University Photograph Collection - Record Group 57

Sub-Group I: Photographs

Series IV: Campus Life, 1962-2003; 17.6 linear feet.

Sub-series 1: General Campus Events
Sub-series 2: Annual Campus Events
Sub-series 3: Performers, Musicians and Performances
Sub-series 4: Student Clubs and Organizations
Sub-series 5: Student Academic Life
Sub-series 6: Campus Diversity and Activism
Sub-series 7: Student Social Life
Sub-series 8: Alumni Affairs and Student Outreach

Sub-series 1: General Campus Events

Box 20

"Doing the Bang Zoom," undated
"Rock" dedication, 1997
"The Rock" Anti-Graffiti Task Force, undated
100 Black Women Achievement Award, undated
1990s Stony Brook Excels Annual Fund, undated
30 year employee awards, undated
Abzug, Bella
ADA week 4/97, 4/97
ADDS Laboratory dedication, 1993
Adult Care Pavilion, grand opening, 10/15/1997, 10/15/97
Africana Fashion Show, 1968
Aristide, Jean-Bertrand (7f)
Art Criticism 1987, 1987
Art Grad Student Mixer, Pollock-Krasner House, '90, 1990
Arthur Bekin Fellowship Awards, 1998
Asian Cultural Center Dedication, 1996
Authors and Editors Conference, undated (7f)
Awards of Appreciation, undated
Awards: Adana Award 1991, 1991
Awards: Best Building Award, undated
Awards: BNL Award 1991, 1991
Awards: Dean's Award Given by Alumni, 1994
Awards: Distinguished Professor Award, undated
Awards: Edna K. Owens Memorial Award, 1992, 1992
Awards: Educom Award, 1991, 1991
Awards: Electrical Engineering Outstanding Graduate, undated
Awards: Ernest Young Award, undated
Awards: Excellence in Nursing, 12/1990, 12/90
Awards: Excellence in Teaching, 1992
Awards: Graduate Student Award, undated
Awards: Hall of Fame Inductions 1993, 1993
Awards: Howard Hughes Medical Institute, 5/1995, 5/95
Awards: Howard Hughes Medical Institute, May 1995, 5/95
Awards: Hugh Cleland Memorial Award 11/27/1996, 11/27/96
Awards: Human Resources Leadership 6/13/1988, 6/3/88
Awards: Public Safety Award 12/1991, 12/91
Awards: Undergrad Excellence Award, undated
Awards: Undergrad Recognition Award, 8/10/1996, 8/10/96
Awareness Day, 04/08/81
Baldwin Breast Care Center, Opening and Gala 1997
Bicycle Race 1983, 1983
Bike Fest, 1997, 1997

Box 21

Bike Fest 1997 (4f)
Black History Month, undated (2f)
Black History Month, Jan 1999, 1/99 (13f)
Blizzard, 1978
Blood Drive 1996
Blood Drive 1998 (2f)
Blood Drive Contest Winner, 1990
Buddy Day 1995

Box 22

Burn Center Charity Softball Game, 1986
Burn Center donation, 1/1990
Business Fair, 1996-1997, undated
Campus Carnival, 1972-1985
Campus craft fair, undated
Campus drug raid, 1969
Campus groundbreaking, 1963
Campus Phonation, 1985
Campus services, employee picnic, undated
Career conference, undated
Career Night, undated
Center for Science, Math and Tech Education 1997
Christmas tree planting 1992
Clambake, undated
Co-generator, 1994
Cogen Cornerstone, Indoor Sports Complex, 1997
Community Partnership Day, undated
Community Partnership Day 1988 and 1991, undated
Computational Science, 1992, 1992
Conference on Teacher Aid instruction, 1971
Connections Seminar, 1993 (2f)
Crystallography Conference, 1969 (4f)
CSEA Strike Year Unknown, undated
Cuomo Rally, undated
Daycare, April 1992 Public Safety, 4/92
Dedication of the Student Activities Center, 9/10/1997, 9/10/97
Disabled Day, undated (3f)
Disabled Week, 1989, 1989
Discovery of the Wetland Cruise, undated
Distinguished Lecture-Alex Haley, 1982
Distinguished Lecture-Jonathan Kozol, 1991
Distinguished Lecturers, undated
Distinguished Lecturer, 14th Dalai Lama, undated (2f)
Distinguished Lecturers A-G, undated (2f)
Distinguished Lecturers H-M, undated (6f)
Distinguished Lecturers Misc: 1986
Distinguished Lecturers N-S, undated (2f)
Distinguished Lecturers T-Z, undated (3f)

Box 23

Distinguished Lecturers, Maya Angelou, undated
Diversity Conference, undated (6f)
Diversity Conference, October 1998 (7f)
Diversity, 4/98
Dr. Nathan Glaser, 10/97 (3f)

Box 24

Engineering, 1993, 1999, 2000 (3f)
EPF Grants press conference, 1996
Faculty/Staff Retreat, undated
Faculty/Student Sports Challenge, 1989
Fall Festival, 10/31/97
Family BBQ, 1999 (5f)
Family Day, 1999
Farmer's Market 1986-1990, undated
Federated Learning Communities seminar, 1990 (2f)
Federated Learning Communities seminar, undated
Feeding the Hungry--United Way, 1992
Festival Europe, undated
Fine Arts Center dedication, undated
Flea market on Bridge to Nowhere, 1989
Foundation Day 1992 John J. Hart/Leonard Spivak, 1992
Freedom Food Co-Op, undated
FSA board meeting, undated
Future of French in Millennium, 11/17/00 (3f)
Galleria Event, 4/21/1998
Gazzaniga Lecture, November 1999 (2f)
Globalization Lecture, 1997
Globalization Lecture, 1998 (5f)
Graduate String Trio, 1982
Great Pumpkin Affair, 1967
Green Day clean-up, 1988
GSO-GSEU demonstrations, undated
Guest lecturers, A to G, undated (2f)

