University Information Files - Record Group 61

Collection Description

Files, 1957-2013. 1970-1985 (bulk). 32 cubic ft.

The Information Files collection consists of newsletters, flyers, brochures, programs, notices, bulletins and other materials created by that document the history of Stony Brook University.

Finding aid revised, edited, and updated by Kristen J. Nyitray and Lynn Toscano, August 2013.

Preliminary finding aid by F. Jason Torre; preliminary arrangement by Evert Volkersz and Elissa Daub and graduate student assistants: Raymond Prucher, Allison Huftalen and Fabiola Berenice Baez-Revueltas.


The University Informational Files (RG 61) was established by Special Collections and University Archives in 1969. The collection is comprised of ephemeral material created by academic, administrative and student managed departments at Stony Brook University.

The collection is open to researchers without restrictions.

Citation: University Informational Files, RG 61, University Archives, Stony Brook University Libraries.

Series Descriptions

Series I: Informational Files, 1957-2012, 32 cubic feet. The series consists of materials collected and housed in a standard vertical file (alphabetical listing).

Series II: Faculty Course Packets, 1995-present, 2 cubic feet. This series consists of course packets created by university faculty and staff.

File Listing

Drawer 1

Academic Advising
Academic and Pre-Professional Advising Center
Academic Calendar
Ad Hoc Committee on Computing, Computing at Stony Brook
Administration Office
Admissions Office (6 folders)
Admissions Office - "We'll Change Your Mind" recruiting brochure catalog
Admissions Updater
Admissions Updater for Faculty and Staff
Advanced Student Skills Center
Advancement of Individual Merit (AIM) Program
Advisory Committee on Television and Media
Advocate, The
Africana Studies
Against Racism Committee
Alcohol and Drug Awareness Week (SBU)
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity
Allied Health Professions School
Alternative Cinema
Alumni Association (5 folders)
Alumni Weekend
Alumni Special Events
Alternative Spring Break
Amateur Radio Classes
Ambulatory Surgery Center
American Association for Higher Education - Campus Governance
American Association of University Professors
American Historical Association Faculty Development Program
American Professors for Peace in the Middle East, Stony Brook Chapter
Americans with Disabilities
Ammann College
Amnesty International - Stony Brook Chapter
An Autumn Evening's Wine and Food Tasting
Andrade, Jorge Carrera
Anonymous (1974)
Annual University Reception
Antonija Prelec Memorial Lecture
Anthropology Department
Anthropology Museum
Application Guidebook (2 folders)
Applied Mathematics and Statistics Department
Appreciation Day – Faculty and Staff
Artists, Authors and Editors
Arts and Humanities News
Arts and Sciences College
Arts and Science Senate
Arts Department
Arts, Sciences and Engineering College
ASCENT: Forum for Discussion, Journal of the Undergraduate.
Ashley Schiff Park Preserve
Ashley Schiff Park Preserve - 40th Anniversary Rededication (October 10, 2009)
Asian American Center
Asian and American Cultures Celebration
Asian Pride Night
Asian Students Association
Asian Studies Program
Association for Community-University Cooperation (ACUC)
Attica Brothers Legal Defense
Auxiliary Services
Bach Aria Festival: An Institute at Stony Brook (2 folders)
Banking services
Basic Health Sciences School
Benedict College
Bibliographical references
Billelo, John C.: A Proposal for Expanding Engineering and Applied Science Education

Drawer 2

Biological Sciences Division (3 folders)
Biotechnology Center
Biotechnology Network
Black Faculty and Staff Association
Black Graduate Students Organization
Black Panther Party
Black Students Union
Black Students Union - Daily Communication
Black Studies Program
Blood Drive
Board of Trustees
Book List
Bridge Dedication Ceremonies, The
Brook Spring
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Bulletin Long Island Center
Bursar's Office
Bus Map
Bus Schedule
Business College
Calendar of the Arts
Camp Seawolf
Campaign for SBU
Campus Card Office
Campus Catering
Campus Climate Survey
Campus Dinning
Campus Map
Campus Ministries
Campus Recreation
Campus Residences Division
Campus Signage
Cardozo College
Career Center
Career Development Office
Career Development Office - Career Center Placement Guide
Career Women's Network
Caribbean Students Organization
Catholic Campus Ministry
Catholic Fellowship
CED (Center for Excellence + Innovation in Education)
CED - Student Government
CELT (Center for Excellence in Learning + Teaching)
CEWIT (Center for Excellence, Wireless and Information Technology)
Center for Industrial Cooperation
Chancellor's Office
Challenge Program Courses
Charles B. Wang Center - Computer Association Internal Investigation
Charles B. Wang Center - Events (2 folders)
Charles B. Wang Center - Jasmine
Charles B. Wang Center - Opening
Charles B. Wang Center - Pagoda Sculpture
Chem. Newsletter
Chemistry Department
Child and Family Studies
Child Care Center Project
Child Care Services, Inc.
Choice Center
Cinematographic Arts Committee
Clara's Woods
Cleland, Hugh Gregg

Note: newspaper articles formerly titled "clippings."

