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Coordinates is an online serial publication. Contributions are published irregularly in the order received. We seek articles on a wide range of subjects relating to maps and GIS. Our target audience is primarily users and curators of maps. Appropriate subjects for articles include map and GIS librarianship, history of cartography, map cataloging and bibliography, map reading and interpretation, new developments in online mapping, and other subjects of interest to a broad spectrum of cartographically literate readers.

Articles are divided into two groups. "Series A" consists of original, peer-reviewed articles. "Series B" includes essays and other shorter pieces, technical notes, previously published articles, and other materials of interest to our audience.

We aim to take full advantage of the capabilities on the Internet. This is an "open access" publication, which is freely available to anyone who has access to the World Wide Web. Articles that include color images and links to other resources on the Web are particularly encouraged.

This publication is produced by the Map and Geography Round Table (MAGERT) of the American Library Association. However, we encourage submissions from all interested people. Members of other map-related organizations are welcome to contribute papers, or to be considered as reviewers or members of our editorial board.



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