Box 25

Guest Lecturers A-G, undated(4f)
Guest Lecturers A-G, 1998 (2f)
Guest Lecturers--Stokeley Carmicheal, undated
Haitian President (former), undated (6f)
Harriman School dedication, 10/1975 (2f)
Health Manpower Conference, 04/27/73
Health Sciences Center, VA Home Dedication, 1991
Health Sciences Center-Handicap Awareness Workshop, 1982
Health Sciences Center-International Society of Anglo-Saxonists meeting, 1991
Health Sciences Center-Transitioning Defense Tech. to Medical Applications Conference, June 1992
Heart Ball, 1985
Hewlett Packard Dedication, 1991
Hispanic Heritage Month, undated
Histotechnological Conference, May 1974
Honduras Relief Fund, undated
Honorary Chairperson of Suffolk Blood Drive, 1991
Honorary degrees, undated
Hugh Cleland Memorial, 1995
I-CON, 1991
I-CON, 1993
I-CON, 1994
I-CON, 1996
Incubator event, Governor Mario Cuomo, 1990 (2f)
International Programs, undated
International Student dinner, undated (4f)

Box 26

International Student dinner, undated (7f)
International Student dinner, 11/98 (2f)
International Student dinner, 1996 (3f)
International Student dinner, 8/98
International Student dinner, 8/99 (4f)
International Students, 1996
International Students, 1997 (6f)
International Weekend, 1967

Box 27

Jacob Javits w/students, undated
Job fair, 1985
Job fair, 9/99 (6f)
John B. Slaughter visit, 1983
Korean American Award, undated
Korean American Award, 1990
L'Eggo Mini-marathon, 1989
L.I. Association Award, undated
Laugh Well, 1998
Legislators and speakers, undated (6f)
LI High Tech. Agreement Signing, 1997
LI High Tech-Incubator Opening, undated
Library, STARS program, undated
Long Island High Technology Incubator, 1990

Box 28

Long Island Historical Journal, Fall 1992
Mac Fest, 9/21/1989
Madagascar Dinosaur Exhibit, 5/99 (13f)

Box 29

Masked Ball, 8/1998
Match Ball, 1997
Maya Angelou, undated (2f)
Medical Faculty Education Conference, 09/05/74
Memorial Day Weekend Carnival, 1973
Mid-career Counseling Course, undated
Mini Baha East Competition Placers, 1989
Minority Recruitment Conference, Dec-74
Minority Youth Conference, 1992
Move-in Day, 1985-1986
Move-in Day, undated
Moving Back to School, undated
Moving in, 1991-1996, undated
Moving in, 1996 (4f)

Box 30

Moving in, 1996 (2f)
Moving in, 1998-1999, (2f)
NAACP Award, undated (2f)
National Science Foundation Recognition Awards, undated
National Social Work Month Recognition, undated
New Faculty Welcome, 9/98 (15f)
New International Student Dinner, 8/99 (17f)
New International Students Welcome Dinner, undated
NSF Recognition Awards, undated
NYS Senator Ken Lavalle Visit, 2/86
Octus, October 1997 (3f)

Box 31

Octus, October 1997 (3f)
OH Dinner, 5/97 (13f)

Box 32

Open House 1989
Open House 1994
Opening Day 1985
Opening Day 1986
Opening Day 1996 (16f)
Opening Day 1997 (3f)

Box 33

Opening Day--New International Students, 8/98 (3f)
Opening Day, 9/1996
Opening Week, 1984
Opening Week, undated
Opening Week 1988
Opening Week 1989
Opening Week 1990
Opening Week 1991
Opening Week 1993
Opening Week 1995
Opening Week 1997 (3f)
Opening Week 1999 (2f)
Opening Week 1998, 8/98 (3f)
Opening Week Welcome, 1996
Orientation, 1971
Orientation, 1973
Orientation, 1988
Orientation, 1984
Orientation, 1989
Outstanding Student Life Program Award, undated
Peace Corps Group, 1977
Persian Gulf War, 1991
Plato Institute, 1995
Play Fair, 1993
Political Figures, undated
Polity BBQ, undated
President Bill Clinton (photographed in Washington), dated October 18, 1994
President Mitterrand (France) to Felix Rapaport, 1990
President's Award, undated (4f)
President's Award, 1983
President's Award for Excellence in Professional Service, 1982
President's Circle Award, undated
Princeton Lyman, undated
Pro-Lisa Rally, 5/86
Psychology, experiments, undated (2f)

Box 34

Reception/dance, 1966
Recycle Day, 1999
Reggae Jamboree, 1996 (9f)
Rock dedication 1997 (2f)
Rocket launch, undated
Rollin Richmond Farewell, 1999 (7f)

