University Photograph Collection - Record Group 57

Sub-Group I: Photographs

Series VIII: Special Publications; 1962-2003, 2 linear feet.

Sub-series 1: Statesman Special Effects
Sub-series 2: Stony Brook: State University of New York
Sub-series 3: 40th Anniversary Celebration

Sub-series 1: Statesman Special Effects

Box 92

1862 Ledger, undated
American flag, undated
Apples, undated
Asbestos removal, undated
Bicycle (reverse image), undated
Bicycle on Roof from1964 Specula
Bicycle rider (Reverse image), undated
Bookmarks-Polar the Titanic Bear, undated
Bookstore, undated
Bowling pins, undated
Bridge to Nowhere, undated
Bulbo cavernosa (ceramic sculpture), 1995
Campus caricature map in color (Specula), undated
Campus foliage (reverse image), undated
Campus sculptures-general, undated
Car from 1964 Specula
Carrying books, undated
Chemistry laboratory, 1969
Chemistry equipment, undated
Chemistry Model, 1969
Class ring, undated
Cockcroft-Walton, Pre-Accelerator, undated
Coffee pots in corner (Specula), undated
Coke/bagel, undated
Computer Generated Images (4-General), undated
Computer generated model of Space Shuttle, 1/90
Computer generated shapes, undated
Computer model (Chemistry), undated
Computer model (Life Sciences and Biochemistry), 1990
Computer Science, Computer Generated Model, undated
Computer SOARS, undated
Computer visualization (brain-Ariel Kaufman), 8/1990
Computer VR Glove, 1989
Crossword puzzling, undated
CUSB-11 (million dollar spectrometer), undated
DNA Synthesizer, undated
Door locked sign (Specula), undated
Dorm room (Specula), undated
Dorm room from 1964 Specula
Dorm room from 1970 Specula
Drums (reverse image), undated
Duck from 1970 Specula
Ducks on pond (2-reverse image), undated
Earth, undated
Eclipse (2), undated
Filing cabinets, undated
First 3-D Image of a living cell (Ari Kaufman), undated
Flax Pond research shots, undated
Fledgling in tub from 1964 Specula, 1964
Flies in jars, undated
Flowers, undated
Fore Reff Slope, 1968
General laboratory, undated
Globe in trash, 3/27/1970
Graduate School Bulletin cover, undated
Graffiti, undated (4f)
Roth Pond, makeshift boat, 1964
Hands on keyboard, undated
Hands w/quill, undated
History Department bulletin board, 1969
How to Rent a Room sign from 1970 specula, 1970
I Wish I had Known cover, undated
Impact (sculpture-James Kleege), 1969
Irving shooting incident…bullet hole, 1974
Javits hallway telephone, undated
Jewelry (4), undated
Leaves arrangement, undated
Lens shot from 1973 specula, 1973
Linguistics Department, undated
Logo quilt 1991, 1991
Mephisto and the King art exhibit drawings, undated

Box 93

Moon rock, undated
Mud shot (Specula), undated
Music Department, organ, undated
Neurobiology catalog shots (2f)
Off campus scenes-general (7f)
Off campus scenes-housing, undated
Off campus scenes-LI general, undated
Off campus scenes-outdoors, undated
Off campus scenes-Port Jefferson, undated
Off campus scenes-Stony Brook Village, undated
Off campus scenes-Stony Brook/Setauket, undated
Off campus scenes-waterways, undated
Open doors, undated
Oral Biology/Pathology, 7/88
Papillary Cell Plasma Shots-Health Sciences Center, undated (2f)
Parker and Roethal--artificial reef samples, undated
Philadelphia Exhibit, undated
Physics from 1964 Specula (F1), 1964 (2f)
Pie Thursday Sign (Specula), undated
Pills montage, 9/2/82
Polio virus, undated
Problems Sign (Specula), undated
Psychobiology insect test, undated
Psychology Department Bulletin board, 1969
Pumpkin scarecrow, undated

Box 94

Rollerskate, undated
Rolm phones, 2/90
Roth Quad at sunset (reverse image), undated
SBU class ring from 1970 Specula, 1970
SBU food service arrangements, 6/22/1995
SBU merchandise (sweatshirts), 7/20/83
SBU merchandise (T-shirts), undated
SBU Sign (reverse image), undated
Sculpture of House, undated
Shadow on wall, undated
Skulls (Ecology and Evolution), undated
Snails (Dr. Harvard Lyman), 1971
Snack foods (Specula), undated
Specula Time Capsule materials, 1985
Stacks of lumberfor construction, 9/71
Stamps on desk, undated
Student debates sign, 1971
Student in thought, undated
Student on campus (10-reverse image), undated (2f)
Students in ibrary (11-reverse image), undated
Students in labs (2-reverse image), undated
Students reading (3-reverse image), undated
Swordtail fish (Axel Meyer’s research, undated
Symbol/Bar Code (Clinical Pediatrics-Health Sciences Center), undated
Test tubes (5), undated
Thermal Spray (Vargas), undated
Thermometer in jar, undated
Ticks, undated
Transmission Electron Micrograph of Stacking Faults, undated
Tuition loan plan sign (Specula), undated
Unidentified building exterior (reverse image), undated
Unidentified logo, undated
Unidentified Microscopic images (4), undated
USB Logo, undated
Ward Melville Statue, undated
Waste paper basket, undated
Wino B. Dorr (Specula), undated
Women walking on path, undated
Wood column, undated
Zebra Path (reverse image), undated