Newspaper article - undated - Faculty Revolt Erupts at LI's State U. Center
Newspaper article - undated - L.I. State U. Head Won't Resign
Newspaper article - undated - President Puts Accent on Education: LI State U. Has Sights Set High
Newspaper article - undated - Report by Levitt Hits LI College
Newspaper article - undated - State U. Chief Resigns
Newspaper article - undated - State U. Students Given Roaring Welcome
Newspaper article - undated - Top Science Grant Goes to LI Teacher
Newspaper article - undated - A University is more than Mortar, Boards
Newspaper article - 8/29/62 - Dr Hamilton Steps Down
Newspaper article - Harper's Magazine 12/1/66
Newspaper article - Long Island Daily Press 1/18/61. - State U. Blueprints LI College Expansion
Newspaper article – LI Press 4/12/06 – Girl Trouble
Newspaper article - NY Post 1/18/61 - Heald Tuition Plan Opposed by State U
Newspaper article - NY Post 1/24/61 - See Albany OK on Aid for Church Colleges
Newspaper article - NY Post 1/24/61 - The Mind, Like the Body, Thrives on Challenges
Newspaper article - NY Post 10/20/61 - Dean Shifted LI College Up in Arms
Newspaper article - NY Post 11/1/61 - State Ending Probe of Row at LI Center
Newspaper article - NY Post 11/9/61 - New Academic Storm Rocks State U's LI Center
Newspaper article - NY Post 3/30/62 - 4 Months of Faculty Leave LI State U. Shaken
Newspaper article - NY Times undated - Chairman Resigns at State U. Center
Newspaper article - NY Times undated - Hamilton to Leave Post as President of State University
Newspaper article - NY Times undated - State U. Head Holds Constructive Talks at the LI Center
Newspaper article - NY Times 1/18/61 - Regents Ask College Grant of $200 for Each Student
Newspaper article - NY Times 1/19/61 - Summary of State University's New Plan
Newspaper article - NY Times 8/11/61 - 4 State U. Profs, 2 on Staff Quit in Row
Newspaper article - NY Times 10/21/61 - State U. Students Boycott Classes
Newspaper article - NY Times 10/22/61 - 3 Deans Support LI Center's Head
Newspaper article - NY Times11/9/61 - LI College Head Calls for Inquiry
Newspaper article - NY Times 11/10/61 - State Outs Lee from LI College
Newspaper article - NY Times11/11/61 - Dismissed Head of LI College o Press Charges of Corruption
Newspaper article - NY Times 11/12/61 - Lee Assails State for LI Problem
Newspaper article - NY Times 11/15/61 - Our State University
Newspaper article - NY Times 12/3/61 - LI College Faces Morale Problem
Newspaper article - NY Times 8/28/62 - State University Head Leaving Jan 1. to Assume Post in Hawaii
Newspaper article – NY Times 7/3/00 – Who supplies the freshest fish to NYC
Newspaper article – NY Times 7/3/00 – Preserving Black Landmarks in Setauket
Newspaper article – NY Times 9/5/02 – State to Close Queens Plant
Newspaper article – NY Times 12/12/04 SB: World Class Secret?
Newspaper article – NY Times 9/18/05 – SB Unveils its Marine Science Site
Newspaper article – NY Times 2/19/06 – Battling the Rules on Tick Eradication
Newspaper article – NY Times 4/9/06 – Leaving SB to Follow a Sheik
Newspaper article – NY Times Magazine
Newspaper article - Newsday 2/1/61 - Budget Gives LI Boost, But Not in School Aid
Newspaper article – Newsday 8/12/61 - State U. Head Won't Act in LI Center Fight
Newspaper article – Newsday 8/29/61 - Used State Car as School Bus
Newspaper article – Newsday 10/21/61 - State Halts Transfer of Dean from LI
Newspaper article – Newsday 10/23/61 - State U. Revolt is Clash over Study Systems
Newspaper article – Newsday 10/25/61 - New Hassle Erupts At State U. Center; Aide Resigns Post
Newspaper article – Newsday 11/9/61 - Head State U. on LI Asks Probe
Newspaper article – Newsday 11/10/61 - Fire Head of State U. on LI Hassle
Newspaper article – Newsday 11/11/61 - Long Island Mystery
Newspaper article – Newsday 11/13/61 - Aides Lee's Charges; NY Bars Probe
Newspaper article – Newsday 11/14/61 - State U. Head Takes Over at LI Center
Newspaper article – Newsday 11/21/61 - State U. Faculty Group Named as a Channel for Grievances
Newspaper article – Newsday 12/14/61 - Lee Sues for Job at State U. Center
Newspaper article – Newsday 5/18/62 - "LIE" Charge Stirs New Feud at State U.
Newspaper article – Newsday 5/24/62 - Public Will Inherit Coe State Today
Newspaper article – Newsday 9/18/92 - A University is Born
Newspaper article – Newsday 3/19/63 - Cops Have Job at LI Sit-In
Newspaper article – Newsday 3/11/63 - Internal Feuds Wrack State U. on LI
Newspaper article – Newsday 3/19/63 - Deny Stride at State U.
Newspaper article – Newsday 3/19/63 - Two Views from Stony Brook
Newspaper article – Newsday 2/28/79 – The Past in His Hands
Newspaper article - Newsday 1/7/05 - "Historic" changes in SUNY tuition
Newspaper article - Newsday 4/8/05 - Drumming up a peace effort
Newspaper article - Newsday 5/9/05 - Forum Issues Global Warming
Newspaper article - Newsday 5/10/05 - Stony Brook ready to compete
Newspaper article - Newsday 6/3/05 - Felled trees anger campus community
Newspaper article - Newsday 6/9/05 - Stony Brook, University sets $300M goal
Newspaper article - Newsday 9/8/05 - Stony Brook Preview, Win it for "Coach K"
Newspaper article - Newsday 10/11/05 - They know how to win Nobel's
Newspaper article - Newsday 10/21/05 - New Chief for College Hospital chooses…
Newspaper article - Newsday 11/3/05 - Local Colleges
Newspaper article - Newsday 11/3/05 - In $35M deal, SUNY goes to Southampton
Newspaper article - Newsday 11/3/05 - Stony Brook, Math Professor wins Science Award
Newspaper article – Newsday 11/4/05 – State Seizes Land for SUNY "We Own the Property"
Newspaper article – Newsday 3/19/06 – Facing the Future
Newspaper article – Newsday 4/16/06 – Honor Wilfredo "Willie" Wilkie
Newspaper article - The Statesman 3/25/61
Newspaper article - The Statesman 11/19/61 - President Lee Removed from Office
Newspaper article – SB People
Newspaper article - The Three Village Harold 10/27/61 - The Revolt SULIC
Newspaper article - Time Magazine 12/10/65
Newspaper article - N Y Times 5/14/06 - Stony Brook Network Adds East End Hospital
Newspaper article - NY Times 5/14/06 - Colleges Increasingly Banking on Deep Pockets for Donations
Newspaper article - Stony Brook U 50th Anniversary 8/16/07
Newspaper article - Newsday 12/17/06 - Standing by the Hospital
Newspaper article - Newsday 11/5/06 - State on Stony Brook Hospital: Blame for Boss
Newspaper article - NY Times 11/5/06 - The Anatomy of a Medical Center
Newspaper article - Newsday 11/30/06 - Stony Brook Split: Debate over how to run a hospital
Newspaper article - Newsday 11/12/06 - Blaming the System
Newspaper article - NY Magazine - From Baghdad to LIE
Newspaper article - Long Island Business News 1/12-18/07- Advertisement
Newspaper article - Newsday 2/16/07 - University president to receive award
Newspaper article - Newsday 2/18/07 - On the Trial of the Setauket Spies
Newspaper article - Newsday 2/25/07 - Stony Brook's Newsmaking Chief
Newspaper article - The Chronicle 6/16/06 - Feisty President at SUNY Stony Brook Has Led a Makeover of "Mudville"
Newspaper article - Suffolk Sun 1/19/68 - Stony Brook. Here's a List Of Arrested
Newspaper article - Newsday 11/15/81 - John Marburger
Newspaper article - SB News 5/8/06 - Stony Brook Announces $25 Million Gift From Renowned Former Math Chair Jim Simons
Newspaper article - LI Times Herald 5/13/06 - Long Island's planning guru
Newspaper article – Sports Illustrated 11/13/06 – Advertisement (p.71)
Newspaper article – Sports Illustrated 01/15/07 – Advertisement (p.21)
Newspaper article - Newsday 2/19/07 - Stony Brook panel members may have had conflict
Newspaper article - Washington Post undated - The High Price of Homeland Security
Newspaper article - Newsday 4/16/07 - Moves to toss old journals upsets faculty
Newspaper article - NY Times 5/14/07 - New York Plan for DNA Data in Most Crimes
Newspaper article - Penn Current 2/27/05 - "If this is retirement, it's a very peculiar form of retirement"
Newspaper article - 5/21/07 - Stony Brook post personal info by mistake
Newspaper article – Sports Illustrated 10/01/07 – Advertisement (p.40)
Newspaper article – Newsday 11/20/07 – The Bare Essentials
Newspaper article – Sports Illustrated 12/17/07 – Advertisement (p.63)
Newspaper article – Passport to Brookhaven Town 2006/2007 – Advertisement
Newspaper article - assorted articles