Box 35

Rollin Richmond Farewell, 1999 (3f)
Roth Quad Opening, 10/13/94
SAC Dedication, undated
SB Foundation Annual Fund, undated
SB Marathon, undated
SBA Opening, undated
Science Olympiad, 1993
Scout-O-Rama (On Campus), undated
Senator Javits Conference, 1983
Senior Class Dinner in Port Jefferson, 1963
Senior Class Picnic, 1964
Senior Luncheon, 1963
Sensitivity workshop, 9/90
Service Awards, 12/91
Signing, Joint Admission Agreement, 6/85
Social Welfare Housing Game, undated
Society for Creative Anachronism, undated
Spring Formal, 1963
Staller Center dedication, 6/3/89
Staller Center Flood, 2/93
Staller Center Flood, 2/1993
Staller Center Flood, 2/93
Step Cultural Fest, 1999
Step Cultural Fest, 1999
Stony Brook Blackout, 1963
Stony Brook Carnival, 1964 (4f)
Stony Brook Dance, 1964
Stony Brook Foundation Inc. Dinner, 09/06/74
Student Awards, undated
Student Leader Dinner, undated
Student Leader Dinner, undated
Student/Faculty/Staff Retreat 1996
Suffolk County Health Fair, May 2-3, 1973
SUNY SB Award for Excellence in Professional Service, undated
SUNY SB Speakers, undated
SUNY Women Conference, 1986

Box 36

SUNYSB School of Social Welfare Commons Day, undated
SUNYSB Events Commuter's Association, undated
SUNYSB Events Cultural Festival, undated
SUNYSB Events Financial Aid Rally, 1995
SUNYSB Events Fine Arts, undated
SUNYSB Events Greek Spirit Night, undated
SUNYSB Events Hillary Clinton Visit, undated
SUNYSB Events ICON, undated
SUNYSB Events Midnight Madness, undated (2f)
SUNYSB Events Polity Pride Week, undated
SUNYSB Events Senior Barbeque, undated
SUNYSB Events Spring Fest 1996, 1996
SUNYSB Events Utina Night, 04/15/95
SUNYSB Events: Choice Day, undated
SUNYSB Events: College Bowl, undated
SUNYSB Health Sciences Center Lecture Series, 1974-1975
SUNYSB IRRA/LI Scholarship Winners, undated
SUNYSB School of Social Welfare Housing Fair, 02/01/73
SUNYSB School of Social Welfare Housing Game, undated
Sunwood Fire, March 1, 1986

Box 37

Tabler Barn Fire, undated
Take your daughter to work day, 2000
Take your daughter to work day, 1996
Taproot Workshops, undated
Tea in honor of Mrs. Hartzell, 1963
The Long Island Report, 1993
[The] Stallers, undated
Three Day Class Moratorium Planning, 1968
Time Capsule Dedication, 1985
Town Hall Meeting, 1999 (3f)
Toys-R-Us Delegation visit to University Hospital, 1991
Training Day, 1991
Trash Bash, 1990
University Association Party, 1980-1990
University Hospital Art auction, 1990
University Hospital Auxiliary Photo Contest Awards, undated
United Way Campaign,1987
United Way Campaign, 1989
United Way Campaign, 1989-1990
United Way Campaign,1987
University Association Award, 9/91
University Association, past presidents, undated
University Hospital garage sale, 1994
University Hospital Persian Gulf War Volunteers Publicity shot, undated
University Hospital Special Event-Witold Wroblewski Discharge, Septembertember 8, 1987
University Hospital Volunteer of the Year Award Winner-Lorraine Ficarra, 1990
URECA, 2000 (2f)
VA Home, undated (3f)
Van der Graff LINAC Dedication, 1983 (2f)
Vendor Fairs 1993-1994, undated
Vietnam Memorial Ceremony, 12/8/1986, 12/8/86
Welcome, 8/98
Welcome BBQ, 8/96 (f)
Westinghouse Winners, undated
Wine tasting, 1996 (5f)
Women's health alliance book sale, undated
Xiaodong Zhang, Gertrude Goldhaber Prize Recipient, undated

Sub-series 2: Annual Campus Events

Box 38

Commencement, undated (3f)
Commencement 1963 (7f)
Commencement 1964
Commencement 1965
Commencement 1966
Commencement 1969
Commencement 1973
Commencement 1974
Commencement 1975
Commencement 1978
Commencement 1980 (3f)
Commencement 1982 (7f)

Box 39

Commencement 1983 (3f)
Commencement 1984 (3f)
Commencement 1985 (5f)
Commencement 1986 (4f)
Commencement 1987 (2f)
Commencement 1988 (2f)
Commencement 1989 (2f)
Commencement 1990 (2f)
Commencement 1991 (3f)

Box 40

Commencement 1992 (26f)

Box 41

Commencement 1993 (14f)
Commencement 1994 (6f)
Commencement 1995 (20f)

Box 42

Commencement 1995 (continued)
Commencement 1996 (20f)

Box 43

Commencement 1996 (continued)
Commencement 1997 (17f)
Commencement 1998 (15f)

Box 44

Commencement 1998 (continued)
Commencement 2000, 2000
Commencement December 1996, 12/98
Commencement December 1998 (14f)

