AIDC 100 Archives - Robert La Moreaux Collection
Manuscript Collection 357


Papers, 1972-1999.
30.5 linear inches.
Organization: Series arrangement.
Business papers, manuscripts, and artifacts.

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The Dr. Robert La Moreaux Collection is the sixth collection donated by a member of the AIDC 100 for inclusion in the AIDC 100 Archives at Stony Brook. The AIDC 100 Archive and Stony Brook University are indebted to Dr. La Moreaux for his foresight in preserving these valuable documents and entrusting them to the University as well as his continued support and encouragement of the AIDC 100 Archive project.

Special thanks are extended to the following individuals for all their support during the planning and processing of this collection: Teddy and George Goldberg, without whose vision this collection would not have found its way to the Archives; Dick Meyers, for his concern and support as AIDC 100 President; Kristen J. Nyitray, Head of Special Collections & University Archives for her continued guidance and assistance. Additional thanks are extended to the following administration members for their support and encouragement: E. Christian Filstrup, Dean and Director of University Libraries; Daniel Kinney, Associate Director of University Libraries for Collections and Technical Services; and finally, Lois Mazer, University Advancement Officer, for her undying support and guidance in this and all other endeavors.


The Dr. Robert La Moreaux Collection, manuscript collection (MC) 357, was donated to the AIDC 100 Archive in February of 2002, by Dr. Robert La Moreaux, faculty member at Michigan State University's School of Packaging. The collection consists of three cubic feet of material containing research notes, presentations, committee papers, educational writings, artifacts, conference proceedings, and food industry and automotive industry related publications and report. This wide variety of assorted materials follows the course of Dr. La Moreaux's forty year career in both private industry, first for the General Motors automotive company, and then later as an educator with Michigan State University's School of Packaging, and highlights the impact he has had in these areas over the course of his accomplished career.

The collection is open to research without restrictions in accordance with general access principles, and under the discretion of the Special Collections Department Staff. All requests to use or reproduce any of the papers within the collection should be addressed to the Special Collections Department Staff; copyrights to all remaining items within the collection (not created by Dr. La Moreaux) must be obtained from the owner prior to publication, however, items may be reproduced and cited within works for research and scholarly purposes, including but not limited to, those items created by or contributed to by Dr. La Moreaux while at the General Motors Automotive company.

In citing the collection, please credit it as follows: Dr. Robert La Moreaux Collection, Special Collections Department, University Libraries, Stony Brook University.

Materials within this collection may be located with the use of the collection's finding aid available in hardcopy and online through the University Library's web page.

Biographical Note

Ph.D. Education, Michigan State University, 1990
MBA Marketing, Michigan State University, 1970
B.S. Economics, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, 1956

1989 -present Coordinator, Lifelong Education Programs, Michigan State University, School of Packaging
1952 - 1987 General Motors

Packaging Economics (PKG 475) and numerous Lifelong Education Programs.

Barcoding, identification and labeling

Scope and Content Note

Manuscript Collection 357, Dr. Robert La Moreaux Collection, consists of two series and three sub-series; the three sub-series are contained within the first series. The listed series are: Business Papers (series I) and Artifacts (series II). Series one contains three sub-series, in order of the following: Sub-series I: Educational Writings; sub-series II: Automotive Industry papers; sub-series III: Food Industry papers. Each of these sub-series reflects the distinct work done by Dr. La Moreaux during the course of his long career, and provides the researcher with a good understanding of that particular industry's issues as they relate to packaging and bar code technology at the time.

The series' original order has been maintained where applicable and re-created in others to assist researchers more easily. Where appropriate 'Series Notes' have been included to assist researchers when examining certain series. Also, items found to fit more appropriately in the AIDC 100 reading room's reference shelf have been removed and cataloged in accordance with library guidelines. In addition, basic preservation guidelines have been followed during the processing of the collection. Items housed in acidic housings have been removed from these housings for preservation reasons and have been placed in acid free folders and containers. Those materials originally stored in three-ring binders have been removed from those binders and placed in acid-free folders; the original order was maintained. All metal fasteners and PVC plastic housings have been removed and replaced in accordance with accepted archival standards of preservation.