CME Wavelength
CN Yang – Chair in Physics and Astronomy
Coalition against War
Coalition for a Better Health Services
Coastal Ocean Pollution Assessment News
Cody Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities

Drawer 3

Commencement Exercises (3 folders)
Commencement Exercises - Long Island Center
Communicator and Academic Newsletter for Minority Students, The
Communication Printing Services Office
Community Advocate Office
Community Month
Community Relations Office
Commuter Advocacy Referral Service (CARS)
Commuter College
Commuter Student Association
Commuter Student Newsletter
Comparative Literature Newsletter
Comparative Literature Program
Computer Corner
Computer Science Department
Computing Center
Concert Memories
Concerts Trough the Years
Conferences and Special Services Office (Announcements)
Conferences, Lectures, Programs, Films
Contemporary Arts and Letters Center
Continuing Education Center (4 folders)
Continuing Education Center - Dean's Office
Continuing Education Center - Informal Studies Program
Continuing Education Center - Management Seminars (2 folders)
Continuing Education Center - University Lecture Series
Cooperative College Centers (Glen Cove, Hempstead, Roosevelt, Wyandanch)
Corporate Continuing Education Center
Council on Faculty Rights and Responsibilities
Counseling Center
Counselors' Update
Creature Cravings
Cubicle, The - Honors College Newsletter
Curriculum Review Committee
Custodial Training School
Daily Staff Information Bulletin of the Stony Brook Libraries
Davis, James
Day in Albany
Dedication of the Campus
Delancey Street
Dental Medicine School
Dickson, David W.D.
Diploma Template
Directory of the Department Chairman
Disability Support Services
Distinguished Alumni Awards Dinner
Distinguished Community Service Award
Distinguished Lecture Series
Diversity and Affirmative Action Office
Dorm Looking Program
Douglas College
Drug Raid (3 folders)
Earth and Space Sciences Department
Economic Development Conference
Economics Department
Education Department