Box 45

Commencement/NY Chiropractic College, undated
Commencement/School of Medicine, 05/01/75
Commencement/School of Medicine, 1976
Commencement/School of Nursing, 1976
Commencement/SUNYSB Health Sciences Center 1973
Commencement/SUNYSB Health Sciences Center 1974, 5/19/1974
Commencement/SUNYSB Health Sciences Center 1975, 1975
Commencement/SUNYSB School of Social Welfare, 05/01/76
Convocation 1986, 9/3/86
Convocation 1994
Convocation, 1995 (3f)

Box 46

Homecoming 1981
Homecoming 1982
Homecoming 1984, 1986
Homecoming 1987 (2f)
Homecoming 1990
Homecoming 1991, 1991 (2f)
Homecoming 1992 (2f)
Homecoming 1993 (4f)
Homecoming 1994 (2f)
Homecoming 1995 (12f)

Box 47

Homecoming 1996 (5f)
Homecoming 1997 (6f)
Homecoming 1999

Box 48

Pride Patrol, 1972-1973
Pride Patrol, 1989
Pride Patrol, 1991
Pride Patrol, 1992
Pride Patrol, 1993
Pride Patrol, 1994
Pride Patrol, 1995
Pride Patrol, 1996 (4f)
Pride Patrol, 1997
Pride Patrol, 1998
Pride Patrol, 1999 (3f)
Pride Patrol, 2000 (8f)

Box 49

Roth Regatta, undated (7f)
Roth Regatta 1990, 1990
Roth Regatta 1991, 1991
Roth Regatta 1992, 1992
Roth Regatta 1993, 1993
Roth Regatta 1994, 1994
Roth Regatta 1996 (12f)
Roth Regatta 1997 (7f)

Box 50

Roth Regatta 1997 (continued)
Roth Regatta 1998 (7f)
Roth Regatta 1999 (2f)
Roth Regatta 2000

Sub-series 3: Performers, Musicians and Performances

Box 51

AHN Trio, 1999
All in One, undated
Babes in Toyland, undated
Bel Fleck and the Flecktones, undated
Choirs A-M, undated
Clytemnestra, undated
Curse of the Stering Class, undated
Dr. Dirty, undated
Fiddler on the Roof, undated
Film Festival, 1996
Flying Karamozov Brothers, 1992-1993
Headshots of USB Performers, undated
Intermedia, undated
International Art of Jazz Concert, 1986
Kodo: One Earth Tour, undated
Kutigattam Sanskrit Ritual Drama, undated
Miracles Play, 1991
Miracles Play, 1991
Music, undated (2f)
Music 1990s, undated (3f)
Music 5/1982
Music 5/1982
Music Department, undated
Music A to M, undated (11f)

Box 52

Music, N-Z, undated (3f)
Musicians, undated (14f)
New Campus Theatre Group, undated
Odissi Dance Company, undated
Office party, 1993
Ossie Davis, undated
Royal Winnipeg Ballet, 1999
Setup for Billy Joel, undated
Special Effects-Mezzotints II, 1990
Staller Center Events, undated (5f)
Staller Shows, 1995
Stern, Mitchell Violin, undated
Stony Brook Camerata Singers/Canadian Tour, undated
Stony Brook Performances, undated (2f)
Stony Brook Performances 1960s, undated
Stony Brook Performances, 1964
Stony Brook Performances, 1964
Stony Brook Performances, 1983
Student art, undated (4f)

Box 53

Student Sculpture, 1997-1998
Student Theater 1989 (2f)
Student Theater, 1989-1996
Student Theatre, 1985-1994
Student Theatre-F1, undated
Students practicing for a performance, undated
Stuff as Dreams are Made Of, undated
Tally's Folly, 1989
Tartuffe, undated
The Flying Karamazov Brothers, undated
The Jester and the Queen, 1996
The Unclean, 1991
The Wizard of Oz, 1993
Theater, undated
Theater A--M, undated
Theater A--M, undated
Theater A--M, undated
Theater A--M, undated
Theater N--Z, undated
Theater N--Z, undated
Theater N--Z, undated
Theater N--Z, undated
Theater N--Z, undated
Theater N--Z, undated
Theater Students, undated
USB Musicians, undated
USB Musicians, undated
USB Musicians, undated
USB Musicians, undated
USB Musicians, undated
USB Musicians, undated
USB Musicians, undated
USB Musicians, undated
USB Musicians, undated
USB Theater, undated

Box 54

Visiting Choirs N-Z, undated
Visiting Dance Troupes, A-M, undated(4f)
Visiting Dance Troupes, N-Z, undated (4f)
Visiting Performers Headshots-A-C-F1, undated (2f)
Visiting Performers Headshots-C, undated
Visiting Performers Headshots-D-G-F1, undated (2f)
Visiting Performers Headshots-H-K, undated
Visiting Performers Headshots-L-N, undated
Visiting Performers Headshots-O-R, undated
Visiting Performers Headshots-S-T, undated
Visiting Performers Headshots-U-Z, undated
Wynton Marsalis, undated