The collection's various series and sub-series reflect the importance and depth of the work done by Dr. La Moreaux over the course of his career and should provide a researcher an interesting and informative glimpse into the particulars of the fields of automotive parts marking and food labeling, however, of the two, the most informative and comprehensive portion of the collection is contained within Series I: Business Writings, sub-series II: Automotive Industry papers. This sub-series contains material related the standards work conducted by Dr. La Moreaux while with General Motors and shows the industry wide impact of their findings and dialogues.

Series Description

Series I: Business Papers, 1972-1997, 22 linear inches. This series consists of three sub-series: Educational Writings; Automotive Industry papers; Food Industry papers. Each sub-series focuses on various standards work and research conducted by Dr. La Moreaux during his employment at the time.

Series II: Artifacts, 1983-1990, 8.5 linear inches. This series contains sample labels and codes as well as publications that were developed to be used in conjunction with Texas Instruments Magic Wand Speak & Learn Educational Activity System.

Container Listing

Series I: Business Papers
Sub-Series I: Educational Writings


Untitled Manuscript, N.D.

Untitled Manuscript (marked up copy), N.D.

Untitled Manuscript, Ch 4, (marked up copy), N.D.

Untitled Manuscript, Final Typing Notes, N.D.

Untitled Manuscript, Paste-up originals, N.D.

A Managerial Study of the Elements of Opto-electronic Input to Information to the Data processing System for Increased Productivity and Accuracy by Robert La Moreaux (Dissertation), July 1982

Barcodes – A Practical Guide and Reference for Practioners (Chapter Synopsis), August 15, 1993

The Basics of Bar coding and Automatic Identification/

Keyless Data Entry by Dr. Robert La Moreaux (transparencies), N.D.

Barcodes and other Automatic Identification Systems by Robert La Moreaux (ordering brochure), N.D.

A Survey of Automotive Identification Application in the Automobile Industry (white paper), N.D.
MSU Student Survey, N.D.

MSU School of Packaging Course Schedule, 1988

Developing and Maintaining a Barcode Based System (outline) – MSU

Packaging School Seminar, May 2-3, 1988

MSU – Current packaging issues in the Automobile Industry correspondence, July 24, 1990

Bar Coding and Productivity: A continuing Education Seminar (program announcement), March 9-10, 1988

Continuing Education Seminar correspondence, February 18, 1988

Bar Codes for Productivity by Robert La Moreaux (executive seminar), February 23, 1988

Dr. Robert D. La Moreaux resume, N.D.

Lansing Community College Grade report, 1981

Sub-series II: Automotive Industry, Box 1

Symbology ’82 conference guide, September 13-14, 1982

ANSI MH 10.8M-1993 Unit Loads and Transport packages-Bar Code Symbols Standard, 1993

AIAG Bar-Code Project Team (folder marked ‘AIAG 5 – start Jan. 1, 1987) (F1), October 24, 1987-Febraruary 27, 1987

AIAG Bar-Code Project Team (folder marked ‘AIAG 5 – start Jan. 1, 1987) (F2), April 21, 1987-July 1, 1987

Sub-series II: Automotive Industry continued, Box 2

AIAG Bar-Code Project Team (folder marked ‘AIAG 5 – start Jan. 1, 1987) (F3), February 27, 1987-Febraruary 24, 1988

AIAG brochures, N.D.

AIAG Primary Metals Identification Tag Application Standard – Draft (AIAG B 4), 1986

AIAG Script/UPC Individual Parts Bar Coding Videotape Study Board, January 28, 1987

GM Chrysler Corporation Shipping/Parts Identification Label Standards Manual, N.D.

GM 6121 – M Performance Requirements for labels, January 1, 1978-April 1, 1980

GM Specifications for part and component bar codes ECV/VCVS, May 16, 1983-October 1, 1983

GM Specifications for part and component bar codes ECV/VCVS, May 1, 1985

GM Chrysler Corporation Inter-company correspondence. Subject: Bar coding individual parts, October 4, 1985

Bar Code Printing Methods by Robert La Moreaux (GM Packaging and Material Handling Workshop), January 23, 1985

GM Specifications for part and component bar codes ECV/VCVS, September 1986

GM Specifications for part and component bar codes ECV/VCVS Proofs (folder marked ‘New ’86 Spec # 2), June 5, 1986-November 3, 1986

GM Quality/Reliability Requirement, March 1986

RJS Enterprises, Inc. Report on GM Coda scans, February 25, 1986

GM Packaging and Identification Requirements for Production Parts, 1987

Ford Packaging Guidelines for Production Parts, February 1991

Sub-series II: Automotive Industry continued, Box 3

Scan-tech ’87 News (seminar guide), October 12, 1987

Auto fact Conference & Exposition Guide, November 9-12, 1987

Dispensa-matic label dispensers, September 1988

Print Quality Maintenance Notes, N.D.

