University Photographic Collection - Record Group 57

Sub-Group I: Photographs

Series II: University Presidents, 1964-2003; 4.6 linear feet.

Sub-series 1: President John Lee
Sub-series 2: President John Toll
Sub-series 3: President John Marburger

Sub-series 4: President Shirley Strum Kenny

Sub-series 1: President John Lee

Box 3

Lee, John, 1957

Sub-series 2: President Toll

Box 3

"Bobsey Twins," undated
1966 commencement (2f)
1967 Selective Service protest, 1967
1969 commencement (3f)
Addressing Alumni Association, undated
Alumni Affairs Dinner Basketball Night, 1972
Annual Stony Brook Foundation Dinner, 1974
At campus cafeteria, 1969
At conference holding map, undated
At desk (2f)
At microphone during dinner, undated
At podium, undated
At student gathering, undated
At student faculty mixer, undated
At unidentified meeting, 1966
Awarding Schiff scholarship, undated
Congratulating Sullivan Award Winner, undated
Crying, undated
Cub Scout Pack 74 visit, undated
Dancing with Mrs. John Toll, undated
Discussing campus master plan, undated
During party set-up, undated
Earth and Space Sciences groundbreaking, undated
Examine date book, 1968
Faculty meeting, undated
Group shot, undated
Headshots (4f)
Holding award with Vera Ferris, 1973
Holding baby, undated
In lecture hall, undated
Laughing (2f)
LIMBA Task Force, undated
Looking out window, 1974
Mrs. Toll, undated
Mrs. Toll and children on Bridge to Nowhere, undated
Mrs. Toll on Bridge to Nowhere, undated
October Community Month Proclamation Signing, undated
Physics Department, undated
Posing with Dr. Karl Hartzell, undated
Posing with Benjamin Lee and David Fox of Physics, undated
Posing at desk with book, undated
Pres. and Mrs. Toll at party, undated
Pres. and Mrs. Toll in jumpsuits, undated
President Toll on telephone, 1968-1969
Receiving award from Long Island Firemen, undated
Reception with Bentley Glass, 1972
Seasons greeting sign, undated
Shaking hands with unidentified individuals, undated
Shorewood, 1978
Signing agreement, undated
Sitting in audience, undated
Sitting in bleachers, undated
Sitting with basketball team, undated
Speaking with faculty, undated
Stock headshot, undated
Stony Brook Foundation Awards Dinner, undated
Student press Cconference, undated
Student Union groundbreaking, 1967
SUNY Board Meeting, undated
Talking with photographer, undated
Talking with student during fashion show, 1969
Talking with students, undated
Toasting at party, 1969
Toll children, undated
Unidentified awards reception, undated
Waving, undated
With Dr. Pond, undated
Wrapping gift, 1978

Sub-series 3: President Marburger

Box 4

Appreciation award presentation to I. William Bianchi, undated
At academic assembly, 1982
At computer terminal, undated
At podium, undated
Awards for excellence winners, 1983
Benedict Day Care Center, 1988
Bookstore dedication, 1987
Carol Marburger, undated (3f)
Commencement, 1982
Commencement, 1983
Commencement, 1984
Commencement, 1985
Commencement, 1986
Commencement, 1987
Commencement, 1988
Commencement, 1989
Commencement, 1990
Commencement, 1993 (3f)
Commencement, 1994
Convocation, 1987
Convocation, 1990
Convocation, 1991
Convocation, 1993
Department of Public Safety graduation, 1980
Faculty blood drive, 1988
Faculty/staff photo, 1990
Faculty/Student Retreat, 1987
Farewell reception, 1997
Farewell to John M. Marburger III, April 28, 1997
Group (unidentified), undated
Group (unidentified) in Library Javits Room, 1987
Grumman alumni photo, undated
Headshot, 1989
Headshot, undated (2f)
Homecoming, 1991-1994
Homecoming-serving food, 1992
Honor Dinner for Judith Meyers and Donald Blinken, undated
Hospital dedication, undated
In computer lab, 1991
In front of United States flag, 1984
In a laboratory, undated
In office, 1989
In office, 1990 (2f)
Lecturing, 1984
Long Island Incubator Meeting, undated
Long Island Regional Development meeting, 1992
Lyme Disease Research Dinner, 1989
Marburger, John SB President, undated
Minorities Conference, 1984
NYS Assembly Delegation visit, 1992
NYS Assemblymen visit, 1992
On academic mall, undated
Orientation, 1988
Portrait, undated
President and Mrs. Carol Marburger, 1986-1990
President Marburger at HSC/UH Chartization, 1987
President Marburger with Distinguished Alumni Awardees, 1987-1993
President Marburger with visiting Chinese artists, 1986
President's Awards, 1989
Reading Annual report, 1988
Reading Campus Currents, 1992
SEFA/United Way, 1987-1989
Senator and Mrs. Jacob K. Javits, 1985
Standing with Dr. Frederick Preston, undated
Surveying campus, undated
Talking to faculty, undated
Trading places, 1989
Trading places, 1990
Trading places, undated
Trading Places, 1989/Marburger/Angela Tu, 1989
Training Day, 1991

Box 5: President Marburger (continued)

Undergraduate Excellence Awards, 1993
Undergraduate Fellows Awards, undated
Unidentified meeting, 1984
University Association Awardees, 1985
Van Der Graf Accelerator dedication, 1983
Ward Melville Dedication, 1987
With Gabriel Cooney, undated
With Governor Mario Cuomo, re: Staller Center flood damage, 1993
With Homer Neal, 1986
With James Dong, 1990
With Jo Fusco and Ann Byrnes, undated
With Mark Newmark, undated
With Nicholas Somos, undated
With Owen Johnson, undated
With Presidential Management Intern, 1994
With Sen. Kenneth LaValle, undated
With Sen. James Lack, undated
With Senator Jacob K. Javits, undated
With Sheldon Cohen, undated
With students, 1985
With the Dali Lama, undated
With Thomas Napoli, undated
With visitors, 1992
Marburger, undated
Zuckerman-Annual Fund Chair, 1981

Sub-series 4: President Kenny

Box 6

Adoption papers, 1996
Awards (3 folders)
Campus BBQ, 1995
Candid shot, undated
Capeman, 1997
Center for India Studies, 1997
Commencement, 1997-1998 (8f)
Convocation, 1995
Dancing, undated
Dr. Kenny at United Way Reception, 1996
Family BBQ, 1999
Green Team, 1999 (2f)
Green Team, 2000
Groundbreaking, undated
Group shot with students, undated
Health Sciences Center new construction (Cancer Center), 1996
Homecoming, 1994
Homecoming, 1996
Homecoming, 1998
Homecoming, 2000

Box 7: President Kenny (continued)

Hospital administration group, undated (2f)
Move in Day, 1997
On campus bus, 1998
Opening Day, 1996
Opening Week, 1995
Opening Week, 1996-1998 (2f)
Pitching, undated
Portrait, 1998
President's Awards, 1997
Presidents: Toll, Kenny, Marburger, undated
Pride Patrol, 1996 (3f)
Talking with faculty, undated
Talking with students (3f)
Unidentified events, undated
Welcome Bus, undated