Sub-series 4: Student Clubs and Organizations

Box 55

Admissions Guides, 1969
Advisory Judiciary Com., 1963
African American Students Organization, 1983
Alpha Kappa Alpha, undated
Amateur Radio Club, 1965
Asian Student Association, 1985
Astronomy Club, 1986
Athletic Sub-committee, 1963
Athletic sub-committee, 1967
Audio/visual, 1969
Bicycle Club, 1968
Biology Club, 1964-1967
Blackworld, 1982
Bridge Club, 1964
Bridge to Somewhere, 1981
C.A.S.B., 1985
C.O.C.A., 1966
Caribbean Student Organization, 1983
Chemistry Society, 1968
Chess Club, 1964-1966
Choir, 1964
Christian Club, 1964
Committee on Cinetomagraphic Arts, 1965
Computing Society, 1969
Conservative Club, 1964
Council for Political Inquiry, 1963-1964
Creative Arts Society, 1967
Curtains and canvas, 1963-1964
Dance Group, undated
Debate Forum, 1963
Dormitory Constitution Com., 1963
Drama Club, 1979
Earth, Space Science Society, 1968-1969
Enact, undated
Engineering Society, 1966
EROS, 1981-1983
Fencing Club, 1983
Food Committee, 1963-1968
French Club, 1966
G Quad Judiciary, 1969
G Quad Legislature, 1969
G Quad R.A., 1968
Geology Club, 1981-1985
German Club, 1964
Gospel Choir, 1985
G-south R.A., 1967
H Quad R.A., 1968
H Quad R.A., 1969
Haitian Club, 1983
Hillel, 1969-1993
Hospital Volunteers, 1983
I-Con, 1985
Icon-Joust, 1978
Improvisational Theatre, 1983
Interfaith Forum, 1960
International Club, 1968
International Students Organization, 1983
Intervarsity, 1979
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, 1968
Irish Club, 1981-1983
Jewish Student Organization, 1963
Jr. Class Award Winner, 1964
Jr. Class Officers, 1963
Judo Club, 1964
Lampoon, 1979
Latin Student Organization, 1979
Lutheran Students Group, 1964
M.E.A.S., 1985
Marching Band, undated
Mathematical Society, 1966
Modern Dance, 1963-1967
Movie Committee, 1963
Movie Committee, 1964
New Campus News Reel, 1985
Newman Club, 1963-1968
NY Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG), 1981-1992
Oriental American Society, 1968
Orientation Group, 1967
Orientation Group, 1981
Outdoor Club, 1985
P.S.C., 1985
Photography Club, undated
Physical Society, 1963-1964
Polity, 1985
Polity Hotline, 1983
Polity-Budget Com., 1963
Polity-Cultural sub-committee, 1963-1964
Polity-Election board, 1963
Polity-Printing Association, 1985
Polity-Recreation Com., 1963

Box 56

Pre-law Society, 1969
Pre-med/ Dental Society, 1969
Progressive Alliance Forum, 1983
Psychological Society, 1968
Quad Judiciaries, 1969
R.A.s, 1964
R.A.s, 1967
Residence Hall Judiciary, 1964
Riding Club, 1980-1983
Rifle Club, 1963-1964
S.A.I.N.T.S., 1979-1983
Sailing Club, 1983
SB Ambulance Corps., 1980
SB Chamber Singers, 1981
SB Concerts Group, 1983
SB Union Managers, 1983
Science Fiction Forum, 1980-1993
Scoop, 1983
Sen. Class Officers, 1964
Senior Class Officers, 1963
Ski Club, 1968
Skin Diving Club, 1964
Skydiving Club, 1969 (2f)
Society of Physics Students, 1969
Society of Women Engineers, 1982-1983
Sociology Forum, 1968
Sophomore Class Officers, 1963
Soundings, 1964-1969
Special Olympics, 1985
Specula, 1963-1967
Sport Car Club, 1968
STAC Club, 1983
Statesman, 1963-1993
Student Activity Board, 1982
Student CEO, undated
Students for Kennedy, 1968
SUNYSB Class Pictures, 1963-1967
SUNYSB Class Pictures, undated
SUNYSB Greek ABT Alpha Beta Tau, undated
SUNYSB Greek AETC Alpha Epsilon Pi, undated
SUNYSB Greek Alpha Phi Alpha, undated
SUNYSB Greek Alpha Phi Delta, undated
SUNYSB Greek Alpha Sigma Alpha, undated
SUNYSB Greek AXP Alpha Chi Phi, undated
SUNYSB Greek AXP Alpha Chi Rho, undated
SUNYSB Greek Beta Mu Tau, undated
SUNYSB Greek Delta Sigma Phi, undated
SUNYSB Greek Delta Sigma Theta, undated
SUNYSB Greek Events, undated
SUNYSB Greek Gamma Tau, undated
SUNYSB Greek Phi Chi Epsilon, undated
SUNYSB Greek Phi Sigma Sigma, undated
SUNYSB Greek PSI Gamma, undated
SUNYSB Greek Sigma Alpha Mu, 1995
SUNYSB Greek Sigma Alpha Zeta, undated
SUNYSB Greek Sigma Chi Beta, undated
SUNYSB Greek Sigma Delta Tau, undated
SUNYSB Greek Sigma Gamma Cho, undated
SUNYSB Greek Sigma Lambda Alpha, undated
SUNYSB Greek Sigma Lambda Beta, undated
SUNYSB Greek Sigma Lambda Gamma, undated
SUNYSB Greek Sigma Phi Epsilon, undated
SUNYSB Greek Theta Phi Alpha, undated
SUNYSB Greek Zeta Beta Tau, undated
SUNYSB Groups, 3TV, undated
SUNYSB Groups, Anthropology Club, undated
SUNYSB Groups, Biochemistry Society, undated
SUNYSB Groups, Black World, undated
SUNYSB Groups, building managers, undated
SUNYSB Groups, C.A.S.B, undated
SUNYSB Groups, Campus Crusade for Christ, undated
SUNYSB Groups, Chinese Association at Stony Brook, undated
SUNYSB Groups, Chinese Christian Fellowship, undated
SUNYSB Groups, Cycling, undated
SUNYSB Groups, En Accion, undated