GM Quality and reliability samples art and testing notes, N.D.

Blow-up Photo-faxes of symbology test (various labels) (F1), N.D.

Blow-up Photo-faxes of symbology test (various labels) (F2), N.D.

Descriptions of various bar coded labels shown in 20x times blow-up view Photo-faxes with notes (F1), N.D.

Descriptions of various bar coded labels shown in 20x times blow-up view Photo-faxes with notes (F2), N.D. Paste-ups and drop-outs (photographs), N.D.

Code blow-ups of symbology tests (photographs), N.D.

Exxon Printing Systems Samples, N.D.

Robotics Flimsy Art (transparencies of automotives robots), N.D.

Sub-series III: Food Produce Industry, Box 3

AIM USA Layman’s Guide to ANSI 3.182, N.D.

Code 39 and 93 (Intermec & Computype Guides), N.D.

Sub-series III: Food Produce Industry continued, Box 4

Data Matrix: A New Direction for AIDC, N.D.

Hurst Labeling Systems (PLU’s), N.D.

Writings-Pointer Letterpress, N.D.

PIRA International Seminar Proceedings Review and Update of Bar Coding Developments, December 9, 1993

UCC Quality Specification for the UPC Printed Symbol, September 1994

Riding the road to PLU’s: A handout for the PMA convention, San Antonio, TX, October 24, 1994

Produce Marketing Association: A Guide to Coding Fresh Produce (F1), 1995

Produce Marketing Association: A Guide to Coding Fresh Produce (F2), 1995

UCC Application Standard for Shipping Container Codes-Draft, June 1995

Standard UPC/PLU: Not Just for Checkers Anymore (transparencies) by Brian Silberman. 1995 Annual Produce Conference, 1995

To Coding Fresh Produce, 1995

UPC in Dallas. 1996 UPC Conference Guide, September 17-18, 1996

Technology 101 (B1): UPC Conference, September 17-18, 1996

Electronic Commerce ’96, October 15-17, 1996

AIM USA 1997 State of the Association Address, 1997

ANA Article Numbering and Symbol Marking Operating Manual update October 1997, November 18, 1997

Series II: Artifacts


Magic Wand Speaking Library- The Sprite’ Adventures on Earth

Magic Wand Speaking Library- The Noisy Number Robots

Magic Wand Speaking Library- Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Purple Planet

Magic Wand Speaking Library- Mac’s Big Surprise

Frank & Ernest cartoon featuring bar codes, August 9, 1990

Pannier Hi-temp Stainless tag, N.D.

ATC 20/20 Label, N.D.

Welch Allyn Bar Code Jackpot Chart, N.D.

Allen-Bradley Code Chart, N.D.

Computype Bar Code Test Chart, N.D.

Data Documents Systems Code Chart, N.D.

Intermec 4400 Tag Samples

Metal Tag AIAG ID Label, N.D.

Sample Tags photos for book industry, N.D. (6 items-photographs)

Sample Metal Stock Tag, N.D.

GM parts Identification & shipping Sample Label, N.D.

Code 39, LOGMARS (MIL. Std.1189) on corrugated cardboard box side with photograph, N.D.

Bar Coding Printing Methods Chart, N.D.


Texas Instruments Magic Wand Speak & Learn Educational Activity System, copyright 1983. Item Description: Blue colored, hard-plastic resin measuring 11 inches in diameter and 2 ½ inches in height with handle and attached pen reader.

Unidentified, plastic key shaped object with ‘Radisson O’Hare’ written in yellow pencil on the outside edge.

7 Restricted until 2033

General Motors Restricted Materials