Drawer 4

Education for the Dental Practitioner - Course listings and Preview Sheets
Educational Communications Center (2 folders)
Educational Research on Sexuality (Eros)
Educational Services Retention Newsletter Office
Educational Technologies
Educator's Appreciation
Electrical Engineering Department
Emergency Management
Emerging Technologies Center
Emeritus Faculty Association
Employee Activities Council
Employee Assistant Program
En Avant !
End of the Bridge, The
End of the Bridge Restaurant
Engineering and Applied Sciences College
Engineering College
Engineering College - Dean's Distinguished Lecture Series
Engineering College - Engineering Newsletter
Engineering Sciences News
English Department (2 folders)
English Department - A proposed for a program of Graduate Studies in English
Environmental Camp
Environmental Health and Safety Department
Environmental Health and Safety Department, Health Sciences Center - Air Quality Report
Environmental Studies Program
Equal Opportunity – Affirmative Action Review
Equal Opportunity Office
ERGO, the Service Fiction Magazine
Examinations; A Literary Magazine
Executive Vice President Office
Experience Stony Brook
Experimental College
Extended Day Program
Facilities Engineering Newsletter
Facilities & Services Office
Facts and figures (2010-2012)
Faculty Achievement Dinner
Faculty Advisers
Faculty and Staff Debit Plan
Faculty Assembly (2 folders)
Faculty Association News
Faculty Committee on Health Professions
Faculty Organizational Development Project
Faculty Senate
Faculty Senate - By-Laws (3 folders)
Faculty Senate - Bulletin (2 folders)
Faculty Senate - Committee on Academic Standing
Faculty Senate - Committee on Research Appropriate to a University
Faculty Senate - Executive Committee (2 folders)
Faculty Senate - Faculty Forum
Faculty Senate - University Curriculum Committee
Fall-in Day
Faculty and Staff Digest: Faculty Student Association of State University of New York at Stony Brook, Inc
Faculty Student Commissions Operation (3 folders)
Family Medicine Department
Fannie Brice Productions
Federal Credit Union
Federated Learning Communities
Film Festival
Financial Aid and Student Employment Office
Financial Aid Program for Undergraduate Students
Fine Arts Center
Fine Arts Center - Art Gallery (3 folders)
Fine Arts Center - Centerpiece

Drawer 5

Fine Arts Center - Conference at
Fine Arts Center - Concerts and Music (2 folders)
Fine Arts Center - Dance and Theater Subscription
Fine Arts Center - Inaugural Activities
Fine Arts Center - Lectures
Fine Arts Center - Office of the Director
Fine Arts Center - Performances (Opera, Theater, Dance) (3 folders)
Fine Arts Center - Program Schedule
Fine Arts Center and Theater Department
Fine Arts Department
Fine Arts Newsletter
Food Service
Foreign Student Affairs Office (2 folders)
Foundation Focus: A Report on Private Support at the State University
Fraternities and Sororities
Fraternities and Sororities - Alpha Epsilon Pi
Fraternities and Sororities - Alpha Kappa Delta
Fraternities and Sororities - Delta Sigma Theta
Fraternities and Sororities - Phi Beta Kappa
Fraternities and Sororities - Pi Sigma Alpha, Eta Theta
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Freedom Foods CO-OP
French and Italian Department
Friends of the Fine Arts Center
Friends of WNCN
Future of Humanities at Stony Brook Committee
Galleria; News of the Libraries
Gardenerz, Leonard
Gelber, Sidney
General Institutional Services
George Gershwin College
Geosciences Department
Germanic and Slavic Languages Department
Glass, Hiram Bentley
Gould, Samuel B.
Graduate Admissions - Applications
Graduate Public Services Employment Newsletter
Graduate School (2 folders)
Graduate Student Employment Union
Graduate Student Executive Committee
Graduate Student Organization
Graduate Students Organization - The Classical
Graduate Student Organization - News
Gray College
Greek Letter Societies
Green Team Awards
Group for Research on Human Development and Educational Policy
Guidance Services Bureau
Gym Shorts
Habitat for Humanity
Haitian Student Organization
Harriman Notes
Harry Bridges Project, The
Hartzell, Karl D.
Health Policy and Management Center
Health Professions - Admissions Office (2 folders)
Health Sciences Center (2 folders)
Health Sciences Center - History
Health Sciences Center - News (2 folders)
Health Sciences Center - Office of the Vice-president
Health Sciences Center - Physical Plant News
Health Sciences Library
Health Services
Health Technology and Managements School
Heart Center
Henry James College