Box 57

SUNYSB Groups, Faculty Student Association, undated
SUNYSB Groups, Golden Key/Honors, undated
SUNYSB Groups, Gospel Choir, undated
SUNYSB Groups, Haitian Students Organization, undated
SUNYSB Groups, hockey, undated
SUNYSB Groups, International Turkish Students' Alliance, undated
SUNYSB Groups, Juggling, undated
SUNYSB Groups, Kicking Club, undated
SUNYSB Groups, Minority, undated
SUNYSB Groups, Peer Minister Catholic Campus Ministry, 1997
SUNYSB Groups, People of Principle, undated
SUNYSB Groups, Polity, undated
SUNYSB Groups, Statesman, undated
SUNYSB Groups, Stony Brook Volunteer Ambulance, undated
SUNYSB Groups, Student Polity Programming Award, undated
SUNYSB Groups, TV/Video, undated
SUNYSB, TKE Tau Kappa Epsilon, undated
Surfing, 1985
Table Tennis Club, 1985
Tabler Quad Judiciary, 1969
Tabler Quad R.A., 1969
Uniti Cultural Center, undated (8f)
Uniti Cultural Center, undated
University Chorale, 1963
Varsity Club, 1969
Volunteer Ambulance Corps, undated
WUSB, 1964-1985
Young Democrats, 1965
Young Republicans, 1969

Sub-Series 5: Student Academic Life

Box 58

Adult Continuing Education Students, undated
Anthropology Laboratory, 1996
Art Department, 1973
Atmospheric Sciences Weather Station, undated
Bio-chemistry Lab, 1990
Biology Lab, undated
Blood Bank, undated
Chemistry Lab, undated (2f)
Computer Assisted Instruction, 1982
Computer Center, 1982
Computer Science Lab, 1990
Computer Science Lab, 1982 (3f)
Dental School Students, undated
Department of Technology and Society, 1988
Earth, Space and Science Lab, 1986
Ecology and Evolution Lab, undated
Engineering Lab, 1994
Engineering Lab, 1995
Engineering Lab, undated (2f)
Engineering-Electrical Science-F1, undated (2f)
Engineering-Graphics and Design, undated
Engineering-Handicapped Students, undated
Engineering-Material Science, undated
Engineering-Thermal Spray Lab, undated
Engineering-Women, 1985
Geology-Petrology Lab, 1982
Graduate Students in lab, 1996 (3f)
Harriman College, 1978
Health Sciences Center Lab, 1982-1989
Health Sciences Center Lab-Microscopes, 1983-1995
Health Sciences Center thrift shop, undated
Health Sciences Center-Allied Health Physicians Association, undated
Health Sciences Center-CPR Lesson, undated
Health Sciences Center-Epidemiology Lab, undated
Health Sciences Center-St. Charles Hosp. Volunteer Leader-S. Selter, undated
Health Sciences Center-Stress Experiment, undated
Health Sciences Center-Students in classrooms, 1982-1991
Health Sciences Center-Students in lab, undated
Health Sciences Center-women in Lab, undated
Honors College Students, 1990
Laboratories and classrooms, 1964-1966
Language Lab, undated
Library-Advanced Religion Library, 1978
Library-carrels, 1985-1990
Library-catalog, 1983
Library-classroom, undated

Box 59

Library-Commuter Lounge, 1986
Library-Current Periodicals, 1986-1990
Library-Galleria, 1987
Library-Health Sciences Center, 1978-1985
Library-Map Collection, undated
Library-Math, undated
Library-Microforms, 1970-1986
Library-Music, undated
Library-Reference Collection, 1985
Library-SINC Site, 1990
Library-Stacks, 1985-1990 (2f)
Library-Students at bulletin board, 1993
Library-Students Studying, 1962-1990 (2f)
Library-Talking book machine, 1984
Library-Teaching carrel, undated
Marine Sciences Laboratory, 1971
Marine Sciences-Auto Analyzer, 1978
Marine Sciences-Discovery Bay Lab, undated
Marine Sciences-Students in field-general, undated (3f)
Marine Sciences-Students in the field, 1984
Marine Sciences-vessels, undated
Math class, undated
Math Learning Center, undated
Medical Students, undated
Music Department, undated
Neuro-Biology Lab, undated
Nursing program, undated (3f)
Organic-Chemistry Lab, undated
Physics Lab, undated (2f)
Physics Seminar, 1985
Physics-Don Emmonds-Grad.Student, undated
Physics-Johanna Stahl-Sloan Fellow, 1986
Physics-Student Experiments, 1985
Physics-Students with Van Der Graf Accelerator, 1986
Physics-Women in Lab, 1985
Psychology Department Lab, undated
Registration, undated
Research, undated
School of Medicine students, undated
Social Welfare Class, undated
Student ambassadors, 1995
Television studio, undated
Undergraduate Honors Program, 1995
Undergraduate Student Internship, undated
Undergraduate Students, 1990
Urban Studies Program-Field Study, 1971

