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AIDC 100 Archives - David C. Allais Collection

Dr. David C. Allais

The collection was donated by Dr. Allais in four accessions: 2006, 2010, 2011, and 2012.

Extent, Scope, and Content Note
The collection is comprised of 1.5 cubic feet of: documents, drafts meeting minutes, technical notes, newsletters, and artifacts pertaining to the Symbol Technical Advisory Committee, the Uniform Product Code, and the career of Dr. Allais. The documents and artifacts date from 1975 to 2006.

Arrangement and Processing Note
The collection was processed by Kristen J. Nyitray, Associate Librarian/Head of Special Collections and University Archives/University Archivist, Stony Brook University (SBU) in September 2012. It is organized in series order: I. Documents and II. Artifacts. The collection has been re-housed in acid-free, archival boxes and folders.


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The collection is open to researchers without restriction.

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Stony Brook University Libraries

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The AIDC 100 Archives at Stony Brook University identifies, acquires, preserves and makes available to the public, industry members, educators, and students a comprehensive and diverse library of materials that documents the AIDC (automatic identification and data capture) industry.


Dr. David Allais (b. March 5, 1933) is an internationally recognized expert and inventor in the fields of bar coding and automatic identification and data capture. As vice president and later president and chief executive officer of Intermec, Inc. (NYSE:IN), he built the company from a small startup into the leading manufacturer of bar code and printing equipment. Prior to Allais' role at Intermec, he served as a manager for IBM. Most recently, Dr. Allais founded PathGuide Technologies, a Mukilteo, Washington-based developer of warehouse management systems for distributors.


Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, University of Arizona, 1954
Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering, University of Arizona, 1958
Master of Science, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, 1962
Doctor of Philosophy, Stanford University, 1965

In 1988, Dr. Allais was awarded the Association for AutoMatic Identification and Mobility (AIM) Richard R. Dilling Award as a preeminent contributor to bar code technology and on October 16, 2009, Allais received the University of Arizona College of Engineering Lifetime Achievement Award.

He is credited with creating five bar code symbologies: Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF), Code 11, Code 93 and Code 49. He is also named inventor on the following seven U.S. patents:

  • Patent # 3,001,369, Hydraulic System for Driving Several Actuators, 1962, Assigned to IBM.
  • Patent # 3,067,333, Motion Control Apparatus, Assigned to IBM.
  • Patent # 3,670,145, Tape Feed System, 1972, Assigned to Intermec Corporation.
  • Patent # 3,784,794, Electro-Optical Reader for Bar Codes, 1974, Assigned to National Bank Of Commerce of Seattle.
  • Patent # 3,844,210, Multi-Color (bar code) Printer, 1974, Assigned to Intermec Corporation.
  • Patent # 3,909,594, Circuit for Establishing a Reference Voltage in Bar Code Readers, 1975, Assigned to Intermec Corporation.
  • Patent # 4,794,239, Multi-Track Bar Code (Code 49), 1988, Assigned to Intermec Corporation.

(source: entry for David Allais, Wikipedia)

Dr. Allais actively supports industry standards groups and trade associations, including GS1 and AIM.  He is currently Chairman of AIDC 100, an association of leaders in the field of bar coding and RFID.  He has authored numerous technical papers and given lectures at domestic and international conferences. 

Dr. Allais prepared a memoir for the AIDC 100 Archives Memoir Project at Stony Brook University; it can be accessed here.


Series I: Documents

Box 1

  • UPC (Uniform Product Code) Guidelines (manuals): January 1975-March 1975
  • UPC Newsletter: September 1973-December 1977; published by Distribution Number Bank, Distribution Codes Inc., and Uniform Code Council (2 folders)

note: STAC is the acronym for Symbol Technical Advisory Committee

  • STAC meeting minutes: September 11, 1975-November 11, 1981 (2 folders)
  • STAC subcommittee SC3 and SC4 documents: 1978-1984 (2 folders)

Box 2

  • STAC documents and minutes: 1985-1987 (3 folders)
  • STAC documents and drafts: 1987 (3 folders)
  • STAC meeting: May 6, 1986
  • STAC meeting: November 11, 1986 

Box 3

  • STAC documents: 1988-1993 (3 folders)
  • memoir: prepared for the AIDC 100 Archives Memoir Project by David C. Allais, September 14, 2006

Series II: Artifacts

  • bar code label: NCR Colorbar retail labels, circa early 1970s
  • bar code label: Plessey bar code labels printed by an Intermec impact printer, 1972
  • bar code label: Codabar labels printed by an Intermec impact printer, 1973
  • bar code label: UPC-A labels printed by an Intermec impact printer, 1974
  • bar code label: Code 39 labels printed by and Intermec impact printer, circa 1975
  • bar code label: OCR-A labels printed by an Intermec impact printer, circa 1979
  • bar code label: produced for a Dick Butkus autographed 1963 game football, circa 1980
  • advertisement: Axicon's "The Tornado Wand" (1 leaf)

Box 4

  • Intermec Bar Code Reader, Model 9300 and Operators Manual, April 1980

Box 5

  • Folder A-Some Reminiscing by Francis X Beck Jr. – work preceding selection of the UPC Symbol, 1965 through 1972
  • Folder B-Reflected Light from Printed Bar Code – experiments at RCA, January 1970
  • Folder C-Phase I Report, Grocery Industry Ad Hoc Committee, Universal Product Code, November 28, 1971
  • Folder D-PIDAS Results – Measurements of commercial printing of grocery packaging
  • Folder E-Executive Summary UPC’72 – R. Bert Gookin
  • Folder F-Codabar Universal product Code Symbol – submitted to the Ad Hoc Committee by Pitney Bowes
  • Folder G-Addendum to Codabar UPC
  • Folder H-Singer Five-Segment Wrap-Around Format – submitted to the Ad Hoc Committee
  • Folder I-Scanner, Inc. - submitted to the Ad Hoc Committee
  • Folder J-Scanner, Inc. Print Specification Supplement
  • Folder K-RCA Bulls Eye Symbol – Preliminary - submitted to the Ad Hoc Committee
  • Folder L-IBM Proposed UPC Symbol - submitted to the Ad Hoc Committee
  • Folder M-IBM Proposed UPC Symbol Revision 2 - submitted to the Ad Hoc Committee
  • Folder N-Litton Half Bulls Eye - submitted to the Ad Hoc Committee
  • Folder O-Press Release announcing the selection of the UPC Symbol – April 3, 1973
  • Folder P-"The Characteristics and Decodability of the UPC Symbol," David Savir and George Laurer, IBM Systems Journal 1975
  • Folder Q-"Cracking the Code," Marvin Mann for the 25 year anniversary of UPC.