Drawer 6

Hillel Foundation for Jewish Life (2 folders)
Hispanic Languages and Literature Department
Historical Documents
History Chronology (SBU)
History Chronology - 25th Anniversary (SBU)
History Department
History Department - Graduate Newsletter
Hittin the Note – Allman Brothers,
Homecoming (Wolfstock)
Honorary Degrees
Honors College
Honors College
Horn and Hardart Company
Horse Show
Hospital - Blood Bank
Hospital - Health Resource Center
Hospital - Pediatric Oncology Department
Hospital - Print Center
Hospital Planning
How Class Works Conference
Human Resources Department
Human Resource Services
Human Resource Services - Announcements
Humanities and Fine Arts Division
Humanities Institute
Hurricane Sandy (October 30-31, 2012)
Ibero-American Studies
I-Con (2 folders)
In-Service Teacher Program in Community Studies
India Studies Center
Insight - Newsletter of the Stony Brook Chapter of UUP
Institutional Self-Study (2 folders)
Institute for Advanced Students of World Religions
Institute for Social Analysis
Instructional Computing
Interdisciplinary Program in Humanities
Interface; Computing Center Newsletter to the User Community (3 folders)
Interfaith Center
International Academic Programs
International Program Office (2 folders)
International Studies of World Affairs
International Art of Jazz Inc
International Congress of Crystallography
Iraq Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU)
It Happened on Long Island
Italian Studies Center
J. Club
Jackson State Committee
Japan Center
Javits, Senator Jacob K.
Javits, Senator Jacob K. - Lecture Center
Jewish Art Festival
Journalism School
Kazin, Alfred
Kenny, Shirley Strum
Korean campus - State University of New York (SUNY Korea)
Land Acquisitions and Indentures
Langmuir College
Latin American Students Association
Law Center Proposal
Learning Communities Program
Lee, John Francis
Legal Studies Center
Lennarz, William J.
Liberal Studies Office (2 folders)
Libraries (4 folders)
Libraries - annual report (3 folders)

Drawer 7

Libraries - Author Series
Libraries - Budget
Libraries - Committee on Academic Status for Librarians
Libraries - Committee on Tenure and Evaluation of Librarians
Libraries - A Descriptive Report on the State of the Librarians
Libraries - Facilities Programs
Libraries - Five-Year Planning Statement
Libraries - Galleria Concert
Libraries - Guides (2 folders)
Libraries - Hours
Libraries - Information Leaflet
Libraries - Library Faculty
Libraries - Library Faculty, Programs Committee
Libraries - Library News
Libraries - Library Safety Committee
Libraries - Library Staff Association, Executive Board
Libraries - Memorandum
Libraries - Monthly Report to the President
Libraries - Report of a Survey of the Libraries of the SUSB
Libraries - Report on the State University of New York at Stony Brook
Libraries - Social events
Libraries - Special Collections Department and University Archives
Libraries - Staff
Libraries - STARS
Libraries - Women's Library Caucus
Library Club
Library holiday cards
Linguistics Department
Live Wires: A Literary Magazine
Living Learning Centers
Logos and seals
Long Island Cancer Center
LIGASE (Long Island Group Advancing Science Education)
Long Island High Technology Incubator
Long Island Library Resources Center
Long Island Library Resources Council
Long Island Regional Advisory Council on Higher Education (Libache)
Long Island Regional Poison and Drug Information Center
Long Island Report
Long Island State Veterans Home
Long Island Technology Hall of Fame
Louis and Beatrice Laufer Center for Physical and Quantitative Biology
Maitreya Project - Heart Shine Relic Tour
Major university committees
Maps (SBU)
Marburger Era at Stony Brook (brochure)
Marburger III, John H.
Marburger III, John H. - obituaries
Marine and Atmospheric Sciences School
Marine Environmental Studies Program
Marine Sciences News
Marine Sciences Research Center
Marine Sciences Research Center - Newsletter
Market Place, The
Master Plan Synopsis
Materials Sciences Department
Mathematical Science Division
Mathematics Department
Mckiney, Roberta
Meal Plan
Measure the Environmental Quality Committee
Mechanical Engineering Department
Medicine, School of (2 folders)
Medicine, School of - newsletter (2 folders)
Medicine, School of - Office of Continuing Medical Education (2 folders)
Meditation group
Melville, Ward
Mentor Program
Mentoring for Success
Micro Update; Administrative Systems Micro Newsletters
Microbiology Department
Mid-Life Assessment Program
Milosz, Czeslaw
Minority Students
Motor Vehicle Regulations
Museum Computer Network, Inc.
Museum of Long Island Natural Sciences
Music Department (2 folders)
Music Department - Events, Programs, Concerts, Performances
Musicians Alliance for Peace

Drawer 8

National Archives and Records Administration (Symposium)
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
National Coalition for Research on Women's Education and Developments, Inc
National Organization for Women - Mid-Suffolk NOW Campus Committee
National Society of Black Engineers
National Student Exchange
New faculty
New Student Program Office
New York Congress of Teachers
New York Educators Association / National Education Association
New York Higher Education Association of SUNY
New York Ocean Science Lab
News Services Department
NYPIRG Informer
NY Sea Grant Program Guide
NYS Department of Civil Service
Non-Degree Study Program
Non-Teaching Professionals [Education - Related Professionals]
Nursing School
Occupy Stony Brook: 2011 November 17
Off-Campus Housing Service
Official Ring for SBU
O'Nell College
Ombuds Office
Open Doors, Open Minds - Take our daughters and sons to work day
Open House
Opening of a New College
Orgasm, The - A Provocateur
Orient Express
Oriental Student Review
Orientation (Orientation Program for State Faculty - Professional Employees)
Out; A Newsletter of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance
Paumamok Ensemble, The
Parents' Day
Parking Map
Parking Policy Committee
Part-Time Study
Party Flyers (students)
Pathology Department
Patent Care Services and Administration Annual Report
PAWS Campaign
Personnel Office
Pharmacological Sciences Department
Philosophy Department
Photo-Optics Facility
Physical Education Department (2 folders)
Physical Science and Mathematics Division
Physics and Astronomy Department
Physics and Astronomy Department - Science Open Nights
Physics Teacher Newsletter
Podiatric Medicine School
Poetry Center
Political Science Department
Pond, Thomas Alexander
Post Office
Pre-Law Society Newsletter
Pre-Law Studies
Pre-Nursing Club
Premedical Studies
President's Advisory Committee on AIDS
President's Award
President's Lecture Series
President's Meetings
President's Office (2 folders)
President's Office - Administrative Officer
President's Office - Announcements
Presidential Awards Applications
Pride Patrol
Pride Scholarship Fund
Print: An Unedited Literary Magazine
Professional Association
Professional Development School
Professional Education Program
Program for Research and Creative Activity Office
Progressive Labor Party
Project 50 Forward
Project Scorecard
Promotion Review Panel
Prompt: The Office Automation Newsletter (2 folders)
Proposal to Establish a University Centered Regional Focus
Protestant Campus Ministry
Protests/Arrests - Newspaper Articles
Provost, University Distinguished Lectures Series
Psychiatry Behavioral Science Department
Psychology Department (2 folders)
Psychology Program

