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  • Papers are expected to be finished contributions, comparable to those appearing in a paper journal. All articles will be reviewed prior to being accepted for publication, and revisions may be requested.

  • "Double blind" reviewing will be used for articles in "Series A" --neither authors or reviewers will know the identity of the other. Name, address, e-mail, and institutional affiliation of contributors should be sent on a separate page. All articles submitted for this series must be original, unpublished articles.

  • Articles submitted for "Series B" will be reviewed by the editor and by other members of the editorial board as necessary. Articles published elsewhere will be considered if the author can obtain permission for us to republish them.

  • All articles should be accompanied by an abstract and keywords.

  • Papers should follow the conventions of The Chicago Manual of Style (15th ed.) and of Cartographic Citations: A Style Guide. Articles may be either in the "humanities style" (bibliographical endnotes) or in the "sciences style" (parenthetical author-date citations with bibliography at the end). Links to endnotes should be enclosed in square brackets, thus: [1]. See the sample articles on our web site for examples of how an article should appear.

  • Articles in languages other than English must be accompanied by an English translation.

  • Articles may be submitted electronically as attachments to e-mails. Alternatively, articles may be submitted on disk, provided they are accompanied by a paper copy. The text should be in Microsoft Word or in Rich Text Format (rtf). Contributions will be accepted in HTML, provided the coding can be easily adapted to our format. Authors who wish to submit their articles in HTML should query the editor first. Ordinarily the editorial board will take responsibility for formatting articles.

  • Images must be in GIF or JPEG. Ordinarily no images larger than 640 x 480 pixels will be considered, although some exceptions may be made. If many large images are to be included in an article, consider linking them to thumbnail GIF images. Very large images or images in formats other than GIF or JPEG can be presented by providing links to images on other servers. Query first if you want us to present high resolution images in JPEG 2000 or other formats.

  • Authors are responsible for assuring compliance with copyright and obtaining necessary permissions. Ordinarily authors hold the copyright to articles published in Coordinates, and may republish an article in whole or in part, provided the original article remains on our site. Exceptions will be made for articles that the author does not want to (or cannot) copyright, and for copyrighted articles previously published elsewhere. Authors will be asked to sign a statement acknowledging acceptance of these conditions.

  • Minor revisions of articles, such as factual corrections or updated links, may be made by mutual agreement of author and editor. Dates of original publication and of revision will be noted on the article, but only the most recent version will be maintained on our Web site. If extensive additional information is to be submitted, it should take the form of an addendum to the original article.

  • The following procedures will be followed after an article is accepted for review. First, reviewers will be asked to recommend whether an article should be accepted for publication, and if it needs any revisions. If the article is recommended for publication with revisions, the reviewer should indicate whether the revisions are mandatory or should be left to the discretion of the author. Once the text is revised, the article will be formatted in HTML for publication, and placed on a non-public web site. Authors will have the opportunity to review and recommend changes in the final version prior to publication.

  • It is our intention to make articles in Coordinates available indefinitely online. In addition, the most recent version of all articles will be archived on CD-ROM.

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Revised 10/22/05