Sub-series 6: Campus Diversity and Activism

Box 60

"Racist Rand Must Go," undated
"Reading the Injunction," undated
"The Subpoena", undated
Gulf War Support Rally, 1991
Iraq War Protest in Library, 2003
Abortion Rights Rally, undated
Administration sit-in, undated
Admissions photos, 1982-1985
AFL-CIO Demonstration, undated
AIM/EOP Program, 1983-1985
Asian Students, 1984-1994
Black Weekend, undated
Bomb scare, undated
Bonfires, 1964
Burning dummy, 1969
Car burning, 1969
Commencement, undated
Computer Science Takeover, 1970
Connecticut Panthers, undated
Conspiracy demonstration, 1970
Demonstration signs, undated
Dow protest, 1968
Earth and Space Sciences rally, 1969
Environment Rally, undated
Free Tom Doyle Rally, undated
G Dorm fire, 1969
G.E. Protest, 1970
G.I.s against the war, undated
Guard booth burning, undated
Health professions, undated
Hunger Fast, undated
Library Rally, undated
Library sit-in, undated
May Rally, 1970
Minorities in engineering, 1985 (2f)
Minority Perspective, undated
Misc. photos, 1984-1985
National Defense Spending Rally, undated
Oliver Downy, 1964
Peace Union, undated
Petition signing, undated
Physics Lab, undated
Police in riot gear, undated
Repeal Pot Laws, undated
Residence Life photos, undated
SDS Rally, undated
Sensitivity Workshop, 1990

Box 61

Smithtown Mall Demonstration, 1973
Staller Plaza Rally, undated
Student Education Rally, undated
Student strike, May 1969
Students in classrooms, undated
Ujamma Founder-Sean Joe, 1993
Undergraduates, 1973
Union Rally, undated
UPS Summer Activities Program, 1984
Upward Bound, 1971-1978
Vietnam demonstrations, 1965-1975 (4f)
War Strike, 1969
Welfare protest, undated

Sub-series 7: Student Social Life

Box 62

"Big Mac Time", undated
"I Love Stony Brook", undated
"Poker players", undated
Band playing, undated
Barber shop, 1964
Battle of the Bands for Muscular Dystrophy, undated
Benedict College, undated
Bicycling in snow, undated
Bicycling on Zebra path, undated
Bird costume, undated
Bunny dance, undated
Cafeteria, 1964
Calling home, undated
Campus bookstore, undated
Campus life, 1963
Christmas, 1964 (2f)
Class meeting-F1, 1964 (2f)
Class pictures, 1963-1967
Coffee break, undated
Cooking, undated
Costume party, undated
Dancing, 1966-1970
Dancing, 1980
Deli counter, undated
Dining hall group, undated
Disco dancing, undated
DJs, undated
Dormitory accessories and decoration, undated
Dormitory bulletin board, undated
Dormitory gatherings, 1966-1969
Dormitory life, 1963-1964 (7f)
Dormitory mailboxes, undated
Dorm pets, undated
Drinking '60s, 1960-1969
Drinking '70s, 1970-1979
Drinking '80s, 1980-1986 (2f)
Driving on campus, undated
Eating, undated (3f)
Frisbee throwing, undated
G Dorm sign, 1965
G Quad, 1975
Group shot of stage, undated
Group shots, 1980-1996

Box 63

Group of students talking, undated
Hockey shot, undated
Holiday parties, 1960-1969
Hotdog stand, undated
Ice cream, undated
In class, 1964
Intermurals-Badmiton, undated
Intramurals-Archery, undated
Intramurals-Basketball, undated
Intramurals-Bowling, undated
Intramurals-Boxing, undated
Intramurals-Champion, 1983
Intramurals-Council, undated
Intramurals-Fitness Center, undated
Intramurals-Football, undated
Intramurals-Soccer, undated
Intramurals-Softball, undated
Intramurals-Street Hockey, undated
Intramurals-Tennis, undated
Intramurals-Volleyball, undated
Intramurals-Water polo, undated
Ironing, 1969
Kelly College, 1990
Laundry, undated
Library, 1964
Mens dormitory, 1985
Campus Life, undated
Student Life-F1, 1964 (3f)
Motor Biking on campus, undated
Movie Nite, 1964
Octoberfest, 1980 (2f)
Off-campus, undated
Orientation, 1964
Out and about on campus, 1964
Outdoors, 1964
Painting, 1964
Pastry counter, undated
Pep rally, 1964
Picnic, undated
Pie eating, undated
Planting flowers, undated
Playing guitar, 1987
Playing in snow, undated (2f)

Box 64

Reading about campus, undated (2f)
Reading about campus, 1980-1990
Reading about campus, 1990
Reading by Roth Pond, undated
Reading by the athletic field, undated
Reading by the Health Sciences Center, undated
Reading in dorm room, undated
Reading Newsday, undated
Relaxing in flowers, 1970
Resident life (outside), 1972-1984
Riding on the campus bus, undated (2f)
Rollerblading on the Zebra Path, undated
Roth Pond, 1980-1995
Sandwiches, undated
Santa Claus and students, undated
Senior faculty baseball game, 1964
Senior portraits, 1963
Skateboarding, 1982
Skinny dipping, undated
Snow day, 1964
Snowman, undated
Sophomore Saturday, 1964
Spaghetti eating, undated
Spring Fest, 1970
Standing in groups, 1970-1990
Standing in groups, 1990-1995
Strumming guitar, undated
Stuck in the mud, undated
Student blood drive, undated (2f)
Student car wash, undated
Student under tree, undated
Student workers, undated
Students at Stony Books, undated
Students at the arcade, undated
Students at the bowling alley, undated
Students at the fussball table, undated
Students at the pool table, undated
Students by wooden sculpture, 1990
Students in military clothes, undated
Students in Stony Brook Union, undated
Students on bicycles, 1982-1995
Students on phone, 1970-1985
Students on Zebra Path, undated
Students outside during winter, undated (2f)
Students riding campus bus, undated
Studying in dorms, 1985
Sunbathing, undated
Super dance, undated
Talking with Friends, undated
Talking with Friends, 1980-1988 (2f)