Drawer 9

Public Safety Department (2 folders)
Quality Day Care
Quixotica: Literary Magazine
Rape and Assault Prevention Ad Hoc Committee
Records/Registrar Office
Records/Registrar Examination Schedules Office
Recycling Resource Management Department
Red Balloon Collective Network
Red Balloon Collective Conference
Regent's Committee on Integration
Register, The
Regional Policy
Religion and Society Center
Religious Studies Center
Report to the Faculty, Administration
Research Administration Office
Research and Development Park (Gyrodyne/Flowerfield)
Research Annual Report
Research Centers at the State University of New York
Research Foundation
Research Life Office
Residence Life Calendar
Residence Life Office
Residential College Counseling Staff
Residential Colleges
Resident Student Network (Resnet)
Residential Tutoring Centers
Reslife and Times
Resource Center for Learning Disabilities
Resource Inventory
Retirees Dinner
Rogers, Thomas
Roth Quad Regatta
Round Table, The
Roster of Personnel
Safety Services
Salute to Stony Brook
Schmidt, Richard Perose - Acting President
Scholar Incentives Program
Scholastic Achievements - Incentives for nontraditional students
Science Fiction Forum - Newsletter
Science Mathematics and Technology Education Center
Scientific Products Stony Brook Workshop
Seawolves Marketplace
SEFA (State Employees Federated Appeal)
Self Study - The Student Experience
Senate - Academic Services Committee
Senate - Administrative Review Committee
Senate - CED Council
Senate - Campus Environment Committee
Senate - Committee on Resource Allocation and Academic Planning
Senate - Graduate Council
Senate - List of Current Senators and Committees of CAS, CEAS, HSC, and SUSB
Senate - University Personnel Policy Committee
Senate - Umbrella Committee on curriculum, Education, and Teaching Policy
Senate Professional Association
Senate Professional Association - SPA Spokesman
Senate Professional Association - Stony Brook
Senior Commons Room, Inc.
Senior Party
7 Days: The Unclassroom
September 11
Sexual Harassment Policy
Sickle Cell Organization
Siegel, Ronald W.  Parking - An Assessment
Sigma Beta Freshman Honor Society
Sigma IX: The Scientific Research Society of North America SBU Club
Simons, James
Simons Center for Geometry and Physics
Simons Chair of Medicine
Simpson, Louis
Sixth Annual Swartz Foundations - Mind/Brain Lecture (Brochure)
Slavic Center
Small Business Development Center
SACL (Social Advocates for Civil Liberties)
Social and Behavioral Science Division
Social Justice Alliance
Social Welfare School (3 folders)
Sociology Department
SOLAR System
Source of Academic Information
Southampton Campus
Southampton Hospital
Special Programs Office - Office for the Disabled
Special Programs Office - Office of Foreign Student Affairs
Spectrum, The
Specula (ephemera)
Sports (2 folders)
Sports - News
Spot, The
Spotlight on Stony Brook for Family and Friends
Spotlight on Stony Brook for Guidance Counselors
Staller Center for the Arts (5 folders)

Drawer 10

Staller Center for the Arts - Upbeat Newsletter
Stanley Jr., MD , Dr. Samuel L.
State of the University and Annual Report to Donors
State University Federation of Teachers
State University of New York
State University of New York - Long Island Center
State University of New York - State Education Department
State University of New York - United
SUNYLA (SUNY Librarians Association) (3 folders)
SUNYLA - Application
SUNYLA - Conference - Potsdam, NY - Special Collections and Archives (Survey)
SUNYLA - Conference Pocket (red)
SUNYLA - Handouts
SUNYLA - MTG at Stony Brook - LI To Do Pocket
SUNYLA - Pre-Workshop Brochure
State University of New York Press
Stony Brook Advance
Stony Brook Antiwar Fund Newsletter
Stony Brook Assembly Association
Stony Brook Cares
Stony Brook Foundation (3 folders)
Stony Brook Independent
Stony Brook Investment Club
Stony Brook is Transition - Parents Handbook
Stony Brook Manhattan
Stony Brook News
Stony Brook People
Stony Brook Press (20th Anniversary)
Stony Brook Research (2 folders)
Stony Brook Through My Eyes
Stony Brook Union (3 folders)
Stony Brook Union - Buffeteria
Stony Brook Union - Cafeteria
Stony Brook Union - Crafts Center
Stony Brook Union - Craft Shop
Stony Brook Union - Gallery
Stony Brook Union - Publication
Stony Brook Union - Renewal
Stony Brook Union - Student Activities Board (SAB)
Stony Brook Union - Union Governing Board
Stony Brook Union - Women's Center
Stony Brook Union - Women's Center Newsletter
SBU 1961
SBU 1964
SBU 1965
SBU 1966
SBU 1967
SBU 1968
SBU 1969
SBU 1970
SBU 1971
SBU 1972
SBU 1973
SBU 1974
SBU 1975
SBU 1976
SBU 1977
SBU 1978
SBU 1979
SBU 1980
SBU 1982
SBU 1983
SBU 1984
SBU 1985
SBU 1986
SBU 1987
SBU 1999 -
SBU - 50th Anniversary
SBU - Fast Facts
SBU - It's About Us
SBU - Wikipedia
Stravinskii, Igor Fedorovich
Student Accounts Office
Student Activities Calendar
Student Activities Center (3 folders)
Student Affairs Advocate

