University Photograph Collection - Record Group 57

Sub-Group I: Photographs

Series V: Athletics, 1960-1994; 16.5 linear inches.

Box 69

Badminton, undated
Baseball, 1964-1978
Baseball Team, 1969
Baseball Team, 1989
Baseball Team, undated
Basketball, 1963
Basketball, 1967
Basketball Team Photo, undated
Basketball Team-womens w/mascot, 1994
Basketball, 1960-1976
Basketball (9f)
Basketball-Womens (2f)
Bowling, 1968
Bowling Mens and Womens, undated
Cheerleaders, 1964-1969
Cheerleaders (3f)

Box 70

Crew, 1960-1975 (6f)
Cycling Team, undated
Equestrian (2f)
Fencing, 1971-1972
Fencing, undated
Field Hockey (2f)
Football Game-Homecoming, 1996 (5f)
Football Games, 1996
Football Team, undated
Football (3f)
Gymnastics (2f)
Hockey Team, undated
Karate conference 1974
Karate (2f)
Kick line, 1996
Lacrosse, undated
Mens Gymnastics, 1963

Box 71

Mens Gymnastics, 1963
Mens Soccer Team, 1994
Midnight Madness, undated
Seawolf, undated
Race Walker, undated
Soccer (6f)
Squash (3f)
Swimming/Diving, 1969-1980 (3f)
Swimming (7f)
Tennis, 1960-1972 (3f)
Track and Field, 1963-1985 (8f)
Track Team, 1990
Track Team, 1962
Victory Cup, undated
Womens Soccer, 1983
Womens Soccer Team, 1994
Womens Softball, undated
Womens Swim, 1990
Womens Volleyball, undated