Box 65

Toga party, 1980
Train station ticket office, undated
Trio talking, undated
Unicycles, undated
Vending machines arrive on campus, 1964
Waiting for the LIRR, undated
Waking up, undated
Walking on campus, 1970-1980
Walking on campus, 1980-1990
Walking on campus, 1990-1996
Walking on campus, 1996-1997
Womens dormitory, 1985

Sub-series 8: Alumni Affairs and Student Outreach

Box 66

Alumni awards for students, undated
Alumni College Day, undated (3f)
Distinguished Alumni Awards, undated
Alumni, undated
Alumni, class of 1967
Alumni, class of 1968
Alumni, class of 1977
Alumni, class of 198
Alumni Homecoming Reunion, undated (2f)
Alumni scholarships, undated (2f)
Alumni visitors, undated
Alumni Welcome BBQ, August 26, 1995 (4f)
Abrahams, Amy, undated
Abraia, David, undated
Ahlgren, Deborah, 1977
Allen, Casey, undated
Alverez, Lugo, undated
Bass, Meryl, undated
Bastedo, Ralph W., undated
Begam, Ann, undated
Birnholz, Harry, undated
Breton, Gary, undated
Britton, Mary, undated
Burg, Steven, 1970
Burnstein, Jack, undated
Carpenter, Fred, 1979
Cassidy, Hugh, 1974
Chichester, Dennis, undated
Costello, Pat, 1971
Cozier, Barry A., undated
Davis, Bart, undated
Downey, Tom, undated
Drozel, Mark, 1975
Dussan, Elizabeth, undated
Ehrlich, Everett, undated
Eon, Park Jake, undated
Epstein, 1965
Fallick, Allen, 1974
Fergenbaum, Mona, undated
Fernadez, J., undated
Gallucci, Robert, undated
Gape, Debbie, undated
Geary, Robert, 1968
Gelfond, Richard, undated
Gillman, Fred,1973-1976
Girado, Mike, 1989
Goldenburg, Kim, 1968
Goldstein, Stu, 1974
Good, David, 1970

Box 67

Gotlin, Robert S., 1979
Grazia, Theresa, 1987
Grine, Frederick Edward, undated
Gross, Carol, undated
Hall, Peter, 1986
Halpern, Paul, undated
Hennessy, John L., undated
Herman, Mark, 1976
Hickson-Tinnie, Elynda, 1977
Hirsh, Carl, undated
Horowitz, Robert, undated
Hwang, Jhy-Ping, undated
Jassie, David, 1984
Johnson, Zerell, undated
Kaplan, A., undated
Katz, Bruce 1971
Kessler, Steven, 1972
Klein, Howard, undated
Kortes, Tom, undated
Kreiner, David, 1976
Lav, Joanna, undated
Levine, Arthur, undated
Logan-Heuser, Denise, 1977
LoPiano, Steven, 1978
Lubman, Bradley, 1986
Manna, Lou, undated
Marcus, Steve, undated
Margolis, Morgan, 1988
Masur, Richard, undated
Matthews, Douglas, undated
Mayer, George, undated
McCallough, Dr. Edwin C., undated
McTernan, Brennan, undated
Meiselman, Ira Jeffery, 1973
Meltz, Martin, undated
Millet, Florence, undated
Mintz, Cheryl, undated
Moakly, Maureen, undated
Morris, Mel, undated
Munick, Paul, undated
Nasti, Richard, undated
Nicolson, Jessie, 1961
No, Kyu-Hyung, 1985
Nungesser, Lou, undated
Pleckaitis, Arden, undated
Plurabelle, Anna Laura, undated
Rabell, Carmen R., undated
Redmond, Leo, undated
Reiner, John, 1978
Russell, R., undated
Sachs, Jeff, undated
Schuster, Rachel, undated
Serhan, Charles, undated
Stallone, Ray, undated
Stone, Gaynell, undated
Sudbrink, Steven, undated
Sultzberg, Elise, undated
Terrill, Richard, 1972
Totenburg, Nina, undated
Trifillette, Sal, undated
Tuchler, Robert, undated
Tyson, Dara, undated
Vernill, John, 1980
Webb Duane, undated
Weiner, Harry, undated
Weiser, D.W., undated
Wortzman, Mitchell, 1972
Young, James, undated
Zagano, Phyllis, undated
Zweiley, Robert, 1976
Zysk, Juliana, undated

Box 68

Child and Family Studies, 1980
Child and Family Studies, undated
Child all the way Program, 1996 (5f)
Children Gallery Outreach Program, 1992
Childrens daycare, undated (2f)
Class Visit, 1999 (2f)
High School Student Outreach General, 1997 (7f)
Tau Beta Phi Reunion, undated (3f)