Drawer 11

Student Activities Office
Student Affairs Office (3 folders)
Student and Faculty Bookstore Strike Support Committee
Student Art Shows
Student Arts Festival
Student Association of the State University of New York (SASU)
Student Blood Committee
Student Conduct Code
Student-Faculty-Staff Forum
Student Files
Student Health Center
Student Health Insurance Plan
Student Judiciary Office
Student Polity Association (2 folders)
Student Speakers Bureau
Student Staff Association Day
Student War Protest Flyers
Study Abroad and International Exchange Office
Stuyvesant Institute at Stony Brook
Suffolk Spring Festival
Summer Camp at Stony Brook
Summer Conference Guide
Summer Institute in American Living, The
Summer Session Office
Superfund Sites
Supported Education Program
Swimming and Diving
Taiwanese Student Association at Stony Brook
Target - Newsletter of the Advancement for Individual Merit Program
Tax Institute
Teacher Evaluation
Teacher Preparation
Technology and Society Department
Theatre Arts Department (5 folders)
Theodore Dreiser College
Toll, John S.
Toll, John S. - inauguration
Toll, John S. - obituaries
Traffic Appeals Board
Traffic Committee
Transfer Guide
Transfer Student Network
Transportation and Parking Services
Travel Regulations
Treasures from the Archives
Truth in Technologies
Undergraduate Admissions Office
Undergraduate Applications and Instructions
Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities Program  (2 folders)
Undergraduate Student Government Constitution
Undergraduate Student Government
Undergraduate Studies Office (3 folders)
United Campus Ministries of Suffolk County, Inc
United State-China People Friendship Association
United University Professions (3 folders)
United University Professions - Announcements
United University Professions - From the President's Log
United University Professions - Negotiations Bulletin
United University Professions - 1978 Presentation Election
United University Professions - Health Sciences Council

Drawer 12

United University Professions - Stony Brook Chapter (6 folders)
United Way of Nassau - Suffolk
University Affairs and Development Office
University Affairs and Development Office - An Overview of the SUNY
University Affairs and Development Office - News Clipping
University Affairs and Development Office - Professional Communication Libraries
University Affairs and Development Office - SUNY Special Report
University Alliance Report
University Book Store
University Cafe
University Club
University Counsel and Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs Office
University Friends of Farmworkers
University Police
University Relations Office
University Relations Office - The Changing Campus
University Relations Office - University News Summary
University Speakers
The up-to-dater
Upward Bound
User's Guide
Veterans Affairs Office
VIP Newsletter
Taylor, Dr. Harold
Voice of the Jewish Community at Stony Brook
Volunteer Ambulance Corps
V.I.T.A.L. (Volunteers Involved Together for Action in Life)
W. Averell Harriman College for Policy Analysis and Public Management (2 folders)
W. Burghardt Tuner Scholarship
Walk for Beauty, A
Walt Whitman College
WMHO (Ward Melville Heritage Organization)
Washington Office - Washington Report
Weekend Movie Series
Welcome Program
Welcome to Our World, A Guide for Transfer Students
Wellness Center
Wellness Expo
Weltsch, Ruben E. - obituary
West Campus Annual Report
Wide Central Awards Committee
Wide Services
William Sullivan Award
Williams, George, C.
Winter Session
Wine, Food and Culture Center
Wo/Men's Center
Women in Science Association
Women in Science and Engineering
Women's Legal Defense Fund
Women's Health Alliance of Long Island
Women's Caucus
Women's Safety Committee
Women's Studies Program (6 folders)
Work Study College - Program Calendar
Writing Center, The
Wunderlich, Roger
Yang, Chen Ning
Year of the Community
Year One: A Review of Medicine in the Humanities
Yoko Ono Imagine Peace: Featuring John and Yoko's Year of Peace (exhibition)
Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament

Series II: Faculty Course Packets

Note: Items within the drawers are listed in the following order: Course Number, Course Title, Professor, Year, Notes.

