Valenti Angelo Collection
Manuscript Collection 215

Artistic materials, 1935-1979.
4 cubic ft.
Artist, author, illustrator, and printer.
Occasional printing, original drawings, prints, proofs, sketches, trial pages created in preparation of publications of his Private Press of Valenti Angelo and trade publishers, including a number of his children's books.
Purchased from Valdine Angelo Plasmati in 1989.

Processed by Alison Huftalen and F. Jason Torre; online finding aid by Kristen J. Nyitray, September 2004.

Container Listing

Box 1

16 Folders

1. Copy of the book, Angelino and the barefoot saint. NY: Viking Press, 1961
2-3. Original drawings for printed book, Angelino (13 pieces)
4. Reviews and clippings of Angelino
5. El Triunfo de la Cruz, mock up of book, decorations by Angelo
6. El Triunfo, trial title page & proof pages
7. El Triunfo original tracings and mock ups
8. Hittel, Theodore Henry. El Triunfo de la Cruz. Decorations by Valenti Angelo. San Francisco: Book Club of California 1977. Copy of Book
9-11. Angelo, Valenti. Paradise Valley. NY: Viking, 1940. 3 original illustrations, lithographs on zinc.
12. The Acorn Tree, ephemera
13-16. Golden Gate original drawings and illustrations
17. Map Illustration

Box 2
37 Folders

1. Drawings of the artist, 3 pieces
2. Catalogues of Angelo press publications
3. Miscellaneous illustrations and images
4-5. Original bookplates and decorations
6.Original pencil sketches and tracings
7. Announcements and invitations
8. Valenti Angelo 80th Birthday invitation, 1977
9-11 Christmas and Greeting cards
12. Letter to Norman Forgue (Black Cat Press) from V.A (Valenti Angelo), 6/26/37
13-14. Letters to Eugene Ettenberg (of Gallery Press) from V.A. 9/14/52 and 9/20/52
15. Letter to John from Max and Val (Maxine and Valenti Angelo) 11/16/52
16. Original greeting card by Angelo to John from Max and Val, n.d.
17-21. Letters to Herman Cohen from V.A., 4/8/53, 7/28/54, 4/30/56, 1/16/74, 1/21/74 (on Chiswick Bookshop stationary)
22. Letter to “Val” (Valenti Angelo) from Herman Cohen, 11/17/74
23. Letter to “Val” from Viv Cohen, 1/5/75 – Contains list of Valenti Angelo and John Fass books
24. Letter to Herman Cohen from V.A. 1/10/75
25. Letter to “Val” from Herman Cohen, 3/2/75
26. Letter to Herman Cohen from V.A. w/ envelope, 3/29/75
27. Addressed envelope to Mr. & Mrs. Herman Cohen, 12/75
28. Letter to Mrs. Jacob Foster from V.A w/ envelope, 6/8/79
29. Letter to Dr. Jacob Foster from V.A w/ envelope, 6/23/75
30. Letter to Mrs. Jacob Foster from V.A. w/envelope, 7/11/79
31. Note to Helen Foster from V.A. which accompanied a print, w/envelope, 7/17/79
32. Letter from Jacob J. Foster M.D., 8/11/79
33. Letter from V.A. to Jacob Foster, with envelope 8/20/79
34. Letter from Jacob J. Foster M.D., 10/7/79
35. Christmas card to Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Foster, with envelope, 12/79
36. Greeting card from V.A. to? 12/78
37. Postcard announcing the exhibition of Valenti Angelo’s work at the Book Club of California in honor of V.A.’s 85th birthday. Sent to Jacob. J. Foster M.D., 8/26/82

Note: Oversize items in Box 4

Box 3
8 Folders

1-2 Original and trial broadsides, prayers, poems etc.
3. Original drawings for books
4. Frontispieces from various books
5-8. Trial pages from various hand printed books

Note: Oversize items in Box 4

Box 4

1. American Institute of Graphic Arts membership certificate, 1935
2. Limited Editions Club 25th Anniversary Citation, May 11, 1954, black velvet display case
3. San Francisco Mayor Moscone’s Proclamation for Angelo’s 80th Birthday, June 23, 1977, in red case
4. trial pages from various and printed books, 23 pieces - Oversize (additional items in boxes 2 and 3)
5. Oversized broadsides, letter from Angelo, and book announcement

Box 5
32 Folders

Collection of Proof and Ephemeral Material for The Acorn Tree

1) Collection Description
2-3) Transparent acetate sheets with decorations in black
4 ) Opaque acetate sheets, used as color separation guides
5-7) Photographic paper with illustrations in white on black
8-9) Cardboard sheets with printed labels taped on
10) Photo paper
11-32) Opaque acetate

Box 6
23 Folders

Ilustrations from The Animals’ Christmas

1) Book: Ed: Anne Thaxter Eaton
Illus: Valenti Angelo
2) End Page Illustration
3) Title Page Illustration
4) “So Hallowed and so Gracious is the Time” - Illus.
5) “The Barn” Illus.
6) “The Splendid Gift” -Illus.
7) “The Friendly Beasts”- Illus.
8) “The Beautiful Lady” - Illus.
9) “Words from an Old Spanish Carol” - Illus.
10) “The Holy Night” - Illus.
11) “A Christmas Folk Song” - Illus.
12) “The Christmas Spider” - Illus.
13) “The Oxen” - Illus.
14) “The Little Pagan Faun” - Illus.
15) “Carol” - Illus.
16) “The Three Magi” - Illus.
17) “Twelfth Night” - Illus.
18) “About a Noble Camel” - Illus.
19) “Eerily Sweet” - Illus.
20) “Dulce Domum” - Illus.
21) “Bethlehem” - Illus.
22) “Acknowledgements” - Illus.
23) Dust Jacket Illustration Color Guides

Box 7

Illustrations from The Animals’ Christmas

Original Jacket Drawing
Original Jacket Layout Design

Poster announcing San Francisco Public Library exhibition, 1975. Printed by ?
Oversized Broadsides

Box 8

Large Red Slip case - Angelo, Valenti: author, illustrator, printer [Bronxville: Press of Valenti Angelo]. Contents with over 100 trial pages, book plates, designs, etc. in Boxes 2 and 3.

Small Blue Slip Case - Angelo, Valenti. Golden Gate. [NY: Viking, 1939] - Contents: 53 original drawings found in Box 1.