John Ciardi Collection
Manuscript Collection 372

Series 5: Books of Limericks

LIMERICKS: TOO GROSS. With Isaac Asimov. New York: W. W. Norton, 1978. Signed and inscribed to Dr.
John D. Clark."
For Doc-
see p. 60 and transvest [Ciardi hand-changed pronouns
from female to male]
from a dirty old man (Isaac)
and from wholesome, lyric, kindly
John Ciardi

LIMERICKS: TOO GROSS. First edition. Signed by Isaac Asimov. Book without signature was gift from Judith Ciardi.

LIMERICKS: TOO GROSS. Paperback. First published as a Norton paperback in 1985.

A GROSSERY OF LIMERICKS. With Isaac Asimov. New York: W. W. Norton, 1981.First edition. Gift from Judith Ciardi.

PHONETHICS: TWENTY-TWO LIMERICKS FOR THE TELEPHONE. North Carolina: Palaemon Press Limited, 1985. Drawings by Jonathan Bumas. Note to the Reader by SW [Stuart Wright]. Limited edition of some 200 copies. Signed first edition. Signed twice, FEP and title page by Ciardi. Signed on last page by Bumas. Gift from Judith Ciardi

THE RICHARD ERDOES ILLUSTRATED TREASURY OF CLASSIC UNLAUNDERED LIMERICKS. New York: Balsam Press, 1984. Contains 14 Ciardi limericks. Paperback.