Sub-series 2: Stony Brook: State University of New York

Box 95

Chapter 1, 2002
Chapter 2, 2002
Chapter 3, 2002
Chapter 4, 2002
Chapter 5, 2002
Chapter 6, 2002

Sub-series 3: 40th Anniversary Celebration

Box 96

40th anniversary celebration, 4/24/98 (5f)
5K race and pancake breakfast, 10/28/97
5K race and pancake breakfast, 10/27/97
Academy of Teachers Symposium, 3/6/98
Adult care pavilion grand opening, 10/15/97 (2f)
All the Way program, 10/31/97
Anti Graffiti Task Force, 8/29/97
Artist David Driscoll, 3/4/98
Authors, Artists, and Editors reception, 4/8/98
Authors, Artists, and Editors reception, 4/8/98
Authors, Artists, and Editors reception, 4/8/98
Authors, Artists, and Editors reception, 4/8/98
Authors, Artists, and Editors reception, 4/8/98
Baccalaureate Honors Convocation, 5/16/98 (9f)
Baldwin Breast Care Center Opening and Gala, 10/20/98
Baldwin Breast Care Center Opening and Gala, 10/21/98
Baldwin Breast Care Center Opening and Gala, 10/22/98
Banner quotation winners, 3/17/98
BNL announcement, 11/26/97
BNL contract reception, 12/4/97
Breast Cancer update, undated
Charles Wang Lecture, 9/24/97
Dean of students "saving the 40th" cake, 4/24/98
Dedication of SAC, 9/10/97
Department Center for Molecular Update, 4/24/98
Diversity Day, 4/24/98 (2f)
Doctoral graduation and hooding ceremony, 5/17/98 (4f)
Dress rehearsal for Opera, La Boheme, 4/1/98
Dress rehearsal for Opera, La Boheme, 4/1/98
Elementary Schools attending performance at Staller Center, 4/7/98 (2f)
Empire State Games Announcement, 4/13/98
Entrance, undated
Faculty Achievement Dinner, 11/10/97
Faculty Achievement Dinner, 11/19/97
Faculty Achievement Dinner, 11/8/97
Faculty Achievement Dinner, 11/9/97
Fall Festival, 10/31/98
Fall Festival, 11/7/97
Fall Festival October, 10/31/97
Fall pride patrol, 10/10/97
Fall pride patrol, 10/11/97
Fall pride patrol, 10/12/97
Fall pride patrol, 10/13/97
Fall pride patrol, 10/14/97
Fall pride patrol, 10/15/97
Fall pride patrol, 10/16/97
Fall pride patrol, 10/17/97
Fall pride patrol, 10/18/97
Fall pride patrol, 10/8/97
Fall pride patrol, 10/9/97
Family Violence Education and Research Center Opening, 5/6/98
Fun in front of the Student Activities Center, 4/24/98
Graduate School award ceremony, 5/12/98 (2f)
Green Team awards, 9/25/97 (3f)
Green Team kickoff, 4/14/98 (2f)
Health Initiative for Underserved Community, 2/6/98
High school students at Flax Pond, with MSRC staff, 6/1/98 (2f)
Homecoming, 10/21/97
Homecoming, undated (3f)
Hospital Auxiliary photo contest, 12/7/97
Hospital Week, 5/11/98
Hospital Week, 5/11/98
Main graduation ceremony, undated (10f)
Melville Library Special Collections 40th Year Exhibit, 5/18/98 (2f)
New Stony Brook buses, 2/9/97
New Stony Brook buses, 2/9/98
NSF Recognition Awards, 10/17/98 (3f)
Nursing recognition week, 5/8/98
Opening Week, undated (4f)
President Jean Bertrand Aristide, 3/4/98
Presidential Lecture Series, 10/15/97
Presidential Lecture Series, 11/19/97
Presidential Lecture Series, 11/26/97
President's Lecture Series, 4/8/98
President's Symposium, 2/17/98
President's tea for December graduates, 12/7/97 (3f)
Printed brochure, undated
Rehearsal for opera, La Boheme, 3/24/98 (3f)
Roth Regatta, 4/19/98 (2f)
Service Awards, 12/10/97 (4f)
Simons endowment For instructorships, 10/17/98
Spring pride patrol and the green teams, undated (8f)
SUNY Board of Trustees meeting, 4/28/98
Take your daughter to work day, 4/23/98 (2f)
Toyota Comedy "Laugh-In," 4/22/98
Undergraduate recognition awards, 4/9/98 (2f)
Walk for Beauty, 9/22/97 (3f)
Weidman Wellness Center, SAC, 12/16/97
Weidman Wellness Center, SAC, 12/16/98