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     In most respects, online journals, such as Coordinates, can be cited much like paper journals. However, a few differences should be noted.

     Citations of online publications should always include the Internet address of the article being cited. Persistent URLs (PURLs) are assigned to all articles in Coordinates. The PURLs are shown in red under the title of each article, and should be cited in preference to the conventional URL shown at the top of each page. Unlike URLs, PURLs will continue to be valid if a page is moved to another server. There are separate PURLs for the HTML and PDF forms of each article; either or both may be cited.

     Since Coordinates consists of two separately numbered series, each of which has been assigned its own ISSN, citations of articles in this journal should always include both series and number. Unlike many online journals, Coordinates is paginated, and page numbers should be included in citations. The pagination is based on the PDF version of an article, and also indicated on the HTML version, where page numbers frequently appear in the middle of paragraphs. Finally, articles may be revised to update links and make factual corrections, and this may affect their pagination. Thus, it is useful to note both the date of publication of the article and the date of revision (if any). However, some style manuals, including, The Chicago Manual of Style, recommend using date of access instead of date of revision.

     The appearance of citations will vary depending on the style manual that is being followed. However, essentially the same elements should be included regardless of which manual is being used. Here is a sample "humanities style" footnote based on The Chicago Manual of Style:

Mark Monmonier, "Mapping under the Third Reich: Nazi Restrictions on Map Content and Distribution," Coordinates: Online Journal of the Map and Geography Round Table, American Library Association, ser. B, no. 2 (January 31, 2005): 3, (accessed September 25, 2006).



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