AAS 212, Section 2, Readings, Performing Arts in India, undated
AFH/EGL 368, Caribbean and American Connections to Literature, E. Anthony Hurley, Spring 2005
AFS/SOC 365, Introduction to African Society, Oyeronke Oyewumi, Fall 2005
ANP 120, Introduction to Physical Anthropology, Amy Pokempner, June 2001
ANP 300, Human Anatomy: past exams and answer keys, undated
ANT 290, Science, Technology in Ancient Society, Dombach, Spring 2006
ANT 362, David Bernstein, Spring 1998
ANT 368, Ice Age Europe Supplemental Course Readings, John Shea, Fall 2004
BIO 101, Human Biology, Mathew Schmidt, Fall 2004, 2 CD ROMS (Content Disk and Install Disk), 2 copies, undated
BIO 101, Human Biology, Mathew Schmidt, Fall 2004, Course Packet, undated
BIO 111, Aquatic World, George Hechtel, Summer 2000
BIO 150, Foundations of Scientific Research, Greg Bole, J.M. Miyazaki, 2004
BIO 202, Foundations of Biology Molecules to Organisms, J.M. Miyazaki, 2002-2003
BIO 202, Foundations of Biology Molecules to Organisms, J.M. Miyazaki, 2004-2005
BIO 203, Foundations of Biology: Cell and Organ Physiology, 2003
BIO 315, Microbiology Edu-Pack, Matthew Schmidt, undated
BIO 334, Principles of Neurobiology, Joseph Fetcho, undated
BIO 340, Zoology, George Hechtel, undated
BIO 358, Biology of Being Human Edu-pack, Paul M. Bingham, Spring 2005 (2 disks)
BIO 365, Laboratory Manual for BIO -365 Biochemistry Lab, Fall 2004, Dale Deutscks, 2004  (CD-Rom included)
BUS 110, Business in the 21st Century, William Nickels, James McHugh, Susan Mc Hugh (Robert Ettl, Michael Nugent, Mark Palermo, Gerrit Wolf), 2005
BUS 215, Introduction to Business Statistics, 2007
CEN 580, Assessment of Socio-Tech Problems and Issues, Patricia L. Baker, undated
CHI 322, Chinese Lyric Prose and Plays, Wei-Hsin Chen, Spring 2004
CHM 132, Foundation of Chemistry, Part 2, Spring 2005
CHM 133, Introductory Chemistry lab manual, 4th edition, 2004
CHM 133, Introductory Chemistry lab manual, 5th edition, 2005
CLS 215-1, Classical Mythology, K. Thomas, Spring 2007
ECO 180, Principle of Economics, Debra Dwyer (customized for), 2005
ENG 204, Literary Analysis, Carol Rosen, 1995
EST/AMS 194, Problem Solving Techniques of the Engineer, undated
EST 320, Communications/Cybernetics, undated
HIS 104, US History Since 1877, Kathleen Nutter, Fall 2006
HIS 214/POL 214, Modern Latin America, Spring 2005
HIS 235, The Early Middle Ages Document, Fall 2005
HIS/JDS 241, The Holocaust,  Fall 2002
HIS/WST 336, Women in Modern Europe, Spring 2004
HIS 361, American History/American Film, Fall 2004
HSQ 270, Emergency Response Class Laboratory Manual, Peter Gregory Angelo
LIN 200, Language of the United States, Frank Ashen, Fall 2004
LRN 132.03, Amy Gagnloff, Spring 2006
MAT 123, Introduction to Calculus, undated
MEC 105, Everyday Science, Louis Bloomfield, 2007
PHI 108, Ethan Lowell Kosmider, Fall 2004
POL 312, U.S. National Security Policy, Joon Jung, undated
POL 343, Behavioral Assumptions of the Law, Kathleen McGraw, Summer II 1995
POL 372, Politics in the Third World, Sanser, Yener, Fall 2003
POL 372, Politics in the Third World, Bahar Leventoglu, Fall 2004
POL 616, Parties and Elections, Howard Scarrow, Fall 1992
PSY 240, Social Psychology, Marci Lobel, Spring 2008
SOC 247, The Sociology of Gender, Eileen M. Otis, Fall 2005
SOC 247, The Sociology of Gender, Eileen M. Otis, Spring 2006
SOC 302, American Society, Stephen Cole, Spring 2006
SOC 307, Social Planning, James Rule, Fall 2003 (2 copies)
SOC/WST 340, Sociology of Human Reproduction Reader, Catherine Marrone, Spring 2005
SOC/WST 340, Sociology of Human Reproduction Reader, Catherine Marrone, Spring 2006
SOC 371, Gender and Work, Tyson Smith, Spring 2004
SOC 371, Gender and Work, Tyson Smith, Spring 2004
WRT 101/102, Custom Reader, Fall 2007


Interactive Statistics, Martha Allaga, undated, Student Solutions Manual
Interactive Statistics, Martha Allaga, undated, (3 copies)
Documents Locator, Mary McCallum and Nathan Baum, undated
Foundation of Scientific Research, Lab Manual for Introductory Biology, Greg Bole, undated (2 copies)
Foundations of Biology: Molecules to Organisms, J.M. Miyazaki, undated
Topics in Finance, Sandro Brusco, undated
European Musical Heritage 800-1750, Sarah Fuller, undated
Introduction to Topology and Measure Theory, Daryl Geller, undated
Physics volume 2, Principles with Applications, Douglas Giancoli (custom edition), undated
Medieval Latin, A.W. Godfrey, undated
Foundations of Chemistry (1st edition), David Hanson, 2006
Foundations of Chemistry (2nd edition), David Hanson, 2007
Reflections on the Goyishe Question, Sandy Petrey, undated
College Physics Volume 1: Stony Brook Edition including MCAT Skill Builder Study Guide, Raymond Serway, 2007
Conformity and Conflict: Readings in Cultural Anthropology, James Spradley and David W. McCurdy, 2003