a short bibliography of John Ciardi and they show some pictures of his house in Key West (pp. 122-123).


THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN HERALD READER. Hardcover, New York 1966. Edited by Thomas Hornsby Ferril and Helen Ferril. Introduction by Mark Van Doren

WHAT HAPPENED IN SALEM. Paperback, 7th Edition, 1952.

JOURNAL OF NJ. Vol. 14, No. 2. Autumn, 1992. Includes poems by John Ciardi: “Call it a Day”, “Full Notes”
and “This Morning”

KANSAS CITY OUTLOUD. Paperback edition. First edition, 1975.

11TH ANNUAL EDITION: THE YEAR’S BEST S-F. Paperback edition.

WHO CAN IT BE?. SELECTION OF “IMET A MAN”. Paperback edition. By John Ciardi

MAY SARTON. A BIOGRAPHY. First edition. Hardcover. By Margot Peters. John Ciardi is mentioned on pages 196-197.

THE INTERNATIONAL POETRY FORUM. 1983, Collectors’ Deskbook. There is a picture of John Ciardi and a note.

ON BEING A POET. Hardcover By. Judson Jerome.John Ciardi is mentioned in several pages of the book. Laid in a letter to John Ciardi from Polly Campbell (Publicity Coordinator)

VOICES OF ITALIAN AMERICANA. Vol. 8, No. 2, 1997. John Ciardi is mentioned in page 39.

HANDBOOK FOR ENGLISH A. Harvard University, 1950. By John Holmes

ALONG THE ROW AT TUFTS COLLEGE. Paperback edition By John Holmes. Laid in a picture of John Holmes.

THE TEA CRITIC. Vol. 36, No. 1. November, 1973. Featured in the issue: “Edward Cifelli on Ciardi”

HARPER’S MAGAZINE. No. 1174. March 1948. Poem by John Ciardi on page 249
WRITER’S DIGEST. No. 12. December, 2000.

HARPER’S MAGAZINE. No. 1244. January, 1954.Poem by John Ciardi (p. 69) “January 2, Morning” For two and Three Part Chorus

CAT AND MOUSE, Settings of Four Poems by John Ciardi. By Carolyn Jennings. Music sheet for Piano Accompaniment for the poems by John Ciardi:
1.- I Wouldn’t
2. The Lighthouse Keeper’s White Mouse
3. My Cat, Mrs. Lick-a-chin
4. Chang McTang McQuarter Cat.

THE COLLECTED POEMS OF JOHN CIARDI, Compiled and edited by Edward M. Cifelli, Arkansas (new)